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  1. I think it is great that they have acquired another park. I was excited when they were in negotiations for Kentucky Kingdom. From the sounds of it, the park will be ran similar to Holiday World, and I would not expect anything less from the family.
  2. Really? We are already getting the worlds longest inverted roller coaster, and something old becomes new again. A lot of people got their hopes up over the word "attraction". As I said, "An attraction can be a magic show, remote control boats, a museum, a ride, etc."
  3. An attraction can mean ANYTHING. I think they are using their words carefully here. An attraction can be a magic show, remote control boats, a museum, a ride, etc. I doubt it will be a new ride. Why would they take the "New ride" focus off Banshee?
  4. You mean under the ride? I am pretty sure that is gravel, just as what is under the lowest spots on Diamondback.
  5. Back by popular demand in 2014: Flashback! Totally 80's! will be among the entertainment lineup in 2014.
  6. ON B&M hypers I like the last row feet and arms extended out in front of me, and leaning forward. Try this on the first drop, and while cresting each consecutive hills.
  7. It really isn't B&M's fault. The park tells them what they want, and B&M produces it. The park has to give the final approval of the design.
  8. Quality over Quantity = B&M I have said it before: In 1907 Henry Ford said, "We don't want to make the most cars, we want to make the best cars."
  9. I like it all. If I feel it is a good ride, it does not matter which forces I am experiencing.
  10. Not Mamba at Worlds Of Fun. It was one of the most boring roller coasters that I have ever experienced!
  11. Kings Island to offer All Day Dining in 2014!! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/ticket-category/Meal-Deals $29.99 "With the All Day Dining Plan, you'll never go hungry, but you'll save a bundle. Enjoy an entree and a side every time you choose to stop in at one of the participating restaurants inside the park. Best of all, there's only a 90-minute wait time between meals. Stay fueled for the fun with the All Day Dining Plan."
  12. I would say it will begin soon. Location training for the Ride Department begins on April 5th. So one would think that the coaster has to be ready and certified by then.
  13. I can not speak for the ground work on the circle, but I can confirm by seeing it in person today that asphalt between the Festhaus and the pond has been replaced with with concrete.
  14. cwgator... Those photos are great, but I wanted to point out a couple things. BTW, I am from Orange Lake. I used to work at Silver Springs in Ocala with the reptiles and birds. Crocodiles and alligators open their mouths to regulate body heat. Humans regulate body heat from the top of our heads and from our feet. The pythons are 2 different species. The darker colored one is a Burmese Python, and the other is a Reticulated Python. Both very dangerous, and cabable of eating a human. If they haven't, they seriously need to repaint Montu! It is looking terrible. It doesn't effect the operation, but the old man still needs a touch up!
  15. It has been stated several times by KI PR that the gift shop and photos will be beneath the station. I don't want to link that "OTHER" group here. I do know people on here that are there who can attest to this.
  16. Sooo, I pretty much figured everything out for constructing the coasters except water brakes. Anyone figure this out yet?
  17. Thanks goodness we don't have a MCBR on Banshee. We all know Vortex, FOF, and Diamondback are braked so hard. I love Montu's second half. It makes you think it is winding down and then surprises you with one final dive and a corkscrew. Also shocked that there are 7 inversions. As far as I know, it is the first coaster in Ohio with 7 inversions.
  18. The last I heard, Magic Mountain runs the Psyclone train backward on Colossus during their Halloween event.
  19. Well, B&M has provided trains for other companies. So I wouldn't dismiss this idea totally. Steel Dragon 2000 Psyclone
  20. It's 2014, not 1992. What does it being 2014 have to do with anything?
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