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  1. ^ As much as I would love Enterprise to return (it was a huge favorite of mine as a kid when visiting VF), I am thinking Delirious is the modern day replacement for it. Not the same but similar enough. We shall see.
  2. You had me at 'bar'.........but outward facing the beach would just be a bonus and fit in just perfectly.
  3. We can only hope so but I have no idea when. I never have read any credible information on how long that contract is. CP and KD installed theirs before VF so I don’t think we can speculate on VF’s removal until one of those two parks go first. Just doubt CF will surprise us and have VF go first.
  4. I liked the response better because of that. By asking Alan questions about already completed projects you got answers on the length of certain projects, how many iterations a design can take, his favorite coaster element, etc., etc.. You probably get none of that information if your asking the usual, “What is your current project?” or “Can you tell us what you will be working on in the future?” Really enjoyed the interview, thanks for making it happen.
  5. Nice! Tis' the season for IAAPA. The boss better not expect 100% productivity now. Keep those updates coming.
  6. ^ Me neither. I don't ever remember it even snowing since Haunt has been in place at VF. Rode Wild Thing three years ago when it was 42 degrees but no snow. My eyes watered really bad on that first drop due to the cold. Of course as a Minnesotan I took great pride in this in riding at this temperature.
  7. If you went to the CC Club you must have had a local as you ‘tour guide’. A local dive bar since the 60’s. Glad you appreciated for what it is, a truly classic dive bar now without the cigarette smoke but still smells like it is there. Looks like you really maxed out your time in Minneapolis and hit a lot of good places that I would take visitors to also. If you visit again try to get to ‘Northeast’ and hit up Psycho Suzi’s Tiki Bar and Lounge. Nice that you hit UP/DOWN too.
  8. They issue them a trespassing ticket for life which is a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. That can lead to a $2500 fine and a year in jail if prosecuted fully. That is used as a deterrent but of course if the person really wants to get back in they probably can and just risk getting caught or doing something stupid again to get caught. With camera's everywhere starting to become part of everyday life and facial recognition software getting better all the time you imagine eventually parks will be able to really enforce bans like this. They may be doing it already. Anybody on these boards in involved with security at parks and can share some knowledge?
  9. ^ Vegas + coasterbill + alcohol + El Loco = probably one hell of a trip report. Good stuff, can't wait.
  10. It is a really good flume despite being indoors and that it doesn't get you wet. Target Field is a top 5 baseball park, just try to plan a visit the last week in May or later to increase your odds that you will not need a jacket. The light rail goes from MOA to Target Field downtown so it is easy to get there. You forgot the 'most supports per square foot' but the rest of the description is painfully true. Morgan: Most supports per square foot vs all other coaster manufacturers.
  11. A very dead on evaluation of the rides. And having "1990's flashbacks of CP at VF" is a good way to describe a lot of the area's. Sounds like you had the perfect day for attendance and were able to fit everything in and then some. Is this the end of the TR or do have State Fair pictures too?
  12. ^ I don't get all the negativity either. Maybe I just get lucky when I go. It is my second most visited park outside of my home park of VF and have always enjoyed the experience.
  13. I like them but I watch them after they are 'live' and treat them more like a podcast that I can listen to when I want. I enjoy watching your experiences and hearing your insightful (or stupid) comments. I wish it made sense for you to do a podcast because I enjoy listening to you when you are on other podcasts.
  14. Nice! Glad you had the time to really give it a run. Yes, with the lift hill being the only straight piece of track along with those twists and turns are what set it a little apart from other GCI's. The 'weirdly' braked first drop is due to them removing the bunny hill that was between the first drop and the first big banked turn. Around 1994 (may have been '93 of '95 too because I cannot remember exactly) they removed that bunny hill. And to compensate for that hill slowing down the train they increased the trim there giving you that 'weirdly' braked hill so it wasn't always like that. I have never found out or heard why they removed that little bunny hill either. A "WTF just happened' is a good way to describe that layout. At least you got to try it before it goes away, it is a unique coaster. So after visiting your first small CF park what did you think?
  15. Congratulations! Well deserved for all your butter smooth POV's. One hell of a milestone you can be proud of. When you started making video's did you think it would ever get this big? Have a fun time celebrating.
  16. ^ I agree, a very fun ride. Glad you enjoyed it, make sure you get a back seat ride. Best coaster in the park for me. Curious to see what you think of other rides and getting your 'weird' coaster credit on Excalibur.
  17. Had a friend go Monday and he had the same experience as expected. Low crowds due to the State Fair and school starting next week for most kids. He and the kids got on Wild Thing six times in a row and only had to wait for a train twice. They are forecasting a high of 75 and sunny tomorrow so weather should be good for you too. If you have to have the Mad Mouse credit I would start there due to capacity and then work your way around the park with CS next, High Roller, Renegade, Excalibur, Wild thing and Steel Venom in that order. You will walk the entire park to do this path but should be done sometime between 1-2 pm if you are there at opening and have the rest of the day to re-ride what you want and hit some of the thrilling flat rides if you want. Especially when WT hits the turn around and you can see how empty the area was where Route 76 currently is.
  18. Justified rant. My home park VF is the red headed step child of the CF chain but MiA is the abandon child left at the fire station. At least they throw VF bones once in a while.
  19. I'd be happy to get an RMC Raptor at Valleyfair. Railblazer looks like a nice intense coaster, and a similar ride would fit well in the park's lineup. Also with Knott's getting HangTime, that makes a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster more of a possibility here. I rode Monster at Adventureland earlier this year and it's a fantastic ride, if we got something similar at VF I'd have no complaints. The single passenger car gets me excited for the quicker and more tight turns along with some increased smoothness. With 3 trains of 8 cars it has the same capacity as Monster at Adventureland and that seems to do just fine when I have visited. And with that prototype going to SF Fiesta Texas and CGA (both bigger parks) I don't think it would have any capacity issues (outside maybe the first year because it would be 'new hotness' at VF) and fit in just fine. Also have to agree with VF15 about a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster. Monster is a fantastic ride and in my opinion is more fun start to finish than any steel coaster at VF. It doesn't match the thrill of the first drop and camel back of Wild Thing or the launch of Steel Venom but beats them both for all around fun from start to finish. And because of this I would welcome them both over a B&M Invert at VF. But course I would take a B&M invert because I like them too but don't know if it is in VF's price range. But let's face it, after 11 years without a new coaster at VF I am desperate now and will take almost anything but a Boomerang.
  20. ^ If you want to get technical VF only has eight roller coasters, they list Northern Lights and the new Delirious as 'Family Thrill Rides'. But I hear you, VF is not getting multiple coasters over the next 3 years.
  21. ^ Maybe their intention was that you get some drugs for the extra $26 which will help you enjoy the park.
  22. I hear you on that. You don't see many purple rides and it fits in here with the popularity of the Minnesota Vikings and being the home of Prince. I thought they did a great job of color selection for the ride, it looks really good in the mock ups with everything else around it. The lighting package should be interesting to see also. Very true. I like that they are adding a thrill ride to the park and I also like the ride selection and placement too. They park is getting something and it should be good for the park. I am just a little disappointed that they did not kick of the proposed water park expansion/additional parking lot after finally getting approval. You can only hear 'Growth Park' by CF execs so many times over the last few years in conference calls before you ask...WHEN?
  23. After the three official RMC announcements made yesterday for 2018 Cedar Fair sure started the RMC relationship with a bang. Have to give them credit for going big with a hot manufacturer of innovative and very fun rides. Hopefully this continues and reaches some of the smaller parks like WOF, VF and MiA. The Raptor track at CGA gives me some hope.
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