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  1. ...... Holy !#@%&!, an update. Some other things if others visit the MN ZOO. Make an effort to see the bird show, so many cool birds of prey that fly just feet over your head. Lasts about 25 minutes, runs 2 to 3 times a day. The feeding of the sharks and penguins are entertaining also but the gem is the bird show.
  2. ^ The latest construction permit issued for Valleyfair is a 'Plumbing/Icee-Coke' valued at $11,000. With another one out there for a $75,000 'Icee-Coke/Building' the digging may be for that plumbing. Possibly followed by a new refill station there. Hopefully it is for something more fun than that but that would me my guess for now.
  3. Don't worry, it will be closing this March (2019) so your nightmares will be over soon. Surprised they announced it is closing, the place always seemed like it had people in the store. Yes.....you were. But thank you for acknowledging it! It gets so tiresome for us living here to hear from West Coasters and Southerners who say, "...it was 49 F and so cold out today...". You people have no idea what cold really is. Zero is where is starts to get cold, you should try -30 F some time. Now THAT is cold. Have to admit, this TR loses a little something without the commentary but the collage does a great job of explaining your day. Looks like you had fun so thanks for posting.
  4. Same here, plus my two friends who went with me and stayed at their Express hotel for three days. We were there in 2016 for Valravn and had no real reason to go but SV got us to go. And if SV got us to go in 2018 and they only drew 1% more in attendance after adding a big attraction like SV that is not a good sign at all. Maybe without it they may have even suffered a decrease in overall attendance. Either way you can see why they are re-evaluating how and where they add attractions like this and how often.
  5. With the gauntlet thrown down, it looks like Boldikus is going to CP this year. The only question to be answered then is HOW Boldikus will get there with coasterbill. (choices below). A) In the back seat of coasterbill's car. B) Strapped to the roof rack of coasterbill's car. C) Locked in the trunk of coasterbill's car (while coasterbill cranks Billy Joel's greatest hits on a loop all the way form NY to Sandusky). D) Charted flight. Time will tell.
  6. Just checked the 2019 building permits for VF and the only one they have issued is for a $75,000 ICEE/COKE building.The Coke refill station in the Route 76 area that was added last year was valued at $16,000 so this one looks like it maybe an actual small building for a Coke/ICEE refill station. They do not have the location listed in the permit. Anyone know where it is going? And does anyone know if this is the last year of the Dino's for VF? This will be year 7 and other CF parks have removed them after having them for that long.
  7. No, he really is a hopeless pr*ck. Actually (for the small time I spent with him), coasterbill seemed to be just a good guy that likes to have fun. He just has a wide streak of 'smart ass' running through his body. So of course I liked him instantly.
  8. So is it considered a different credit depending on which ocean the ship is in at the time you ride it? Asking for a friend. After the 'Klassy' Carnival Trip report I have been scared away from Carnival for life so there is no chance I will ever ride it.
  9. I've never worn shorts to IAAPA in the last 18 years we've been covering the show. What I should have said then is this is the only time I usually see you without shorts on a yearly basis and it looks odd first glance. Or on your fall/winter NYC and Utah visits. You just don't look 'natural' in pants.....or without a Starbucks in your hand.
  10. Thanks for all the coverage and pictures. Seeing pictures of Robb not wearing shorts is well......odd.
  11. You are correct, the 'little zoo that could' and worth the visit. Knowing your love of animals from your earlier trip reports I was excited for you when you mentioned at VF that you and Brit were going to try and hit at least one of the zoo's if possible and now I see you got to both of them so congratulations. I visit both zoo's at least once a year and enjoy both of them so now I am curious to see what you think of the Minnesota Zoo and what your liked or didn't there. So put down your morning beer and start cranking out that trip report! And as far as the credit whoring on Tiger Trax I am going to call you a 'Credit Slut' (not that there is anything wrong with that), because even I have never been on it and I live here.
  12. So very true, but also keep in mind the weather up here is different than many of these parks, they have a different ethos as well (Thinking Knoebels and Kentucky Kingdom). They also have the freedom of being independently run as well, perhaps they gained an investor and such too? Valleyfair has both the privilege and burden of being a part of a larger chain: they have larger corporate backing... but they also have shareholders to appease as well. Not that smaller parks don't have shareholders, but larger parks have to keep things moving for all the parks, and lots of profit to make to keep people happy. It's definitely worth noting that they have mentioned investment here in MN soon, but working down the chain of parks definitely makes sense: Cedar Point is indeed their flagship park and something they need to keep competitive with Six Flags' lead parks. Also, a note about growth: families make up a huge chunk of visitors, not seasoned enthusiasts. I personally think it's great that they're reinvesting into that demographic with the new(ish) kids area, the Route 76 area as well are all laying down a good foundation for a well rounded park. Even more so, a development year with just utility upgrades and such also shows good management: they care enough about the quality and durability of the park to keep it up to date. It's smart investment to be sure. All that doesn't surpass my desire to have new hotness in the park, but especially for a temperamental climate as MN, it's good to see we have a park that doing well even despite the size. Nice job on the balanced summary of WHY Valleyfair operates the way it does. And I agree with all your points but that still doesn't make it any easier for me to see other formally smaller parks move by VF with new additions. Hopefully CF backs up it's statements of investing in VF soon like they have said in their quarterly reports for the last four years. Yes, we have that going for us here........which is nice. We got a log flume and a Gerstlauer.......log flume would be good for you. *Insert Caddyshack reference here.
  13. ^ Nobody has directly told us this but VF fans can read in between the lines and we are already thinking, "...You should drive to Six Flags Great America they're opening a new coaster next year." It is tough to watch smaller parks (or at least used to be) like Kentucky Kingdom grow and surpass VF with their new additions.
  14. Fun trip report, thanks for sharing. If I didn't know the back story I would see all those pictures of you and just think ......'Credit Whore'.
  15. ^ Correct, they are very close. We have a Yard House here too. City Works just has a little more menu options, a slightly more upscale feel and the majority of their beers on tap including the one time batches and local selections. The great news for beer drinkers is that they flush the tap lines every 6 weeks to keep taste at a maximum unlike some places.
  16. We have one of these in Minneapolis and if you like beer you'll love this place. And those "80 beers" are the ones they carry at EVERY City Works, then they add another 30 local beers and ciders to hit a total of 110. At least this is how the MPLS and Chicago restaurants are run. Should be a great addition to the park.
  17. That is sad. They had a decent selection of vintage video games and pinball (even though the machines were not that well maintained). Looks like I had my last visit this year then. That is a big building in a prime real estate location. Wonder what they will do with it.
  18. It will not start getting busy until 6-7 pm that evening due to Haunt so you should try to go. It will be light to moderate crowds until then. If you are at rope drop at 11:00 am you can have all of the coasters and couple of thrill rides done by 3:30 pm for sure if not earlier. Probably earlier because Excalibur does not run during Haunt. NU is better themed and has more unique flats but VF has more to offer in thrill category for rides.
  19. I agree with this 100% - And yes, while I wouldn't "complain" about a big, new, fast, high capacity, B&M being built, it also doesn't make me want to go out of the way to make a special visit to the park. To get you to visit again though I see they are adding a......2,200-square-foot StarbucksĀ® Store also.
  20. Just by looking at pictures of you I could tell you were smarter than most people.
  21. I highly doubt it. Now if your asking the same question 2 to 3 years from now and they have not announced the start of the proposed expansion in the back of the park with a new parking lot/water park expansion OR a replacement for the Dino's since they are done next year then it might be true. But VF is not MiA just yet.
  22. Agreed. Not bad but just not good either. I didn't even bother riding it on my last visit (2016) and with Banshee, Diamondback and The Beast on site among other better coasters why would you? Bring on the new hotness!
  23. No big loss here. They will only add something to make a very good park even better. Which will give me another reason to visit the park again.
  24. Thanks for the report/info. Breakfast in the Sky looks like a fun way to start the day......even if your on 'the shore'.
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