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  1. The Beast travels the same speed it always has. It seems more trimmed because of the magnetic brakes. When it had skid brakes, it took longer to slow the trains down. Now with the magnetic brakes, it is more abrupt. Do not judge if you have not ridden. On a side note, the park has put a lot of work into the Beast over the last few seasons. I have gotten some of my BEST rides on it within the last 3 years. Never base your "opinion" of a ride on a video. When Banshee videos started popping up, people expected it to be just "another force-less B&M" and they were proven wrong.
  2. KUMBA! That puppy is the loudest B&M that I have experienced. Mantis was second. The best part about Mantis having a long line was the roar! Alas, Kumba is louder. It got noticeably louder after they repainted it a few years ago. My favorite though, is how the sound reverberates and echos in the tunnel on Kumba. On another note, think some Banshee crew members, (including myself) are planning a trip to ride Fury 325 on opening weekend.
  3. That is how we roll at Banshee! We put through 2 million + riders this season! (catching up on certain threads) I'm surprised they're doing this so soon. Is it common? I imagined they would just turn it off, or are they going to send it to rougarou? Last I seen the trim brake, it was beneath Diamondback's station.
  4. Just wanted to clarify.... Our packets will be available at the park the day of the event, correct?
  5. I can not wait for this. I WORK AT BANSHEE and I am attending this event! Crazy right?! I did not buy Fast Lane + because Banshee has been 20 minutes or LESS wait 90% of the time. I may buy regular Fast Lane, because I already have my 1 obligatory Firehawk ride in this season, and I do not mind waiting in line for Banshee. My crew is ready for us, so you guys better be nice!
  6. Confirmation is a bit strong but look at the footings in the center of this image. And now look at Banshee's footings. They look identical to my eyes. I'm waiting for someone more well-versed in manufacturer footings to clue us in as to whether other companies use the oval/almond shaped cutout or not. Definitely looks like footers for a B&M.
  7. Ditto! You can't really compare Kumba and Apollo's Chariot. They are two completely different ride experiences.
  8. How about that Banshee crew? Having trains ready to dispatch before the ride will allow.
  9. The B&M trains on Steel Dragon also have the same seat belts. They came with the trains as well, I believe.
  10. "My kid rode it last year, how is he not tall enough this year?" "Loose articles are not permitted...." Guest with loose articles:
  11. From my understanding, during the behind the scenes tours, they walk people along those service roads. I have never been on one of these tours, but I have seen photos.
  12. Here's my ride on Banshee... Me and nephew in the middle, with 2 of my friends on either side.
  13. Yeah, for sure. We had to run the train empty while the camera was on it so I'm sure that was the reason. I was wondering if it was a loaded train or not. I am glad it is running as well, if not better than it did in 2013. I requested off on May 12th and May 19th so I can spend both days checking out the entire park. Beast is definitely on top of my list of things I want to "see for myself", so to speak. I have been on Beast at times when the 3rd car would reach that landing on the right side before the chain engages. Which is why I don't understand why people say the Beast is slower than it used to be. You can watch older videos with skid brakes, and newer videos with mag brakes, and see it is virtually the same speed. As I said before, this video is a perfect example of a slower ride, but as Robb said, this train is empty, no guests. From what I have read, everyone who was at the park this past weekend had a great time. That is all that matters in the long run. What did everyone think of the new paint on The Bat (my home ride)? Doesn't it look great?!
  14. Some of my best rides on Beast were all last season. After hearing how much work they have put into it for the second year in a row, I am going to have to get over to that side of the park and give it a ride. I have not been able to fully enjoy the park yet this season since I have started working there. Also, this is an example of a slow ride on Beast. Watch for the stairs to the right side of the second lift at 4:20. Usually the first or second car of the train reaches that landing before the chain takes over.
  15. There will be stacking. Give it time though. They will get better. My guess is that a lot of it had to do with the problem with the computer thinking a seat was not locked. I remember waiting to ride, and hearing "One one is not locked," several times even though it was down. Yesterday I noticed several really good dispatches. By good, I mean train 2 was half way up the lift before train 1 was on the brakes.
  16. I have not been to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in NYC. I would LOVE to get one started here in Coney Island Cincinnati! That would be awesome.
  17. The lift hill speed also varies depending on dispatch intervals.
  18. All together on Thursday, I got 20 rides on Banshee. I was also able to experience Banshee during the Employee preview day last Sunday (5 rides). I spoke to Robb briefly about the coaster while checking FastLane wristbands at the bottom of the stairs. I have to say that I like Banshee more and more each time I ride it. I also have to say that it was running AMAZING on Thursday. Banshee has officially knocked Montu down to my number 2 inverted coaster. I LOVE the last inversion and downward helix. Look out for that support on your way around that turn! GREAT near miss moment! On another note... I am apparently famous. I went in to Jack's Pet's to get some feeder fish, and someone recognized me from one of my many coaster trips. I apparently talked to this guy at Carowinds, KD, or BGW. Autograph signing tomorrow in Action Zone! J/K (But seriously, I will give you one...LOL)
  19. Judging a ride simply by an off ride video does not indicate how good or bad the ride experience is. How about we ride it first before passing judgment.
  20. Another thing to remember, is to never judge a book by it's cover. Coasters look slower from afar. The posted video was taken near Great Wolf Lodge, and zoomed in.
  21. You guys are complaining about the way B&M is building their modern coasters, but shouldn't the blame go to the parks? The parks contact manufacturers and tell them what they want in the park. Like the Family Inverted Coaster in Happy Valley. The park said, "This is what we want, can you do it?" It isn't B&M knocking off Vekoma, they are just doing what the customer asks.
  22. Diamondback stacking may be worse this year due to the possibility that it may have gotten seat belts.
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