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  1. If RMC gives a great terrain layout and has some amazing theming, (fire) Robb would love the ride for just that. Definitely not what I would expect to come with Robb's initial reaction, but it wouldn't be unexpected either. I just know I can't wait to know what it actually is!
  2. Given it's a new family area, it will bring in the entire family which would include the thrill junkies. I think SV would see at least some increased ridership with Route 76.
  3. Rumored to be Cannibal, a 200 ft. Inverting coaster with elevator lift and manufactured by Lagoon themselves.
  4. Nothing big, but there definitely will be some photos of opening day this weekend from Lagoonisfun.com
  5. Why does this make me believe Robb could possibly be yanking our chains?? I remember the owner say it will change all parks, or something around that. Could it be that we aren't looking at a roller coaster, flat ride, or dark ride at all? In other words, a new ride category that doesn't fit any other category? Hard to think of what else could be done to still be considered a ride of sorts.
  6. I would like to see some more behind the scenes of the major coaster being constructed at Lagoon. For it being the biggest roller coaster to be manufactured in-house by a family owned park would make it a nice story, and could even put in other rides into the mix like Orphan Rocker that never opened, (if it was a project without an actual manufacturer) or Flying Turns which finally opened after so many years of complications.
  7. Most of the time everything is open on opening day. Many times, the reason rides aren't open is for year-long maintenance or is a new ride of the season. For the major rides, expect them open. I don't recall if the water rides will be open or not, but I do know the rapids ride we have does have some features off in the beginning of the season. The park on opening day gets a decent crowd, but even on busy days the lines aren't unbearable. I have never had to wait longer than an hour, or seen a line account for an hour-long wait time. You will most likely be able to ride everything you want to multiple times.
  8. Does anyone else have a problem with many family and jr. coasters not being on the ballot anymore? I know they do get the lowest scores so they would be near the bottom, but why take them out when they are still functioning roller coasters? I find this to be a problem, especially with my home park having a very nice custom jr. coaster, (BomBora.)
  9. Now this is a personal experience at my home park. While riding Fire Dragon one time, my vision went blurry while going down the first drop. I believe it was caused from the entire train vibrating down the track. Never happened to me after that. I guess my myth is can a ride alter your vision because of vibration, forces, etc?
  10. A few new photos have been taken of the new coasters construction and has been shared on lagoonisfun.com's Facebook page.
  11. My friend is soon going to be heading to Arizona for the Six Flags down there. I even provided the website of Six Flags to show they didn't have a park out there. She says she's been there before and is going to head out there anyway.
  12. I'm going to throw this out there and say wooden Wild Mouse. If anyone can do it, It would be Knoebels.
  13. Not sure if a farting joke or something else, but it goes well and you still know what it says without the vowels. I lv ths. 8/10
  14. For me, it's my first trip to Las Vegas! With many firsts. My highlighted firsts are; First El Loco First Custom Arrow First time at Stratosphere First Togo The Togo is as a learning experience. I must learn about bad rides!
  15. A Zamperla Air Race would work well at Knott's. And since it wouldn't need all the space, it would be prime for theming.
  16. I loved Mack's answer to what they would like to do without restrictions. A launched water ride would be pretty interesting and fun.
  17. The tunnel will be a mouth. The ride will be being lifted on a spoon, fall into the mouth, and the rest of the ride is traveling through the body.
  18. Just gonna get this out there. Wicked was $10 million, an it has been said this coaster will be the biggest investment at Lagoon, so it will be more than $10 million.
  19. It is going to be west of Skyscraper, taking up the area where Top Eliminator was and some of the overflow parking. Constuction started when they removed Top E. at the end of the 2011 season.
  20. They could be 8 seater cars if you think about it.
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