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  1. Hersheypark was able to market a cloned spinner as a world's first with glow in the dark paint. I bet Six Flags can find an even more gimmicky way to make a 4D coaster a world's first. They could even give it world's first semi-controlled 4D coaster. Marketing is not that hard to figure out most of the time.
  2. That only leaves Michigan's Adventure and CGA. Not surprising for MA, but didn't Cedar Fair say the three parks they are looking at for major improvement included California's Great America? Why hasn't their been any leaks about what could be coming to CGA for next year? The 3 parks with growth are Carowind's, California's Great America, and Valleyfair. Exactly. I'm wondering why their hasn't been any news on what California's Great America would be getting in the future, let alone next year.
  3. That only leaves Michigan's Adventure and CGA. Not surprising for MA, but didn't Cedar Fair say the three parks they are looking at for major improvement included California's Great America? Why hasn't their been any leaks about what could be coming to CGA for next year?
  4. Oh my EFFING GOD please stop with the time machine stuff, it's probably going to Vietnam anyway. So yeah, back on topic , sounds like an S&S free spin. I'm excited, I'm now we got about 8-7 days till the announcement so let's just and see..... To be fair, he was pointing out how he couldn't see any evidence to a Free Spin just like with Time Machine, not that he thought Time Machine is coming to Fiesta Texas. I believe everyone here is bringing up how people should stop saying Time Machine is coming here than the actual posts of Time Machine being relocated to SFFT... Back on topic, could we be seeing something from Skyline Attractions? They don't have any of their rides announced so it could be a possibility with "World's First" being tossed around.
  5. Not to hijack this thread, but Silverwood should be investing in their 2 awesome woodies before getting a new large coaster. I'm talking about making the proper modifications to improve capacity because right now it's pitiful. ...Both coasters need to be run with 2 trains. The proper modifications needed would be the employees or how they do things there, because wait times are long for all the rides, not just those two woodies. I waited for their trabant ride about five minutes. Me and my friends were the only people on and didn't have to wait any cycles, yet still took five minutes for the ride to start.
  6. I would rather have the rumored RMC come to Silverwood first. Hopefully 2016 is their year for it.
  7. And people say Utah's laws are strict! Every gas station and grocery store sells beer by either the six-pack or case in Utah. Just shows how stereotypes can cloud judgement.
  8. It has the ability to freak people out with the height, but for those who aren't afraid of heights, it's a family ride.
  9. What's the problem with that? It's a fun family ride that provides a great ride. This is just the first time one of these is also provided with such a great theme, besides Crush' Coaster.
  10. The Spider at Lagoon is set at a 46" height requirement. Not sure if this is for all Maurer Sohne spinning coasters, however.
  11. To be realistic, no park really makes a five-year plan for each year, but instead create a plan for certain rides and say this is what we WANT to do at the park within five years. My 5 year plan for Lagoon is actually looked at as realistic, except for two ideas. Most of what I have on the plan has been AT LEAST looked at to be added to Lagoon before. The two I made up were the Opera House restaurant and the Sky Scream/Superman clone.
  12. Lagoon 2015 - 200 ft. coaster featuring a beyond-vertical drop and 3 inversions named Cannibal. 2016-Two new kiddie rides. A Zamperla Jump Around and Happy Swing. Spider is announced to be sold at a different park. 2017-Spider returns with an all-new layout bigger than the previous Spider. 2018-Opera House square and Opera House closed to open the first sit-in restaurant at Lagoon with Subway moved to expand the Coca-Cola Plaza. 2019-Zamperla Giant Discovery 2020-Sky Scream/Superman clone.
  13. Maybe not for the rides, but the lines for the haunts do get pretty big and slow.
  14. Designed in house by Dal Freeman, engineered by Stengel, and manufactured by Zierer. Dal Freeman also designed BomBora, and next year's Cannibal. Also helped with every ride since he came to Lagoon back in the late '90's right after he left Arrow. He is a big part of Lagoon.
  15. At least Lagoon sees this "problem" and is adding Cannibal next year.
  16. Firghtmares! is an O.K. haunt compared to the MANY other local haunts in Utah. However, it does lack. They do not know how to split apart groups well to walk through the different haunts, and they use mostly 15-16 year olds to scare you. If you can look past that, I believe you could have a nice time. Fyi, I work at one of the haunts here in Utah, and see MANY other problems with Frightmares, but feel they are only noticeable to me. Then again, I find problems with USH's haunt, so take that with a grain of salt.
  17. Roller Coaster's east curve at Lagoon just BANGS through like a machine gun. Very loud and the one thing that makes me cringe about the ride.
  18. I believe the boring and mundane is because so many parks are getting B&M's, Fiesta Texas is saying we actually ARE getting something unique.
  19. They can market it a world-class roller coaster that will keep you out of your seat.
  20. I don't see how taking a coaster and making it world-class is a bad thing? Even if the original layout had great potential with better maintenance, it still is better to have a world-class coaster in my book.
  21. I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not, haha. A compliment. It was more of a joke, but no real harm intended. To actually hear such a raving report of Lagoon is amazing to me. Not only does this place not get much recognition, but many locals hate the place and wish Six Flags would buy it to put in some "real" coasters and get rid of all the "old and unreliable" rides.
  22. I find it interesting how you took the most photogenic ride there (Turn of the Century) and made it look like it was hidden in trees and hard to photograph. Kudos to you!
  23. I can easily see a Larson Ring-O-Fire park model coming to this place.
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