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  1. Nice trip report. Good to see you like my 'winter' park. Glad you got to ride Orange Streak, it is the 'train' of the park and lets you see it from all angles. Log Chute is the only original ride from Camp Snoopy and it was themed to Paul Bunyan (as you can see his ax in one of your pictures). Why they did not re-theme it I don't know but I am also not complaining. I had a strange feeling you might like this ride. Having it at NU makes up for VF removing their Flume ride. Airbender is not down a lot but I would say it lives up to it's Intamin reputation and is down more than any other ride there though. And believe it or not because of all that glass that is tilted at the right angles also allows MOA to be heated that way. There is not one heater in the place as crazy as that sounds. It is warm even when it is 20 F degrees below zero. "The more you know." And for the six people that care..... I want to give a little background to the picture of that red chair on the wall of NU that you said you 'like to see things like this". MOA sits on the former site where Metropolitan stadium (The Met) was for the Twins and Vikings to play in. To commemorate that they marked the longest home run hit at the park and 'left' the chair in the stands where it was hit too. They also marked the home plate which is over by Sponge Bob so you can see how far it was hit. A shot of home plate near Sponge Bob.
  2. Nice TR. I always enjoy reading what others think of my home park VF and I think your impression is right on. Of course you probably would have liked the the park better in the 70's, 80's and 90's because it had a flume ride. Yes. Let this be of note to others that visit. But at least you can actually Uber there to and from the airport. Nope. It’s actually the moose with the biggest testicles. Spot on description. Surpised you liked it. It can only run one train, that is all it has now. Three years ago they started using the other one for parts to support the running one. This has only added fuel to the rumors of it’s demise. I will never look at that part of the park the same way ever again. This is exactly why I follow this thread. But it's true with Wild Thing's turn around there. Same here. EVERY park should have one. Small foot print and tons of fun. Unfortunately true! Glad you were adventurous enough to gamble and do that though. Had a great time meeting and riding with you and Brit. Just wish you had better weather that weekend. Of course it was 80 degrees two days after you left. Typical Minnesota spring day, a total flip of the coin. It could be a high of 50 degrees and cold or 80 and sunny on any given day in May. Hope you found the suspension heaters that night at Target Field. And I agree, Target Field is a gem. If there is a next time hopefully you get to experience it on a nice summer day like it should be. Looking forward to the rest of this TR.
  3. Me too. For me, these announcements say make plans for 2020 to enjoy both.
  4. ^ They were cycling Thunder Canyon yesterday at 11:00 am. Empty cars because it had just finished raining and it was a little cold, but the park was running it. Because of the earlier rain the park was not as busy as usual so I got three straight rides on Renegade without having to depart. They actually had 2 trains running right at opening. And as expected no signs of any construction in the back of the park. Since it looks like a ‘general improvements’ year for 2019 I am hoping High Roller getting a paint job is on the list, it could use one. And the hold break on Steel Venom is still not in operation. The park getting ready for Haunt and doing some advertising.
  5. That is what I cannot figure out. The Dino's are on the way out after next year (at least based on other CF parks like KI that got them and then removed them after seven years). And they occupy a very large prime real estate spot up front for VF so I find it hard to believe they would leave it empty also. But if they decide to remove them and put something there then the 'approved project' to expand the back of the park by moving a road, expanding the water park and adding a new parking lot gets delayed at least another year. How long does the approval from the Federal and State to move the proposed wetlands last? Does it expire? Or once approved do they have all the time they want to make it happen? They spent one year getting the Army Corps of Engineers and the State to sign off and then another year for the city to sign off on the plan and probably had to spend some decent time and money to get the plan together, proposed and approved. WHEN/IF do they start implementing it? Watch, we will probably find out next year VF is the first CF park to extend the Dino's contract for a few years. FYI - Still no new building permits issued for VF.
  6. I like it! I was not expecting a new coaster at this park so this is a nice surprise. I usually visit this park anyway every year since it is close but now I am looking forward to next year's visit with a lot more excitement. Hopefully the winter is not too bad and does not cause any construction delays in opening like they had with Goliath.
  7. I like the idea, looks and sounds fun. Would like to see a full POV though. Now we just need Cedar Fair to counter next year with the first RMC 'Raptor' Racer.
  8. VF has donated one of the old Philadelphia Toboggan cars from one of the original High Roller trains to Scott County so they can auction it off and raise money for charity. You know, the one's with buzz bars instead of the PTC cars from Ghost Rider that 'ruined' it. It doesn't look like the entire car but close. If your interested in bidding or just looking the auction starts tomorrow. Go to: https://www.biddingowl.com/Auction/home.cfm?auctionID=15728 to check it out.
  9. ^ Thanks for the info. A little interesting that they put Brad at VF for two years and then just moved him back to the same park he came from. Poor new GM though, he goes from California winters to Minnesota winters. He must have pissed someone off at CF HQ.
  10. Which makes coasters climb higher and go faster of course.
  11. Nothing yet. I have been checking daily for the last week because of the other CF park announcements for their new attractions next year. Will post if/when I see something. You won't have to worry about him anymore... Thank you!
  12. Curious to see how this Winterfest works out for them. A natural fit for my home park VF, but even VF is north of CW so maybe not. As far as the new dive coaster goes it probably already has a B&M rattle so it won't be worth riding at all. Actually, after looking at the layout of the new coaster it reminds to go find my passport.
  13. They're waiting on a part according to the rumor I heard. Thanks for the update. Hopefully that rumor is true and they are trying to fix it. We already have one Vertical Velocity in the Midwest.
  14. That is because you are not a moron. Drop 30 IQ points and understanding may come your way.
  15. I have not been to the park in a while, does anyone know if they fixed the holding brake on Steel Venom yet?
  16. Hard to argue with this. All signs (or lack there of) point to this and the park has not had a 'general improvement' year for a while now so it is probably due. I would be totally fine with that provided we see some action on the proposed expansion for the park next year.
  17. Oh come on coasterbill, you disappoint me. Dream a little. Since Kennywood just announced their partnership with a major sporting franchise to build a coaster, CP could be the first park to announce a partnership with a major musical act for their coaster. Think 'Jimmy Buffet's Larson Looper' with a tropical theme. Wouldn't that make you even happier?
  18. The Dino's spot is interesting. KI just removed theirs after 7 years and they added them in 2011. VF added theirs in 2013 so if they follow the KI timeline they would leave at the end of 2019. The Dino's cover such a big prime space at the front of the park for VF you would imagine if they remove them that they will add something right away because of that. Forgot about the Looping Star Ship, removing that would create space for the water park to add something so that is a possibility. Still no work permits issued by the city for VF yet but I will post then as soon as I find out if/when that happens.
  19. ^ Did not see Northern Lights, return of the Antique Cars, Flying Eagles, North Star or Delirious coming over the last four years so I really have no idea what could be coming in 2019. With no signs of the proposed water park/parking lot expansion project being started I don’t see anything being added to the water park. No signs of or even room for a new coaster either. So maybe a new flat ride in the old Tilter spot by Wild Thing or possibly a new Camp Snoopy ride. Hopefully it’s just not ‘General Improvements’. I am curious too, what do others think?
  20. Sad to see a favorite flat of mine leave. They replaced VF's this year with a Larson Looper, maybe the same is coming for CP. Of course they will make it bigger just so they can have bragging rights over SFGAm.
  21. I am extremely please they replaced it with Banshee also, love it. But you have to wonder now (in hindsight) what RMC could have done with it. If they can transform that hunk of garbage that was called Mean Steak into Steel Vengeance we will never know what could have possibly been done to SOB.
  22. If you are there for the opening of the park there is no reason you should need Fast Pass. Just hit Mad Mouse first due to capacity issues and then hit the rest of the coasters and thrill rides. The only reason you would need a fast pass was if you are really pressed for time. If you are there at opening you should have the coasters done by about 2 pm and have the rest of the day to do what you want at the park..
  23. Agreed. That is why I think this teaser has nothing to do with VF. Sure they could put it there but that means they would have to remove everything or some of the things you mentioned and prepare the space for a coaster and have it up by next year. I really doubt that will happen. To do that they would have had to start this project already and there is no signs of that at all. What ever is or is not happening next year we should know about within a month.
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