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  1. They do not. They are trying to keep the place a family park, so no alcohol.
  2. The two Schwartzkopf coaster at Lagoon are pretty notorious for hard stops. Jet Star 2 is the worst. Their are even signs saying "stop ahead" and "prepare to stop." I remember a few years ago An injury happened because of the hard brakes, even though the real reason was because the lady had a neck injury or surgery 4 weeks prior. If you can push forward with your legs, you would be fine on them.
  3. While in line for Wicked, I heard this from some girls behind me. "This place is much better than parks in California. Here you don't get bored, while at Knott's you want to go home after about an hour." I like how there's some praise for Lagoon, but why did it have to be exaggerated?
  4. It wouldn't be the first, but still would be a great addition to the park. I hope more parks get launched B&M coasters!
  5. Why are people saying this is a family thrill ride at 60 MPH and 140 ft. height? I believe this should be considered a thrill ride, period. The height restriction will be lower than an average thrill ride, but this is a thrill ride at a family park.
  6. It's a flywheel LSM Launch. The same goes for Wicked at Lagoon. So it's both, basically.
  7. I'm not making any more speculation, as I feel it will be something we have never seen before!
  8. I meant the industry is seeing a decline this season with attendance. Many people are saying the parks have been dead lately when they have been going. The amusement industry is not declining as a whole, as there are so many big projects coming around next year. They are just now seeing some big improvements are needed to keep people coming into parks. So no, the industry is not declining, just attendance so far this season is.
  9. Thank you! I thought I was the only one seeing this. It seems to be a decline in attendance throughout the industry for one reason or another this season alone. I believe that's why we see many major projects that are opening next year in many parks small and large as I have already stated before.
  10. Great trip report. As it's my home park, you nailed it in the head on how this park is. Many locals however disagree with everything this park stands for. They find the place to look like a carnival with unsafe carny rides, run down buildings, boring coasters (including Wicked,) and extremely overpriced. Apparently if the place doesn't look like Disneyland or have huge coasters like Cedar Fair and Six Flags, the park is run down and is s***. I may sound like I'm exaggerating, but Utahns complain about what is here because they wish to live in places like California without looking at what a treasure it is to be in Utah. They even complain about a $15 zoo mostly renovated in the past ten years as being overpriced. For the new ride being built, it's not going to be built by any manufacturer as Lagoon is doing it all themselves. Expect something very unique and big, according to current rumors. [emoji2]
  11. I'm wondering why no one is looking at this. It might be deemed as a low-capacity ride, but with the only other option people are going for is a Premier Superman clone, (which also wouldn't have a good capacity,) I feel BGW would want something unique other than a clone. I can see S&S making their first free-spin 4D coaster here. Besides, with this ride they could put in multiple 8-passenger cars rather than 1 (or 2 with dual station) 12-passenger train. That does help with capacity issues.
  12. Because dodging people driving around is so much fun! It's pretty much like driving in your car! [emoji37] I'm so glad my home park doesn't even have an island in the middle of the ride and allows head-to-head bumping. They don't exactly promote head-to-head, but they allow it to happen.
  13. I wonder why people put down footers as any way to figure out what manufacturer the coaster will be here when at Holiday World it's completely acceptable and almost proven as fact.
  14. ^This is why I post here. Rob will always put a smile on my face with posts like these. I think people are looking WAY too much into only Six Flags chain seeing a drop in attendance. Did anybody else read in the article that Cedar Fair has also seen a drop and Sea World stocks went down from what I presume to be lower attendance as well? I have seen in many posts from many people in many different threads how dead parks have been. Maybe this year isn't a good year for amusement parks in general, and not just Six Flags. Although to see THAT big of a decrease should say enough about Six Flags. I think it even boils down to some smaller, family-owned parks as well. I know my home park Lagoon is seeing a decrease this year. I think most of this will change though as we already see multiple large projects in multiple parks for next year. It seems parks already knew that they needed something big to draw in the crowds again.
  15. ^ Bringing up the cake pops and this being a unique ride, could we possibly see a vertical launch like an S&S Launch Tower with this coaster? That would be extremely unique and might be a possibility. Definately crazy speculation either way.
  16. To me, being critical about a ride does not mean I didn't have fun on the ride. Almost every ride I've been on I've had a good time. The only time I feel a ride is bad so I wouldn't ride it again is if I get hurt or sick enough on it. Other than that, I have fun on the ride no matter what even if I'm being critical of Tremors helix's being VERY forgettable or many B&M Hypers having the same airtime-less hills with that one turn back toward the station.
  17. ^Speculating. It's the only thing that makes sense as to how the accident happened. I want to know what exactly the modifications were where that would happen.
  18. I'm calling it right now. The new 2015 ride will be called Keymaster!
  19. ^ As an Air Race should be in many more parks, I believe there's a reason they are staying in smaller parks at the moment and that's because of capacity. It is fairly low and hope the 8.4 models help with that enough for resort-type parks like Knott's.
  20. I'm going to chime in on Holiday World not spending so much for such a small park. Lagoon's biggest purchase was wicked at $10 million in 2007. They barely get a million a year since then, as their attendance has gone down since Wicked's initial opening. They are building a completely unique coaster that they are manufacturing themselves which will be the biggest expense they have ever done. The ballpark price is anywhere from $13 to $18 million. It could even be $20 million which is double what they just spent 8 years before the opening of the ride. I highly believe that if Lagoon can pull off what they are pulling off right now, Holiday World could easily pour tons of money on a B&M prototype with no problems.
  21. The GM said a thrill ride for teens. Some employees have heard rumors about Mantis being turned into a floorless, and I'm almost positive a water park expansion is in the works for them as well. Are there any Thrill Rides that Cedar Point doesn't have? All I can think of is a Top Spin. Maybe a Huss Giant Jump? Their are many thrill rides Cedar Point doesn't have. Just because they aren't in every park and many are for the fair market, doesn't mean their are only very few thrill rides parks can get.
  22. This is always confusing to me. Are T2 and Twisted Twins the two new coasters for the next two years? I don't really consider them new seeing that they're both over 15 years old. They will be opening them to a crowd that wants to ride them again. To market them as new while it is just TLC to make them open is very smart and beneficial for them. However, I do see them opening brand new flats with these openings. Just because they aren't actually new, for them to open again is enough to bring people through the gates again.
  23. Follow the trail... Seabreeze? They already have some rides from HRP. Only thing I can get out of it. I've never been to Seabreeze so do they have the room?
  24. If you found something that is public, I feel it would be safe to post on here, just give information of where you found it.
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