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  1. It will be interesting to see how CF responds to the increased competition. The strategy of paying off debt from the 2008 Paramount acquisition by focusing on the 'BIG' Cedar Fair parks and adding more attractions at those parks to pay that off debt may need to change and force CF to pay attention to VF when considering the following: -You have a new $250 million water park coming to the MOA parking lot in 2022. -Adventureland looks to be adding a new coaster now, maybe as soon as 2021. (Good for them, this park is on the upswing over the last 5 years). -A new theme park called Lost Island coming to life in 2022 in Waterlooo Iowa. -And Wild Water West Waterpark in Souix Falls, SD to possibly get a new RMC Raptor coaster. Adventureland already has a better all around steel coaster than any coaster at VF with Monster and now they may be adding another coaster? VF hasn't added in new one in 13 years, 40 years for an inverted looping steel coaster. I want a new coaster as bad as the next coaster geek but understand the bigger bang for the buck and need for the park is probably adding on to VF's water park to attract more family visits. They have been sitting on an approved plan to make this happen but 4 years later have yet to take any action. Now they also have a prime plot of land up at the front of the park with the Dino's thankfully gone now. They know their business better than anyone. I for sure will be curious to see how/if they respond to the increased competition or just keep it 'Business as usual.'
  2. ^ That is interesting. Are they just having fun with the Lea/Han 'I know' line with today being May 4th and all the social media comments they get pertaining to a new coaster all the time? Or are they actually hinting at something? Personally I think they are just having fun with everyone but it would be a cool way to start a teaser campaign.
  3. This update explains all of the off season work permits for new buildings, remodeled buildings, new plumbing and new fire systems.
  4. Agreed. Too bad VF doesn't have a big project to do or going on right now. Logistics with no one in the park would be a lot easier to do plus labor costs probably would not be as costly with such high unemployment. I guess the good news is they don't have a new big attraction that may have to wait a year to get used like KI.
  5. Nice thread concept Chuck, always entertaining coming from you. Hope you keep adding to it. The good old days.
  6. Here is a Bloomberg article about how Carnival handled COVID-19. I was warned by this forum many years ago to not go there and this article just reinforces that. https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2020-carnival-cruise-coronavirus/
  7. 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Maverick 3) Millennium Force 4) Raptor 5) GateKeeper 6) Valravn 7) Rougarou 8) Magnum XL-200 9) Top Thrill Dragster 10) Wicked Twister 11) Gemini 12) Blue Streak 13) Iron Dragon 14) Cedar Creek Mine Ride 15) Corkscrew 16) Woodstock Express
  8. ^ Have to agree with you there. And those decisions will affect how much of the season the park can salvage if any of it at all. This will affect revenue negatively which will impact decisions about future attractions also.
  9. Thanks for putting this all together AJ. Appreciated the plus/minus versus last year's rankings for the Top 25's. Surprising to see my home park gem Renegade go up 3 spots in the rankings. BLASPHEMY!!!
  10. Just another little construction update. Added this week was another COMMERCIAL BUILDING ADDITION work permit for another $80,000 (no details again). Also a work permit for PLUMING REPLACEMENT valued at $14,000 for the 'Corn Cart' over by the theater. Only at VF will you see a work permit description like that. Be green with envy you other CF parks. Here is the updated list of new or additions to buildings that VF has work permits for 2020. Hope one or two are new food places. Could any of this be involved with the repurposing of the Dino entrance or buildings? Remodel/Alteration Commercial building - $415,000 Commercial Building Addition -$125,000 Commercial Building New (1) - $75,000 Commercial Building New (2) - $75,000 Commercial Building Addition - $80,000
  11. Just because kids seem to be immune to it they can carry it and still spread it like the little petri dishes they are.
  12. Just checking the City of Shakopee for new building permits and VF has 3 new ones for buildings in addition to the one I posted about last year for a remodel. So the good news is they are at least doing something in a year where the park will get no new rides. The bad news is they have no description in the permits as to what buildings are. Below are the 4 big permits with them accompanied by their dollar value plus more for electrical and plumbing associated with all of them which amounts to about a million dollars total. So does anyone know what these building are? A remodel of back offices? New food buildings? Newly remodeled haunts maybe? Remodel/Alteration Commercial building - $415,000 Commercial Building addition -$125,000 Commercial Building New (1) - $75,000 Commercial Building New - (2) $75,000 ^ And no, I do not know what is going on with the Dino's because I have not been by the park lately. Assume they are removing them since they said they were leaving after last year. Next time someone drives by see if you can still see the T-Rex looking over the fence by the ticket booth.
  13. ^ Truth! Noticed how I qualified it with coasters and not 'ride'. Because everyone who rides it knows that it is the best ride in the state and loaded with fun.
  14. I feel a little ecstatic and a little sad. Hopefully it happens. The ecstatic part is I would only be a 3.5 hour drive from a RMC Raptor track coaster. The sad part would be South Dakota having a coaster that is probably more fun than any coaster in the state I live in. Never thought that could ever happen. Oh the shame.
  15. Looks like Cedar Fair had a good year. 2019 Highlights -Net revenues increased 9% to a record $1.47 billion; same-park net revenues were up 6%. -Attendance at Cedar Fair's parks increased 8% to a record 27.9 million guests; same-park attendance increased 5%. -In-park per capita spending increased 1% to a record $48.32; in-park per capita spending on a same-park basis was up 1%. -Out-of-park revenues were up 11% to a record $169 million; same-park out-of-park revenues increased 8%. -Net income increased 36%, or $46 million, to $172 million and Adjusted EBITDA increased 8%, or $37 million, to $505 million. On a same-park basis, net income increased 27%, or $34 million, and Adjusted EBITDA3 increased 5%, or $21 million. -Through Dec. 31, 2019, sales of 2020 season passes and related all-season products, are up more than 40% from the same time last year. It also says that record season pass programs accounted for 53% of total attendance mix. Read the whole thing here at: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cedar-fair-reports-record-results-090000807.html
  16. Nice shot of Renegade in the snow! Perfectly goes with our -12 F last night.
  17. Very cool. Makes you wonder when more of this will be done at parks with all that sun beating down on the parks during summer.
  18. Thank you for that surprise update. Love the train and track colors along with that loading stationExcited to see a POV of it. Is TPR going to be able to shoot one?
  19. Those on Batuu are salty because they did not get that rumored RMC for 2020 that everyone in the galaxy was talking about.
  20. ^ That would make sense. What did they do for viewing/seating? Set up temporary bleachers? Where did they have it at CP?
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