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  1. I was more so referring to the efficiency numbers. A few sources have noted that most GCIs somewhat similar to MT run around 800-1000 riders per hour. Granted, that's best case scenario, so I wasn't factoring in how the staff runs their rides. But considering KI regularly runs Diamondback around 1,500 with bins, and has Banshee knocking on the door of 1,700 without them, I'm sure Mystic Timbers should be able to run at or near the (estimated by KI) capacity of 1,200 rph. The most we've ever done at Banshee was in August 2014. We sent 53 trains with 1,604 riders.
  2. Been at Banshee for the last 3 years. In 2015 I was trained at 18 different rides, 10 of which were coasters. Surprisingly, I loved working at Invertigo when I got the chance. Congo is fun. Sling Shot was great. Surprisingly, Firehawk was fun. Absolutely love working at my girl, Banshee. We broke records in 2014. 53 trains in one hour. 2 million riders in it's first season. First coaster since Vortex to hit 2 million in the debut season. We beat Vortex record, though. In 2016, I was "Drive" trained at Flying Ace. Lift climbs just because include Firehawk, Vortex, Flying Ace, Banshee. Lift climbs because I had to, Banshee, Bat. Completely dead after those climbs...lol Legs like Jell-O for several days after climbing Banshee to speak to a train of guests. Hope to be at Mystic next season, but will be happy to return to Banshee. I have even been, (as Kathy Griffin(sp?) would say) Twatted.
  3. Oh jeez. I might be a bit biased with my list...LOL So I can't decide which I like better so I will tie them at number 1. 1. Banshee Montu 2. Talon 3. Horntail Fireball 4. Batman clones (I've ridden 4) 5. Afterburn
  4. The magnetic brakes are the same. The fins on the trains are the same. Horizontal in position on each side. That is why the friction brakes don't grab as hard on the MCBR. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=793224 Best photo of the brakes Banshee and Diamondback uses. As you can see, this is Intimidator at Carowinds. Very interchangable. I would imagine the spines of the trains being the same width. No way for me to know, though. I spend more time at Banshee than Diamondback. These are also the same as what is used on Mako.
  5. Trim brakes are there to keep the coaster running at the proper speed. If a coaster is meant to return to the final brake run in 55 seconds, too many 50 second rides or too many 60 second rides will result in an automatic E-stop. Either they have the trim brake, or they run soft wheels on it to keep it the same speed as it is currently going. It's like the Beast. Everyone complains they have slowed it down, but they have not. It runs the same speed with the magnetic brakes as it did with the skid brakes. It just slows the train down more abruptly with mag brakes than skid brakes. If they determine on Mako that the trim is not needed like on Banshee and remove it, They will run soft wheels to keep the trains returning to the station at the same speed it is currently running. Take my word for it, I am finishing my third season at Banshee, and the trims were never used. They are now on top of Diamondback's MCBR.
  6. The rumblings of the Beast at Kings island doesn't bother the wild deer that feed in the middle of the helix often. I can't imagine the snakes will be bothered by a steel coaster.
  7. Universal has said that the new coaster would provide a smoother ride experience!! So I'm hoping/thinking they smoothed out some of the coaster. I'm confused by what you all mean by "smoothened." Were there parts of the ride you thought needed to be reprofiled or are you just talking about the general rattling that occurred in the years prior to this construction? I visited IOA in October of 1999 and Hulk was smooth as glass. Over the following 15+ years though, the ride became much more "bumpy." The Florida sun, humidity, and full capacity ridership take a major toll on rides and I think that this refurb is only meant to improve the condition of the structure/trains and not adjust the layout. I always found the Hulk to be one of B&Ms more aggressive layouts so I really hope they didn't redesign it to ease transitions between elements. It's the exact same layout. Nothing has changed except for all new steel, trains, and launch system.
  8. Can you explain the reason for the inconsistent Cedar point rain policy? I won't even argue, I just want to know the reasoning that they used to come up with it and what makes them seemingly change it on a daily basis for each ride (besides Dragster). I just want to understand... lol Don't hate me forever If I worked at Cedar Point, perhaps I could answer that. Also, Valravn is one sexy looking B&M. Can't wait to ride it. Come on May 17!!!!
  9. I get what you are saying. I just want everyone to keep in mind that there is a reason for everything that parks do. While unfortunate as it may be not to be able to run at full capacity, sometimes things happen, and is put of the ride operators hands. Believe me, it is easier to run the ride than it is to be closed, or running what seems like JUST an emty train.
  10. It's ridiculous that they are ensuring that particular train is safe for you to ride? You are complaining that the third train was not ready? Did you ever think for a split second that there may have been a delay with that train? They are stripped and inspected completely during the off season, then rebuilt. Sometimes, parts are replaced as needed. Rides are REQUIRED for a minimum number of cycles by different departments. Maintenence, state, operations, etc. From my experience, operations are the last to get control of the ride. Then before they can put anyone on the trains, they must have a minimum number of cycles per ride vehicle. I can tell you, things do not always go as planned when it comes to commissioning these rides. As someone who works at a park, I am very offended by you post. How dare you call something that is done for YOUR safety "ridiculous"? Every rule or procedure a park has is for YOUR safety. "Now back to your regularly scheduled program."
  11. I didn't have a problem at SeaWorld in line for Manta. The line moved decently. I don't think it's going to be a big problem. Unlike at Forbidden Journey at IOA where everyone had to take photos of everything.
  12. B&M doesn't build the coasters they want. They build what the parks ask for. Parks can change programming on ride controls, brake systems, etc. B&M certainly is not to blame for a train crawling across a mcbr.
  13. ^^ Haha.. That happens literally all the time at Banshee. Closed for a storm or a technical delay, move that first train, and they line up. People will line up at the entrance during lightening. No rain, but lightening. "When is it going to open?" "How long after you hear thunder before it reopens?" Guests be like: "Is it going to open soon?"
  14. I like waterparks, but I don't go to many. I go to Soak City at Kings Island a couple times a year because it is free, but other than that I have no desire to pay separate admission. I am looking forward to Tropical Plunge. Trap door slides are awesome.
  15. I kind of agree with that statement though. SheiKra and Griffon are smooth as glass, and those regular OTSR's aren't uncomfortable. These new restraints are not necessary on this coaster. While you are going to feel the airtime, you aren't going to get the insane amount you would get with the original restraints. The best part of riding these dive coasters in the back row are the drops.
  16. I am going as a guest on Friday, but will be working at Banshee on Saturday morning. I believe preview day is for those who renewed their passes before a certain date last season. The park is open to the general public on Saturday, but is closed for a private event on Sunday, as per tradition of opening weekend.
  17. You obviously have not ridden a dive coaster. Both dives are great in the back row at normal operating speed.
  18. Actually, it is not a brake. It is a chain. It is referred to as the "drop chain". Pay attention at 1:14
  19. I went to the park today to pick up a couple things from HR, and snapped this photo of Tropical Plunge on the way out. It is literally right above the associate entrance lane.
  20. There is a sports complex across I-71 from Kings Island that host tennis tournaments. The park definitely is busy during tournament days. This will bring more out of town guests to Cedar Point.
  21. I guess I'm missing how this looks any different than Banshee's track?!? Cross ties on B&M inverted of flying coaster are curved. Whereas the cross ties on their above track coasters are straight. The cross ties on Banshee have a curved edge: The cross ties on Diamondback have straight edges: That mysterious brownish track can be for a wing, standup, hyper, anything that runs on top of the rails.
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