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  1. Hello all, Today I was at Phantasialand, The park in about 1hour 10 mins from my house and it was my second time visiting. Il quickly talk about the attractions and then show the pictures. Every ride was basically a walk on or a max 5 minute wait, apart from Chiapas which was 120mins basically all the boats had problems with the lapbars so every 5th boat had about 2 or 3 people in, the line sucked, but that was the only queue. The whole park is really well done, and every attraction is themed so well. Black Mamba is still awesome it really picks up speed in the final helix. And the two Winja spinning coasters are really something special and were great fun. Mystery castle, not being my favourite freefall ride was a lot of fun to and I wouldn't miss it out. The Chiapas is an awesome log flume probably one of the best ones i'v ridden. The River Quest is a great water ride too with some surprise elements, on my second time it broke down and we got evacuated, so we took the back stairs out and managed to get a couple good snaps of the Taron Construction. A quick mention to the Colorado Adventure, great ride, really long, but jerky in places and the Temple of the knight hawk coaster just isn't my favourite and again jerky. But I had a great day and here are the pictures Fun mine train coaster This part was fun I see a B&M..... Loop de loop Yay Black Mamba kicks ass! Such a good log flume but the wait was a bit extreme. Really lovely area of the park Talocan Entrance... The best Huss topspin your ever ride More of Talocan The Berlin area The water on this was really cool Around the back of the Berlin area The Winjas Fear & Force These were great fun and I rode both sides. I thought that Fear was better than Force The River Quest queue line The Mystery castle. I wouldn't miss it, but iv been on much better tower rides but the concept is cool. Taron construction time Heres a view from the River Quest queue And a picture from the back of the River Quest when I got evacuated New adverts for the new Klugheim are It had window flaps in the wall which opened so you could see the construction Twisty Lots of Head Choppers
  2. Tiny update. I'v had no time so only been doing tiny things. Here is a picture of the breakrun, Iv been adding details before I add the top layer of red track. This project isn't dead Its just taking a long time, and trying to find time with work at the moment is seaming impossible
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    TPR club

    Hey Robb. Sorry me again, I'm just checking my club tpr registration went through okay? I can't access the forum yet but my payment left my bank account a few days ago. Thanks Coasterb
  4. And also I forgot to say, if you'r using a Mac, your need to download a RAR Extractor program to open the CS files to import into the game that are intended for PC users.
  5. Custom content is safe i'v never had any problems. Yeah it does slow down your game a little, the more you have and put in your parks the slower they run. All downloads contain a 'read me' file that will tell you how to important it normally in 'Style/themed'. Best websites are RCTgo, CSdepot, Realtycoon3, thats just the ones I use. They do improve your parks drastically if used well, but if the files are imported into the game incorrectly they will crash the game every time you use that particular custom set. But removing the files you imported and re-importing them will solve the crashing.
  6. So I added a new B&M invert called Renegade. I think it fits the park well. not much room left for expansion but maybe theres enough room left for a small coaster and one more flat ride. Heres some screens of the new coaster
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    TPR club

    Thanks, I just re-did it all and I managed to pay fine this time. Thanks for sorting that out.
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    TPR club

    ^ Thanks, I just had a look again and there's no option for me to make a payment, and If I click continue registration, it says my email address already has an account? Thanks Coasterb
  9. Heres me, I'm a bit of a drop tower fan
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    TPR club

    Robb, I don't want to be a pain..... I tried joining Club TPR and I didn't make a payment, but I got my Club TPR banner etc? I'm a bit confused now as to how I pay? Sorry and thanks, Coasterb
  11. ^^^ I think using CTR,CFR, CT and CSO's are fine. They are public downloads for people to use. For instance in my park Six Flags Heavens Harbour I used a CT of Batman The Ride because the CT is so much better looking than if I made one using the limits or RCT3, but I used my own scenery design, made my own station, queue line, and took my own screenshots. I never said the Batman CT was my own but when someone asked me how I did it, I just told them that I got from Realtycoon3 and thats its a download. But this guy used someone else's coaster, their custom support work and their station and scenery, everything and then using their screenshots. He never said it was his own, but it looked that way. Not cool.
  12. Heres my latest park 'The All American Scream Park' but first don't forget to check out my other parks here Adventure land and Splash city: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=70170 and Six Flags Heavens Harbour: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=69948&p=1566278#p1566278 So I decided to make a smaller park this time as the larger parks get bad lag. Again my skills at making buildings are not that good and I search on google a lot for ideas from other rct players and real life buildings. If you see anything you may of seen before then you probably have. But you can't make a theme park with out buildings. so heres my ride itinerary.. . B&M Floorless - Maximum Vekoma Boomerang - The Phantom Intamin Impulse - Poison GCI wood - Apocalypse Gerstlauer Spinner - Typhoon Mystery Red B&M - under construction S&S Towers - Sky Rockets S&S Screaming Swings - Scream swing Ferris Wheel Chair Swing Log Flume Heres the screen shots, Enjoy... Overview Entrance Plaza Chair swing Coffee House Sky Rockets Entrance Scream Swing Entrance Typhoon The Phantom Entrance Station Phantom Overiew Maximumm the park's current only B&M The Station Reminds me of a smaller Kumba Overview of Maximum Construction site of the New Red B&M Log Flume Entrance The big drop of the flume The flume overview Steak house Poison Entrance The area behind Poison has been cleared for the new coaster. Ice cream! Apocalypse entrance The layout is/should be the same as American Thunder at Six Flags St Louis Some overview shots of the park. Overview The entrance for the carpark at the back of the park last look at the construction site.
  13. Hi, I'm having a problem when making my park land smaller in Scenario editor in the park set up option. When I get to around 108 squares the games crashes every time? can anyone help? thanks
  14. Hey all, So I live about 1 hour from Toverland and i'v never been so today I took a trip mainly to ride Troy, but also to get a few other credits. The park wasn't busy at all but there was a very large loud school trip there, but the park is mainly aimed at kids I suppose but they didn't stop us having fun The new Refurbished Maximus Blitz Bahn was open, but the final bits of work were still happening on the theming, but it was cool to check that out as well. The sun was shining and heres the photo's... The Park entrance, I got there at 12, as i thought 6 hours was plenty for the whole park. Troy from the Carpark. More of her later The inside part has a Vekoma Junior coaster. And some awesome Dingy waterslides. And also inside is the Entrance to the Blitz Bahn It was actually pretty fast! Apart of the BlitzBahn outside The park entrance again Also indoors we have Backstroke the log flume, which looked liked it was themed to Yoda? The first backwards splash And The spinning coaster, It was very smooth, but I'm not a keen spinning roller coaster fan, but I liked it. The river rapids was pretty relaxing in the sun. More of the flume outdoors. Vekoma Booster bike....I really enjoyed it! There was some great airtime on the bunny hills at the end. TROY TIME!! Basically the reason why I visited the park. One of my favourite shots from the day. Loved that first drop. The coaster never lost its speed and has a really good length Its up there as one of my favourite woodies. Troy entrance/Station And a view out the back side of the station The station fly through I had a go at the rope climbing course thing, which was really fun and this photo kind of looks like I'm climbing on Troy ha. Overall the park is great and I would visit again, I'd say in the summer its full of kids and could be rather busy so days like today were perfect.
  15. I don't normally comment on peoples parks, but this deserves a comment. Your CS work is amazing. I hope your rides match up to the work you have already done
  16. Hello, Iv been checking out the bus routes etc from NYC to Dorney Park, and I can't make much sense out of them. I have one day free on my trip in June/July. Could you kindly give me some advise if going to Dorney Park from New York is possible all in one day? and what's the easiest way to get there? After nearly planning my whole trip i'v realised that hiring a car is the easiest thing to do to get around, but I can't being under 25 etc. Thanks Coasterb
  17. So here is my latest park Adventure Land & Splash city. Im fortunate enough to have a job where I have to sit around and entertain my self so I end up playing RCT3 on my laptop. This park is inspired by many parks and rides around the world as well as being inspired by other peoples RCT creations on youtube etc. Im not very good at making waterparks but I had a shot at a small one (Splash City) so heres the line up Wild West Adventure: B&M Dive machine - Terror Shaft GCI Wood - Rampage Bumper cars - Bandit Bumpers Huss Condor - Wild Lasso Wild West Stunt Show Frontier Cabins Overnight adventure African Adventure: Intamin Multi Launch - Hunter Huss topspin - Mumbo flip Mack dark watered - Congo Adventure Spainnish Adventure: B&M Hyper - Bull Rage B&M Invert - Sky Fury Huss Ship - Battle ship Fabbri freefall - La Plumit Entrance Plaza: Monorail Entrance Motel Back of splash city The park entrance The Monorail Wild West Stunt show bandit bumpers Rampage entrance rampage queue area The Dam at the back of the park Rampage overview Terror shaft Frontier Cabins African adventure area Hunter and the food court The 2nd lunch on Hunter with the monorail above Mumbo flip with a construction village theme Water dark ride Congo adventure Spannish entrance Sky Fury Fastpass Sky Fury Station La Plummit Entrance Plaza to Bull Rage Bull Rage queue area Bull Rage Overview overview overview of Wild West overview of Spannish area Oveview of Sky Fury Splash City Entrance Some Night Shots
  18. Kraken was my first B&M back in 2002. All I remember is that is was pretty awesome and is still up there with my favourites.
  19. Nemesis is my number 1, Closely followed by Shambhala and Montu. I love how nemesis picks up speed constantly throughout the entire ride. The helix down into the ground up into the Zero-g-roll over the station s the best part. The design of the whole ride and how it is built in the ground is amazing. Don't let the fact theres no big first drop fool you A photo I took back in 2011
  20. I live about an hour from Toverland, so I'm planning a trip in a couple of weeks basically just for Troy. But does anyone know if the the Maximus' Blitz bahn is open yet?
  21. Just a couple shots from today to show off how the track will look when finnished. I only have the first drop done at the moment. I add strips of L-beans under the the track to create cross ties where there's not supports to add to the style of the track.
  22. Hi, it's been a while since I'v posted about my model. I haven't been able to work on it for a while hopefully I will have more time soon but I managed to find a an odd hour here and there and Iv been completely relaying the track by laminating thin strips of wood and then topping the track off with a thin layer of red styrene to create the RMC track topper look. Just a few photos today. I'l have more to show in a few weeks
  23. The progress is looking amazing. Love seeing the updates. My model is on a slight break at the moment but i haven't forgotten about it. hopefully I will be able to post an update soon on it, just need to find the time
  24. #89 Shambhala I have 48 new credits to ride this year thanks for my upcoming trip to America. But the next one for me is Troy at Toverland
  25. I have a question If Batman will be going backwards from the 4th of july? Does this mean it will be closed for a while, up until it opens on the 4th? I'm visiting the park on the 2nd and no one likes a closed coaster ha.
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