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  1. Sorry guys, but I had to bump the thread! I can not wait for season 5 to start next month. Loved the last episode(s) of the season 4 "Operation Mongoose Part 1& 2" I am so excited for Dark Swan!
  2. Then you're doing it wrong. Row 16 on Diamondback is my go to row for maximum airtime. You get airtime on every drop in row 16.
  3. Silver Bullet a Knott's has this, and since it's an inverted coaster you can see a lot of the track elements. I looked very closely one time and saw that it is these little "notches" that, when lined up with the ones on the track, allow the restraints to unlock. When the train is entering/exiting the station, these chain-dog-like things slide over the ones on the track and make the click noise. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is it. It is not a chain dog device. The chain dog is just that, a chain dog. These are for locking and unlocking restraints on newer B&M's. They also indicate open and closed restraints on all coasters that they have been installed on. Kumba and Montu have received these within the last year or so. Your saying that Silver Bullet has them. Are they to the side of the track like this? If so, I think it is great that B&M is adding these to the older coasters. One more safety system in place before that train leaves the station. The way these work is if a restraint is not locked properly, the train WILL NOT dispatch.
  4. I am starting to wonder if I want to do this or Fury 325 first. You see, I am at 199 coasters, so this next coaster is very important. Should B&M's first launched wing coaster or the worlds tallest Giga coaster be number 200?
  5. I suggest you get new sources. There were crew from all over the park and new hires who were on the inaugural Banshee crew.
  6. Getting ready to head over to pick up the rental then head down! Can't wait. Look for me tomorrow. I will be wearing my Kings Island 2014 Banshee crew shirt. It is purple(ish) and has "WALT" in big letters on the front, and an inverted coaster on the back (part of the Banshee logo) See you guys tomorrow!
  7. Anyone into this show? I am absolutely addicted. What did the Frozen fans on the forums think about Elsa and Anna being on the show? I thought they did an excellent job weaving the stories together. Marshmallow even made an appearance! Thoughts on the Queens of Darkness?
  8. Yeah. That was my idea a few pages back. Bruce is the Great White, named after the mechanical shark "Bruce" from Jaws. The other two are Anchor and Chum.
  9. Got my Nano Coaster today, and had it together in about 15 minutes. Real easy to complete, and worth every penny. I want MORE! Banshee needs her own Nano coaster! I will DEFINITELY be getting the Fury 325 Nano once it becomes available. Some people just don't GET it.
  10. El Toro for me. I rode it after riding Voyage. I was expecting a more out of control ride when we reach the spaghetti bowl. I did ride it 3 times in different places, but I did not get the feeling I get from Voyage.
  11. The 10 day forecast is saying it will be 60 degrees and 20% chance of rain. PERFECT theme park weather. Shorts and T Shirt for me! Can't wait! So ready for this trip!
  12. I love all the love for Kumba. My favorites are... B&M: Kumba (Anyone shocked?) Intamin: Skyrush (It's the trains. If it had normal Intamin trains, I would not like it as much.)
  13. The Tilt Room at EnterTRAINment Junction. The whole room is tilted at a 25 degree angle, very nauseating. The child is actually standing upright. Here is a photo that is used for promos, brochures, etc. Photos from EnterTRAINment Junction's Facebook page.
  14. Montu is tied with banshee as my number 1 inverted coasters, I just can not choose between the two. Thank said, Batman backward is just as forceful as Montu is frontward. Montu is the only roller coaster that makes me weak in the knees each time. Batman does not do that to me frontward. However, when I rode it backward in Chicago I was weak in the knees. They are getting ready to talk about it on Channel 9 here in Cincinnati.
  15. Time to dig my Club TPR shirt out. Hope it isn't too cold on the 14th.
  16. I will be there with friends on the 14th... we all should gather for lunch or something.
  17. I am going on the 14th. I am on a mission. I have to ride 5 coasters before I ride Fury 325, which will be my 200th. SDC has the 5 that I want to ride. Not sure what I am more excited for. The food or Wildfire.
  18. I agree with Jack 100%. People complained because the Scorpion was too hard to put together. People complained that the Phoenix was too rigid. Use the rigid parts for lift hills, brake runs, stations, etc. Here I used 3 or 4 of the "up bends" to make the crest of the lift. (I will be making a new thread for my Banshee model, but I am posting to make a point.) I am a long time CoasterDynamix user. I actually just purchased my first product in a couple years though. I bought the racing Nano Coaster the other day. I will probably purchase more as they become available. I disagree that the O scale wooden models can not be customized. It is WOOD. Wood can be cut. The track can bend to just about any shape. For what you get, I think the price is pretty great. What other company makes REALISTIC working roller coaster models that actually run? Faller? Okay, but they do not work as well as CoasterDynamix models. K-nex? Those aren't models, they're toys.
  19. I can your questions. My answers will be in bold under your questions. I would also suggest live shows, Banshee Twist ice cream, and CHICKEN SHACK! So there are no surprises when you get to the park, Banshee does not have bins or shelves. You will be required to leave items in a locker, or with someone who is not entering the line with you. Shoes that do NOT have a back to them can be left on the floor of the station, HOWEVER, flip flops CAN be worn on Banshee. I wear my flip flops all the time.
  20. I don't think I have found a ride that I simply will not ride anymore out of my body not being able to handle it. I do have rides that I limit my time on because they are just unpleasant. I will ride them if everyone else in my group wants to ride them, but they are nothing that I would be upset over if I missed them. Millennium Force - I don't have any problem with it, I just feel there are better coasters at Cedar Point than this one. I would much rather ride Magnum. Top Thrill Dragster - Same as Millennium Forceless. Mean Streak - I will not ride it until I hear that it has properly been fixed. Vortex at KI - Just not enjoyable anymore. Once again, I will ride if everyone else wants to, but other than that, eh. Vekoma SLC's - They are a one and done for each one just for the credit. Firehawk at KI - Have you seen that wait though? That is pretty much it. Other than that, I am down for anything. Usually the more intense, flippy, spinny, the better. I am a marathoner as well. I mean, I've ridden Diamondback 45 times in one day. I also marathon Beast, Voyage, Banshee (when I am able). I will ONLY ride Voyage in the front row, but I will ride it over and over, I just love that coaster.
  21. The line was never at any point 8 hours. 4 at the most, but that was due to some down time.
  22. Wild Waters is actually closing permanently, if it has not already done so. Buc Bay at Weeki Wachee Spring is great. The slides empty right into the Weeki Wachee River. If you have kids, take them to see the mermaid show. I myself grew up with Wild Waters and Weeki Wachee, and while I am not much of a water park person nowadays, I am quite interested in seeing how Universal pulls this of. The slide I want: JAWS: The Slide. It would be a trap door slide. It would be a decent size body slide with twists and turns, and such. Near the end, you go through the Orca, and into the sharks mouth, ala Quint's death scene:
  23. I think the term we are looking for isn't "pre drop", I've always called it the "B&M Dip". I can only speak about what I know. That said, I think it has to do with the number of chain dogs that are engaged. Random Coaster Nerd Fact: Each train on Banshee has 1 chain dog which is right above row 2, however they have 7 anti roll backs. The weight is relieved from the chain once half the train has crested. On most coasters you can hear the chain dogs bouncing on the chain as the train begins to speed up. I think this is the stress B&M was trying to eliminate from their earlier designs.
  24. Margaret Cho - Love her stories about her mother. Actually got to see her live in Dayton a few years ago. Second row center. Her DVD's are great, but it is much better in person. Gabriel Iglesias - Hysterical. Big, Healthy, Husky, Fluffy, DAAAMN, and Oh hell no. Jeff Dunham and Peanut - NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
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