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  1. It is not much of a necessity for me to play the game, but it's such I nice touch. I for sure would be using it, as I did mention it this same idea a while back before I could comprehend that we were supposed to give CRUTIAL game play settings. Shall be fun to play this game!
  2. This brings another must for me. Make the paths be able to customized, as well as let the rides go wherever they can be fit, and not have 'pre-chosen' spots. It would bug me when I would have room for a roller coaster, yet don't have a 'pre-chosen' station anywhere in or near the area to make a coaster for it. Or even worse, have all this room for rides and coasters that you can't build anything on except trees or scenery. This crutial detail would turn me away from the game.
  3. When landscaping is changed for a ride, coaster, etc., if I decide I don't want it anymore, please can it go back to its regular form unless I personally change it in landscaping tool? This I feel is a must!
  4. Will their be any way to create a custom flat ride from scratch? It is not something you can find on any game or simulator for some reason, so it can also be a good selling point. Can this be an option? Also, custom design track and train configurations? That would be an ultimate plus!
  5. Back to do an update on what I have done in film, if anyone saw my last post from months ago. I have done one other film, which will be mini-series on Discovery Channel called Gold Fever. I have a featured extra in it, being the banking intern. Ad-libbed a line, but don't think of it as such. In an interesting note, I got called back after being on the set of Orc Wars to do some more shots they weren't able to get before. With this, I was given a line! One of the main reasons why was because I have worked with prosthetics on my face before and know how to talk to make the prosthetic mask look real. Should be out in a few months from what the director says. Does anyone want to follow these updates I have of my acting career, or is this not the place?
  6. I feel the slingshots aren't as good as Skycoasters. They both have the same ride experience with the intence start into a tame aftermath. Free-falling to the fast-approaching ground is more of an experience to me than being shot into the endless sky.
  7. ^ Or any coaster go over the lake? It might have to make some interesting supports, but that certainly would be fun! If even GateKeeper dived into a turn right over the lake would make the ride be that much better!
  8. First time I ever rode a Skycoaster. The free-fall sensation when you first pull that rope got ! My face was most likely amazing to watch! It still gets me to this day, but not as bad as that first time.
  9. Would SkyRush count? They are working on the restraints so it won't hurt when going through the extreme airtime.
  10. It's because people are allowed to bring outside food and drink into the park, so they don't have as many food sales as other parks of it's size, or larger apparently.
  11. HUSS: Are you working on any new ride installations or designs?
  12. Intamin: is their any thoughts on changing the car design on your ZacSpin coasters for a more comfortable experience, as well as changing the mechanisms to make the cars re-position themselves upright to be more reliable?
  13. Zierer: Have you thought about changing or improving your Tower Launch Coasters so more installations would be bought?
  14. I believe that was what I was referring to. I don't know exact route and stops. I just know about the routes themselves.
  15. You mean the Frontrunner which has been there for about two years now? It does serve as a great stop for Lagoon, although I don't see a need for for an airport route. People can just take a plane to the Salt Lake International Airport, ride the Trax system to the Salt Lake Central Hub (when that line is completed) and take Frontrunner line up to Lagoon. The public transportaion is very easy and convenient to use in Utah. Plus, a new hotel is being constructed across the northern street of Lagoon. And across the freeway is a continuously growing shopping area. Don't know too much on what is being built other than shopping centers. I believe this, the hotel, and Lagoon getting bigger rides will help Lagoon and the city become a hot-spot for tourists.
  16. Not saying the Overflow is never used. Whenever I am visiting on busy days, they never have all of that parking used up from what I see. It seemed to me that Mooch's Mainstream is barely full on the northern half, yet the other half is pretty full. It used to be completely full back then from what I remember. Why would they now have the water jets which help propel the water be above water lines on the north side, but be in the water on the south side? Just seems to me it would have sank on the south side, if anything.
  17. - Riding the Fire Dragon at night for the first time with all new lights, with doing that 4 times in a row later in the year. - Being the only one in a over-filled 9-seater raft on Rattlesnake Rapids to not get soaked because my friend tried to climb over me when the waterfall passed by. - Riding Rattlesnake Rapids multiple times at night, and get a wave of water to drown me when I yelled at the ride to get me soaked. Honestly, when you have enough people to fill a raft on those intamin water raft rides, they can be super fun!
  18. On the busiest days, only one eighth of that space is used for parking. They can expand into that area quite a bit., they just never choose to most of the time. Last time they did was about 20 years ago I believe, which they have now gotten rid of that ride for this coaster. On a side note, I don't think these pylons are going to be part of the coaster, but to compress the land before they build the coaster so they won't have any problems in the future with parts of it sinking so it needs to be retracked. Where it shows the sinking problem best is in Lagoon-A-Beach. The lazy river is only half filled, for half of it sank into the ground.
  19. RMC - With how innovative your wooden coaster are, how many other creative innovations are you working on? I.e, launched woodies or inverted seating.
  20. They went with Zierer for the heavy-themed trains on BomBora, but not sure if they went to them for the electrical. I hope it's not Zierer, for Lagoon already has prototype seats from them that were flops. Even the on-board audio on BomBora doesn't work half the time. Who knows? Maybe Lagoon will do the trains and electrical themselves as well.
  21. This 2014 coaster has been in talk since I believe 2006. Here is the most of my knowledge on what it could be. The talk is this coaster is designed by Dal Freeman personally for Lagoon, as he has worked on many different rides for Lagoon since the late '90s. He helped design Wicked, and designed the family coaster BomBora, which I add pulls some good G's for a family ride. It will also be manufactured by Lagoon itself, with help from a plant that manufactures parts for Premier. That is what they did with BomBora. Other facts and statistics keep changing with it. Whether it will go over or ride below the 200 ft. mark, or if it will in fact go all the way out to the employee parking lot or not. Now with the Giant Discovery, I'm holding on to this rumour even though facts point the other direction. No idea if it will be biult or not, just waiting for an official announcement from Lagoon. I hope that won't be a week before it opens, like with Air Race this year.
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