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  1. And if your looking for food outside of the park right down the road from the park on Cleveland Road is the Brick Oven Bistro. It is the pizza oasis for Sandusky.
  2. ^ Seriously? Excalibur is closed 1/3 of a normal operating day everyday? And despite reduced operating time it still does not attract enough riders for a full train. I guess this is what it takes to make sense to run that coaster. Come on CF, time to move on and come up with a replacement.
  3. Dropped by VF last Friday for a couple laps since I had not visited the park since opening weekend. I finally saw the Peanuts celebration set up and I now get the joke, hopefully it works out for the park. I took some quick pictures on my phone of what the park did for this to share. The concept is modeled a little like the Brew and BBQ at CP. You buy tickets for food and drink and there are booth’s placed near and around Camp Snoopy. So while your riding rides or watching the new Peanuts shows, kids and parents now have new food and drink options conveniently close by. Here is the updated welcome to Valleyfair entry sign right after you get in the gates. Then right next to the entry sign is a post explaining how Charles Schultz was born and raised in St. Paul, MN and wrote/released his first Peanuts comic here. Snoopy and Woodstock. Talked to the DIppin’ Dots guy just behind Snoop. Asked him what new attractions VF was getting next year and he said, “Nothing, now that CF bought some new waterparks.” I believe him. Charlie. Snoop and his balloons in front of the soon to be extinct Dino’s. They have a few of these set up with different characters where you can take pictures with/in them. A well played theme here. The Kite Eating Tree. Too easy, yet perfect. A shot of the new Peanuts performance stage. Corkscrew loading station in the back right to give you an idea where this is. A shade cover over the audience would be a nice post addition next year. Here is one of the food/beverage booth’s. They have a dozen of them. This one is for ‘Not so Spicy Enchalda’s’ and ‘Joe’s Swedish Meatballs’. Also a different comic in every booth. Organic Green Snoopy. They also have one of Charlie Brown just as you walk in the park under the arch. I just forgot to take a picture of it. VF’s 2019 New Hotness! …..The new Coke/ICEE Refill Station on the back side of the Breaker’s slides. I hit High Roller, Renegade (2), Wild Thing and Steel Venom and as usual could not get on Excalibur before noon. Are there any other parks that do not open a roller coaster at rope drop if it is operational? Oh well, at least the Dino’s are leaving so that is progress.
  4. It's Cedar Point, the 'Flagship' of their amusement park fiefdom. Of course they will find $30 million or what ever it takes to refurb Millennium Force or replace it when the time comes. This isn't MiA or VF. They may even sell one of those two parks just so they can get the money to do that.
  5. Thanks for the great report and shots showing how close it is to Raging Bull. FINALLY, it is time for a visit.
  6. Cedar Point: Steel Vengeance and Maverick. Yep. I fixed it for you.
  7. That goes for all the 'small' CF parks after the Paramount acquisition. Since 2007....no love for the small parks. Thanks for the entertaining report though! Will have to get there someday. With the Morgan and Impulse Intamin it looks like VF with a little more to offer.
  8. Maintenance is obviously probably the biggest followed by volume usage and environment. Like indoors at NU Sponge Bob is 11 years old but doesn't look a day over 6 month's due to the controlled environment it operates in. That will certainly extend the 'expiration date'.
  9. First of all, nice pivot and recovery on the passport to save the trip for this entertaining report. I am sure you do but this happens what, once a year? Maybe twice? I know when I met you guys it was only for a couple hours but I seriously NEVER would have guessed that with how nice and quiet you were. But thankfully that is the way it is with this awesome trip report. This was hilarious and scary all at the same time. Great share and 'walk away slowly' moment. Solid first post, keep the reports coming! Just as good and much faster than slow A$$ Bill. Best part is I don't have to read about him whining how does not have a decent sky ride or flume.
  10. I doubt it. Ever since the 2007 Paramount acquisition that pace has been ground to a halt. Very much so. Even though VF is not the smallest park in the chain it definitely has the smallest water park. The place fills up in the summer 20-30 minutes after opening. I think they are missing some big $$$ here and CF seems to think the same with the no brainer proposed and approved expansion. But the question is are they ever going to act on it? With that and more space now available where the Dino's will be leaving who knows what they are going to do next.
  11. Hard for me to argue with #1 Steel Vengeance, that ride is packed with thrills and is relentless. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put this together! And AJ for breaking them down by the manufacturers. It's fun to see how enthusiasts from this site rank coasters. ***WARNING: This is not the Golden Ticket awards.*** A little surprised how Renegade stayed in the Top 25 Woodies with Prowler dropping out of the Top 25.
  12. And trash cans, don't forget more trash cans. Maybe an expanded Panda Express since it is next to the Dino's and now they will have more open land there. This announcement caught me off guard (not complaining ), but I cannot wrap my head around why the park would announce it so early. If they are truly waiting until October to remove them why not wait until then to announce it? You usually make announcements like this too explain something going away or work being done in an area during the operating season. Why announce it so soon if you are going to wait until October to do work or removal when the season is over at that time? Guess they are trying to gin up some 'last visits' and drive some traffic. This is some prime time front of the park real estate right at the entrance so you imagine they are not going to just put an operation or administration building there. Very interesting, so everyone keep your eyes open for any changes in the area and let us know what you see.
  13. It’s been said before but......WOW. I would like to thank in advance the brave souls who will fight the crowds during opening week and then come back to share their pictures and experiences with the rest of us here. Looking forward to it.
  14. Spot on. If you have the right location and no competition it allows you to get away with this.
  15. Interesting. Makes you wonder how much is budget cuts for staffing vs the inability to hire staff. My home park VF has changed most weekday night closings this year to 9 pm closing instead of a 10 pm but this makes sense just due to overall traffic at that time but maybe it is driven by the same factors. Even though it only takes one person to operate I was surprised not to see Cedar Downs on the list.
  16. Stopped in at VF yesterday to process the season pass before they open in 2 weeks. The only ride I saw them testing/running while I was there was Wild Thing with no riders. As I was driving out of the parking lot I saw that they removed the parking lot admission booths and moved them aside for now. Then there were holes dug in the parking lot next to the slots where the booths were (and where they will be when they are put back) plus some other big holes near the area. It look likes they are obviously laying electrical wire but probably some networking cable too. Maybe the park will actually get an updated entrance that would allow season pass and online parking pass people to just scan and drive in like other CF parks. Dare to dream. Here are three of the four booths. Where is the fourth one? Here is the asphalt and the dirt that was displaced which left a pretty sizable and deep hole behind it. First the obvious, which was parked right next to the parking lot entrance.
  17. ^ I can agree with that. And now VF's approved water park expansion project will be totally blown out of the water (pardon the pun) by this behemoth before it is even built (that is IF Valleyfair builds it). If MOA/NU threw up a B&M hyper or an RMC in the parking lot next to this new water park would anyone even go to VF anymore?
  18. ^ Thanks for the update. Now we know where all the building permits and money for the ICEE/COKE stand are going, the waterpark one. Could this be a hint of a future water park expansion and just getting it done under this years budget? Like the water park expansion project that was approved 3 years ago? Here is to being hopeful.
  19. If I lived in Sandusky or within a 2-3 hour drive I would definitely get this Season Long Fast Pass.
  20. Just checked for any new building permits issued for VF and there are four new ones. One for ICEE on a Stick , $5,000 for plumbing. Another two for new commercial buildings, one for $9,500 and one for $30,000 with no details in the permit to tell us what or where. And also one with no dollar value attached to it (or description of which one) but has the title of BATHROOM REMODEL (couldn't ALL CF parks use this? ). These along with re-tracking High Roller (and hopefully a new paint job) means they are at least still improving things in an 'off year'. Still on the lookout/hoping to see a road construction permit for the back of the park.
  21. ...... Holy !#@%&!, an update. Some other things if others visit the MN ZOO. Make an effort to see the bird show, so many cool birds of prey that fly just feet over your head. Lasts about 25 minutes, runs 2 to 3 times a day. The feeding of the sharks and penguins are entertaining also but the gem is the bird show.
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