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  1. Do you think they are hesitant or do you think it is a safety issue? Like they are worried some idiot will be dropping their phone or something in the turn around helix and having it hit the 'proposed ride' or someone on it. I like your five year plan if CF truly views VF as a 'growth' park like they say. I would just make it a six year plan because I just don't see CF doing back to back huge years at VF. Hopefully I am wrong and just old and jaded about CF. Mine would be: 2018: Delirious/Route 76 upgrades, Excalibur closes 2019: Major Soak City Expansion with new gate, Looping Starship removed. 2020: Dino's Alive closes-mid season after all the schools have come to visit and they start clearing the area and putting footers down for a new coaster. Garbage cans added along with some new trees and flowers. 2021: That long-awaited inverting steel coaster arrives. I would prefer a B&M Invert but I could see them going with a Winged B&M also, or even a different manufacturer since it seems like VF gets 'The First in the Chain' for a few things. i.e. Rengeade (GCI), North Star (Flyer) and now Delirious (Larson Looper). 2022: Planet Snoopy upgrades 2023: Frisbee replacing Riptide And congratulations on your 'ZEN' ride on Renegade, not many get to do that.
  2. An extended Sky Ride that would take me all the way to the back of the park to ride it? Maybe even have the Sky Ride run through it like Monster at Adventureland?
  3. CF sure surprised me again this year with adding another big thrill ride to VF in back to back years. Just did not think that would happen but welcome it. Looks like a solid addition to the flat ride line up and should make Route 76 an even better area with all the night lighting and new shade area's that are coming with it. This area has had such a makeover in the last four years and it just keeps getting better. A couple of observations...Excalibur gets another season and lives to run another day! Fans of the coaster can be happy for at least another year of rides. The Knott's Boomerang relocation fans will have to wait another year...if not forever. Well, now that the announcement for 2018 is done we can contemplate and speculate for 2019! Now that they have had a year to get the resources (construction materials and crews) for the water park expansion/parking lot addition scheduled does CF do that and pull the trigger to make it happen for 2019? Does the addition of Delirious make Looping Starship expendable during the proposed water park expansion like some have suggested? Fortunately true (for VF fans). MiA, the park in the chain that makes me feel good about my home park.
  4. Sure, put one impulse coaster just a hundred feet from another one. Thankfully after tomorrow the re-furbed Boomerang to VF speculation will end. Good thing Cedar Fair has never done that before... Exactly. They won't be making the same mistake twice.
  5. Sure, put one impulse coaster just a hundred feet from another one. Thankfully after tomorrow the re-furbed Boomerang to VF speculation will end.
  6. So they will be moving Tilter and moving it possibly to the old location in front of Wild Thing. So something will fill Tilter's space in Route 76. These 'clues' have me now thinking maybe a Sling Shot in that area. Or a re-fitted Enterprise works in that space too. Anything is possible. Well, at least we will know for sure tomorrow.
  7. Checked right after I saw this here and nothing new has been submitted yet. I'll keep checking next week because maybe they will tell us what it will be a little early like what happened with North Star last year.
  8. Interesting for sure. Nice tease because it's hard to tell what the plan/schematic is about or where it would fit in the park due to just showing that small part of the entire plan. 'Turning things upside' sure makes it seem like a ride and not a water park addition. Looks like the park is going to surprise us again just like North Star. The good news is the park getting something and it will not be 'general improvements' for 2018. It also suggests Excalibur is probably getting another year of operations. Let the speculation continue. A Top Scan or the return of the Enterprise are good guesses.
  9. Saturday is one of the busiest days like any park and it will be a nice 80 degree day they say on Saturday. That being said you will probably will not experience any line longer than 30 minutes, average will probably be 15-20 minutes. If you get to the park at opening you could hit all the coasters once between 10 am and 1 pm, 2 pm tops. If you have to have the Mad Mouse credit I would start there just due to capacity issues and then just loop around the park and hit all the other ones. After you get through with that you can re-ride what you want and I would recommend all three big thrill rides too. Power Tower, North Star and Xtreme Swings. If you do go, come back and post what you thought about your experience at VF. Always fun to read what others have to say about the park.
  10. ^ Correct. You should not need an Fast Pass. Going to NU also?
  11. Choose wisely. Because the the two you don't choose will become Valleyfair's new 2018 attractions. CF could not give that much bounty to just one park.
  12. As time goes by I find myself agreeing with coasterbill more and more with his words of wisdom like this. This probably means a future visit to a mental health professional or some real heavy drinking for me.
  13. As Captian Unknown mentioned, High Roller is an original roller coaster that was made in 1976 to open the park. It is still the biggest misconception repeated and told today by many locals that it was a relocated coaster as you heard on your visit. Valleyfair has pointed this out more than once on its Facebook page but a lot of people still say it is a relocated one. The reason for this is that the Excelsior Amusement Park that closed in 1973 had a similar white wood coaster called 'The Cyclone'. And with Valleyfair opening in 1976 many thought it was just relocated. Kind of amazing that 40 years later people still think this. Typical GP. And your assessment is correct, it is now heavily trimmed. It may be due to its age but I don't really know why. Back in the day when it was new the airtime on the bunny hills back to the station was great. Unfortunately, not anymore. Plus, when they removed the old trains with the buzz bars and bench seats last year they replaced them with the PTC trains and it lost a little bit of its soul. But families still enjoy it and it is still a good first 'big' coaster for newbies to get their feet wet on. It was cool that you checked out the carousel, this actually DID come the from Excelsior Amusement Park after it was shut down and relocated to Valleyfair three years later. The carousel was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1925 and it has been restored over the last 3 years. It is a classic. Also you took a picture of the Ferris Wheel which supposedly has the only 6 seat cabin cars in North America. It is fun to hear from others what they think of my home park and the pictures they take so thanks for sharing. Your assessment of the park is pretty dead on in my opinion. It is a slightly above average park with a 'corporate' feel but the staff and operations make it a good time. It is not a destination park but if you are near by you can stop in and definitely have a good time. Maybe a new modern steel coaster and a water park expansion can take the park from above average to good some day. Good to see you got to try Monster at Adventureland too, defintely a fun ride. And I was just curious, how many times did you ride Renegade? It can give rough rides at times but it is usually the best ride in the park overall.
  14. ^ The Antique Auto's. Which were replaced with new Antique Auto's over in the Route 76 area the year after they were removed for the Dino's.
  15. ^ I just refreshed the city page after posting it here and it updated the work permit with a new description that reads: Remodel/Alteration Description: Remodel Maze Walls Remodel/Alteration Instead of 'new addition'. So I guess that answers my question somewhat. Can a Haunt fan let us know which building/maze will be affected?
  16. One new work permit for VF but it is for an ADDITION to a building and not a new building. This makes me think it is for Haunt and expanding an existing building. But it could be on add on to any building. It is valued at $15,000. Any Haunt fans out there that might know if this is related to Haunt? Or people who work at the park that might know what this is about?
  17. ^ That is what I am thinking also. If the park is lucky maybe the NEW style Enterprise but I would assume a refurbished one to be more realistic. Then again, I did not see the Antique Auto's coming back, Northern Lights or North Star coming in the past few year to the park so hopefully I will be surprised again.
  18. You had me at FREE BEER...but thanks for the lunch with Shamu tip. At $29 or less it seems like a total value for the experience that I did not know even existed. Thanks for keeping this enjoyable saga going and add more to this TR when you can.
  19. Nickelodeon Universe at MOA has closed Shredder’s Mutant Masher ride in response to the Ohio State Fair accident. http://www.twincities.com/2017/07/27/mall-of-america-closes-ride-after-ohio-state-fair-accident/ The Mall of America has closed down one of its amusement rides in the wake of a fatal accident involving a similar ride in Ohio this week. Mall officials said Thursday afternoon that the Shredder’s Mutant Masher ride at Nickelodeon Universe was closed as a precaution pending further inspection. The decision came after one person was killed and several were injured when the Fire Ball ride broke apart Wednesday at the Ohio State Fair. The California State Fair shut down its version of the Fire Ball ride, and other fair boards across the country were evaluating their own rides. A version of the ride has never appeared at the Minnesota State Fair, which is scheduled for later this summer. In light of the tragic accident at the Ohio State Fair, Mall of America has proactively stopped running Shredder’s Mutant Masher for additional inspection. Shredder’s Mutant Masher is a fixed, permanent theme ride that is inspected on a daily basis, as are all of our rides. Mall of America holds itself to the highest standards. Our ride will remain inactive until we’ve been given appropriate clearance by our manufacturer.
  20. ^ Thanks for the update. This is explains why the construction trucks are back there and why we have not seen any major construction on moving the service road. Still no city issued construction or demolition permits either. I was hoping to see construction on moving the service road to give us an idea of what they would be doing for next year but still no clues. VF fans may be waiting another year to see this project get started but I hope I am proven wrong with an announcement later this season.
  21. Lots of good wisdom here. When visiting CP and KI last year I was able to take advantage of all of the above with Diamond Back being the night time ride ERT at KI. The Fast Pass discount for CP was a really nice surprise that I did not know about at the time. Ignore coasterbill's advice at your own peril.
  22. Source? Someone from a discussion with multiple on DM on insta. Combine this with the information from the Dippin Dots guy by Wild Thing and you have......absolutely nothing that is verifiable.
  23. ^ Yes, I heard the same thing. I heard that Knott's has some daisies that they no longer need and will be moving them to MiA in the off season.
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