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  1. This is exactly what I was saying. At time mark 2:38 the train engages the chain as the first or second car reaches a "landing" for a set of stairs on the right side of the track. It is currently the SAME speed as it was in the video. The magnetic brakes are shorter, and more forceful, but it is the same speed. Ride it on April 18th, and sit in the 4th row. As you start up the second lift hill, watch the first landing on the right side. The train engages the lift chain here. This is the landing that we use to judge the speed of the train when we ride it. We watch and see where we engage the chain in relation to the train next to this landing.
  2. The Beast is the same speed as it has always been. Instead of skid brakes, there are magnetic brakes. The magnetic brakes slow the train down more abruptly than the skid brakes did. You should have ridden Beast in 2013, I feel it gave some of the BEST rides in 2013. ( I've been a passholder since 2005) Others who ride it frequently agree with me on that. Also, you can judge the speed of the train by how high it climbs lift 2. For example, it has to be going at LEAST 60 at the bottom of the hill in order to barely make it to the first landing on the right side of the track.. (stairs) If the second car reaches the landing, you were going at least 65mph. Remember, the fastest part of the ride is right before the second lift.
  3. I not exactly sure where the Scorpion trains are taken when not at the track. I do know that BOTH trains are indeed used at the ride. They are swapped in and out like the 4th trains on Montu and Kumba. I worked at Rhino Rally, and really only knew where to pick up my Land Rover at and take it back to at the end of the night.
  4. Location training for Drop Tower / Bat crew is on Saturday the 12th. Initial testing should begin soon as the state has to certify it before it can carry guests.
  5. The splashdown has not been used for at least 3 seasons that I know of for sure.
  6. I don't think I ever had a BAD ride on SOB. Of course as a general rule, I sit in the front row, or as close to the front of the train as possible on wooden coasters. You've never sat in the back for El Toro? Oh you poor thing. Actually yes, I have. Of my 3 times, my best ride was in row 4 on El Toro. I was expecting more from El Toro. Voyage gives a much better, out of control ride.
  7. I don't think I ever had a BAD ride on SOB. Of course as a general rule, I sit in the front row, or as close to the front of the train as possible on wooden coasters.
  8. So.. every other park has a 'western' themed area, but having another park with a Halloween themed area would be a ripoff?? I agree. You could go one step further and question zoos and aquariums for that matter. They all have the same animals right?
  9. Banshee has 5 blocks. Station -Transfer - Brake 1- Brake 2 - lift If the Transfer or brake 1 has a problem, the next train coming in will need to stop on brake 2. Once the train leaves the lift, it is heading to Brake 2.
  10. I made that in paint. It is a Bansee train, that I modified. Here is the one I made. This was made as PURE speculation, and was not released by the park or B&M. Here's the thread I made on another forum, with the post of this photo from March 9th. http://www.kicentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/29061-happy-valley-in-china-to-get-b-ms-first-family-inverted-coaster/
  11. Scorpion has 2 trains. One is a backup. I have never seen BGT run 2 trains on Scorpion.
  12. Yes. FIreChaser ran all 3 trains Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They did have issues as is common with a new ride. On Friday it went down to 2 train op, but Thursday it ran fine all day. The switches slow operation down, because they can not switch until the train has launched, and cleared a certain spot. There were several times when trains were stacking. I do believe once they get the kinks ironed out, it will be more sufficient. Keep in mind if you go to ride, it is NOT a high thrill coaster. It is a Family Coaster, and is billed as such. I on the other hand enjoyed it very much, and ended up riding it 14 times over the weekend.
  13. Oh! Sorry. It was late last night when we got home. The park donated 6 of the seats to the auction, and we paid $50 each for them.
  14. I am not selling it. I am going to make an office chair out of it.
  15. Sure is. They sold 6 of them at an auction to raise money for the Roller Coaster Museum. These, other misc. ride parts, old banners, etc. I wanted a Wild Eagle part, but the MM seat was such an awesome item, I just had to have it. Will have a trip report up sometime tomorrow, including a hand held POV of Smokey Mountain Alpine Coaster. (Asked permission).
  16. You have simply fallen and hit your head. Kumba gives me tinglies where Cheetah Hunt doesn't.
  17. EEEEEK!!! That is me in the back of the train in the red shirt climbing the lift hill! Rode it 14 times this weekend. Such a great addition to the park! Also, check out what I bought at auction at Dollywood on Saturday! 10 points for the first person who can tell me where this seat is from. Full trip report for Thursday - Sunday coming tomorrow evening after rest.
  18. It was supposed to come out today....... Around April 1st I believe is when it is going to be released.
  19. It is in the 30's here. I really doubt they will be testing today.
  20. It is rude to walk when someone is performing. One should never enter or exit while a performer is on stage. I like the closed theaters better.
  21. I would call the park to be sure they can scan it, or hold your ticket for you at Will Call or Guest Relations.
  22. They will continue to operate in light rain. Sand Serpent does not operate in rain from what I remember. If lightening is within 10 miles of the park, they will shut down. The park can be completely sunny, not a drop of rain, but everything will be closed because of lightening within the 10 mile radius. SkyRide usually closes first, since it takes a while to get everyone off. Then water rides and coasters, then flats, leaving the train as the last thing to close.
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