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  1. Air Race is cheap and amazing. Any park becomes much better with an Air Race.
  2. Re-paving a parking lot cost quite a lot of money. For a lot the size of SFSTL it would be roughly 15 million. If they aren't dumping that kind of money on a new ride, you can easily see they wouldn't even think of putting it to the parking lot first. EDIT: For them to RMC Boss which is an iconic ride for SFSTL would not work to me. American Thunder is new, so that wouldn't make sense, but Screaming Eagle is older, and has a layout that RMC could do wonders on. Besides, Boss is starting to turn into a classic like SE, and SE is not as iconic to the park anymore as Boss is. It would make sense to me to RMC Screaming Eagle, as I feel we will be seeing an RMC in every Six Flags park soon enough.
  3. I can not get enough of this picture. It is really frightening how KidTums looks like she could fly off!
  4. I don't believe you can market a hyper when you already have a giga unless there's a gimmick like tallest coaster with inversions.
  5. If they have a hill they can easily develop amazing terrain coasters and flats that go "over the edge extreme" for marketing purposes. They can easily develop onto that hill once Six Flags is willing to do it.
  6. No, they seem very similar because he involved with Golden Horse. In the same way "his" trains for this 16 inversion mess are very, very similar to Gerstlauer trains. And another one of "his" creations on his youtube page bears more than a passing resemblance to a KMG Afterburner. I do not trust this Camiel person, not even slightly. 1. Just because the ride has a similar seating layout to an afterburner means nothing, they both offer 2 separate ride experiences. 2. There is a very good reason why those trains look similar, because they are the exact same, those train designs you've likely seen online were made by camiel. So you are saying that he had authorisation from KMG to use the design, and Gerstlauer lets him design their trains? Right. He did have an internship at Gerstlauer, so during that time, his ideas could have been heard at Gerstaluer, hence the similarity, or they just look similar. You could even argue they look similar to S&S, Zierer, and even B&M. His rides are unique to his own, and multiple manufacturers use similar designs all the time, so with the logic that Camiel is ripping off designs, is saying Mack is ripping off Intamin, and Zamperla should be sued by Gerstlauer. Their are only similarities not exact copies.
  7. I like the idea of seeing what happens before I jump to any conclusions because we look at Vekoma now as creating world-class coasters that are smooth. In regards to Camiel choosing to work with Golden Horse, he said himself he was obviously skeptical of working with them too. He obviously knows more about GH as a business than we do, and knew his reputation is on the line more than any other project he has worked on. If he is going through with the project, then we should give him the respect that he deserves. On a different note, does anyone else believe he helped with Premier to create the Superman: Ultimate Flight model? With his current eyeloop design, they seem very similar.
  8. I must say, I have always loved the Iron Rattler emblem on the lift hill. It's a great aesthetic piece and gives the coaster a kind of signature. It would be nice to see other coasters get emblems.
  9. With how small Dorney is in Cedar Fair at the moment, I see them adding a small thrill coaster like a eurofighter or the Premier coaster that's being added all around. Neither would actually HURT Dorney at this point.
  10. Corkscrew at Silverwood. Arrow's first inverting coaster from what I recall.
  11. If Cedar Fair did buy the "Led Zepplin" coaster, I'm guessing they'll send it to Valleyfair, Dorney Park, California's Great America, or Michigan's Adventure! I don't see either Valley fair or CGA. They said these two parks (and Carowinds) are their primary focus, which to me would mean capital investments. While this ride is a major ride, it is in fact relocated thus less money than a brand new ride. Out of the two parks, I see Michigan's Adventure taking it. They DESPERATELY need a new major coaster. Dorney on the other hand, has solid major coasters, and recently got Stinger. Watch it go to China instead. =P
  12. I have this gut-wrenching feeling the coaster will be Zierer tower launch coaster. I know it could be because I'm a Lagoon fanboy but it makes sense to me. The height restriction is 46" which is fair for a thrill ride, and it could still have the event building with a freefall drop inside if they wanted. They can even make it high capacity if done right. With the analysis given, it would give multiple block breaks to add more trains. Just my two cents.
  13. Why would they clear land around Cyclone if they are just going to give it the I-Box treatment? I see them tearing down this ride and putting in a new wooden coaster instead.
  14. I wonder why because Cedar Fair has their priorities on three of their parks that they will completely ignore all their other parks. They do realize they have other parks that can't be left unattended. What they could do is have a family expansion area lime they have been doing with their parks, and with that they could open up an area for a nice small coaster. They can expand a park without it being their priority.
  15. Hopefully it's a Premier launch coaster that we see going around than an actual boomerang. Either way, even a boomerang would be an amazing investment for this park!
  16. I would rather see same type of coasters that are from different manufacturers so that we don't see the same coasters at every park and do ride something different anyway. Wicked and Sky Rocket have very similar layouts, but Wicked flies over the top while Sky Rocket holds you over the edge. They have the same launch vertically up then vertically down, but you can't compare the two because one is Premier while the other is Zierer. Even then, we consider the fact that both of these are basically launched Euro Fighters.
  17. Knoebels does it with Flying Turns. If it's a safety issue, then it makes perfect sense. Just don't post the weight for everyone to see.
  18. I could see them taking Wildcat out all together and move Wild Mouse to expand Boardwalk. They wouldn't even have to use all the land and add a few thrilling flats which this park does lack in. They could use the new land they have to make a brand new RMC to replace Wildcat, so more would be gained than lost.
  19. I would love to see older coasters on the show, and have at least one show be called "old glories."
  20. I did not find those articles. I did a quick research on the place so I don't have all the information given.
  21. I would want to see them expand their coaster line of products even further. Besides the Thunderbolt model, all the other coasters lack a huge thrill.
  22. Not education from what I gather. Seems more around giving a thorough (although unclear) experience. Many people I have talked to who went to the comic-con and checked out their booth say they will have a building 'collapse then rise again in front of their own eyes.' I've heard nothing but positive responses from locals.
  23. Coming to Pleasent Grove, Utah in July 2015 will be Evermore Park, a 45-acre fantasy adventure park. [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/OzcODCL8ll8[/youtu_be] The park will be an themed in the London Victorian Era open year-round, immersing guests into an elaborate storyline and become part of the story with every worker being an actor. There will be three different seasons played in the park with autumn, winter, and summer, each respectively called Ripper's Cove, An Evermore Christmas, and The Carnival of Wonders. The park will feature a three-acre lake with a "Ghost Ship," an island with zip line courses, a natural amphitheater called the Bowl, a four-story theater, a town hall with shops and restaurants, and a future development of a 250-room hotel with optional haunted rooms. The park will be fully completed by Summer 2016, with the first phase opening in July 2015. The hotel will be completed at a later time. Here are multiple news articles about this new park. www.saltlakemagazine.com/blog/2014/04/16/evermore-debuts-at-fanx-qa-with-founder-ken-bretschneider/ www.heraldextra.com/news/local/north/pleasant-grove/unique-entertainment-complex-coming-to-pleasant-grove/article_92e4ac65-e843-517d-8596-d8de3adf7af9.html utahvalley360.com/2014/05/13/evermore-park-immersing-utah-in-european-adventure/ The park was announced at the Salt Lake Comic-Con FanX this past April, but their facebook page has been up since December of last year. External links to Evermore: evermorepark.com/ https://www.facebook.com/evermorepark Pleasent Grove is in Utah County about 35 miles south of Salt Lake City, with the park right off of I-15.
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