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  1. More work on the trains. So happy with it so far, it actually looks like the trains built for the RMC coasters, well in my eyes anyway. Still not quite sure how to do the seat interior's but I guess ill figure it out, if only i had a 3D printer Well heres the pictures enjoy. The seat side panels. cutting these out was a pain in the A** ha And assembled with the backs of the seats Even tho the model won't be working, the wheels still spins freely with the seat panels around it. Testing it on the chassis. All six seat exteriors made. I added an back brace beam across the bottom with some holes in for detail as seen on pictures of the trains on google. looking good I painted them all red to match the chassis and added the side deco which is from Goliath at Great America. the whole train together. still haven't glued the top pieces to the chassis so some appear wonky. Here the first three attempts of making the train chassis from a year ago. And heres the Front of the train. IronSide.
  2. Starred with a bit of train construction today. Iv looked at pictures mainly of twisted colossus for the trains. The main base of them is done. Now just trying to figure out how to do the seats? Any ideas anyone? I also added one last peice of mesh fence to the bottom of the lift hill and basically finished the support work just a few adjustments here and there
  3. This train construction is awesome love how you have done that. Trains on coasters are always my favourite bit during construction in real life. I don't know what your thinking of using for wheels, but you can get miniature bearings online if you search around, I bought a bag of 20 which have a 1.2mm hole. And they look great as metal wheels.
  4. Thanks still got quite a lot of work to do but I'm finally seeing the end. A pool table sized RCT model sounds like a good project would have to be done on a grid and have puke on the paths Il leave it to someone else to do because this model is taken me a year+ and its only 55cm x 100cm. Are you going to be building a train for your airplane model to have abandoned in the station or something? I'm in 2 minds about building one for mine to place on the track somewhere.
  5. Hello, So I managed to get some work done the last couple of days. I'v yet to complete the track as I keep putting it off and I find other things to do. I will finish the track soon! So I worked a bit on the S&S tower, I still have some deco's and lights to add to the poles around the base. And I started working on the coaster queue line I haven't stuck anything down yet as I have work to do on the station with rails and stairs. And more work with the mesh fence to add, but heres what it will all kind of look like together.
  6. I know its only a small thing but that antiroll back looks awesome!!!!
  7. Hi there, I used Streugras (sprinkle grass) by NOCH and the gravel is also made by NOCH but its normally for railways. It's really easy to get hold of from amazon or eBay and its also kind of cheap. The cobble stone is just a print out on paper. Im always checking out the progress of the airplane, It for ever amazes me and gives me the inspiration to continue with my project.
  8. Once again this project has come to end. The games is crashing to much and I'm constantly having to open my park from the backup files because the file keeps getting corrupted. And now it says I need to install the following add on pack? but I have RCT3 Platinum so it should all be installed anyway.
  9. One step closer to completion. The front side of the model is basically complete. Just have some shrubs and fences to add. And glue down the tower ride with queue line etc. Iv added the trees to the front side and its looking so good in my eyes. The back side has some track and support work to be completed and stairs to and from the station. Enjoy the photos.
  10. Cool nice idea, Just a little thing you should get Moby's Glasshouse and frameworks set for the indoor section so you can make diagonal walls and more a realistic building, But I like the colour scheme of the B&M. keep it up
  11. Tiny update, but loved the photo so I had to share it, just adding a chain fence around the ride, I will add keep out and danger signs to fence for extra details. I wish I had more time for the model. I have a lot of time at work to play on RCT3, if I was able to have my model at work I would of finished it by now. But enjoy the picture
  12. For wood I'l say Ghost Rider. It was so bad I pulled a muscle under my shoulder blade, good times, Im glad its being refurbished. And for steel El Condor at Walibi Holland was so bad, SLC's are rough anyway but this was on a whole other level, I thought they tested out the vest restraints on it to make the ride more comfortable back along, but on my visit there a few weeks back there were no vest restraints just painful ones.
  13. ^ Thanks so much, that totally worked. Can't thank you enough Yay Europa World lives on... So I got the park working again, Did some work then it crashed again and the file got corrupted again, but i just opened the backup file again and for now its working again, don't know why this keeps happening, but heres a few screens of the park from today, I finally found the Mack water coaster CT So Poseidon has had an update, I started fiddling around with the Dutch area and I'm finding it really hard so I moved over to the Mack Mega-lite in what will be the Italian area which is a clone of Alpina Blitz. I love the new boats, they look so much better. The begging of the Dutch area.... Standard windwill, not loving this area at the moment So now the Mega-lite. The Ferrari coaster? overview The lift support. =D
  14. And so this is the end of Europa World. The file is corrupted some how? Im gutted, I put so much work into it that I have no desire to start again from the beginning. Sorry for those who enjoyed the construction of this park. If anyone knows how I can recover the file, that would be great. So I click on my park... And then this comes up?
  15. Thanks for the comments guys Here's some more screens of the Russian area, and the French area enjoy.
  16. So heres an update on Europa World, So its not a carbon copy of Europa park but I'm using the rides and ideas to make my own. Iv have nearly finished the Iceland Area complete with my own layout GCI woody called Wodan of course And also I did a lot of work on the Russian area with my own version of EuroMir. I found the Russian area kind of hard with separating the space theme and the traditional theme but I think I made it work. Left to do is finish the french area with Eurosat, Start the Italian area with a Mack Megalite, build the Holland area, and then fill in all the gaps. Wodan Russia
  17. Update: Iv done a lot more work on the swiss area, and marked out areas where new themed areas will be. Iv started the very beginnings of an Iceland section with my own layout version of Wodan, I tried a Bluefire recreation but I didn't like it, but I think I'm going to put a Mack hyper/megalite in an Italian section. And I also placed Eurosat roughly where I think it should go. Heres the screens. Overview of the Swiss area. From left corner will be Russia and Italy below it. Wodan
  18. Thanks glad you like it, I haven't done billboards yet, As I like to construct first and go back to putting the pictures on the billboards at the end
  19. Hi all, I'v started a new park obviously from the title its inspired by Europa Park. Iv got a lot of inspiration from my resent trip there and from watching other RCT3 players to get building tips etc. My main goal for this park is to have really good buildings, Im not so great at constructing the buildings so I'm using this project as a practise to improve my Architect skills. I'l try and post now and then with updates to my construction progress. So far I have an entrance road and carpark, The main entrance plaza, A Spanish, greek and Swiss area. What would you like to see in my park? Im thinking of sticking to The MACK rides. So il go ahead with the screen shots. Entrance road Entrance to the carpark The Main Entrance The main Entrance/ Monorail Station. Not sure how to finish the the end of the mainstream. Off to the right we have Spain. Im happy with how this area turned out. Only cafe's etc no rides in this part. Not 100% happy with this area at the moment. MACK water coaster Poseiden The Greek Monorail state which is also the entrance to Switzerland Swiss Area the Swiss Bobbahn
  20. The red rails are now 95% done and I think the model is about 80% complete. I'm really happy with the progress. The model 100% won't be working, but it will be a nice thing to look at. I wish I had left room to build a transfer track and maintenance shed, oh well. But the question is, do I build a train? And heres a list of things that I have to do. Make more L-beam cross ties for the track and finish the supports. Adjust the Supports on the fan curve. Finish the station and glue the roof on. Finish the details on the brakerun. Make a queue line. Finish the whole area with the S&S tower and surroundings. Build a fence around low areas of the coaster. Add the trees. Yay looks so good with the track on. First drop i want to put a fence along side the track on the left here. The brakerun.
  21. Just a little more progress to show since yesterday. Getting so excited as I see the track form in front of me. I realise bits are not perfect but it's been so difficult and a challenge, I'm happy to leave some of the imperfections as undoing them will just cause more work.
  22. And work is continuing on my project. I finally have the will to complete it . Iv started laying down more wooden lollypop sticks as track, I'v almost completed one side of rail, just have to complete the other side. Iv started to lay down the red track top, I need to change a few of the track tie beams as they don't line up quite correct, like in the overbook. Hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of weeks and I can add the trees and queue line etc The wooden rails are almost complete I'v used pegs to hold the red layer of track in place while the glue dries. So thats one rail of the overbooked curve done. Another shot. Can't wait for it to be finished. A close up
  23. So I through my $15 Dollars in got the game on Mac. I really like it so far. Its simple but kind of realistic at the same time. I'm in mega debt in the game because I just wanted to build everything. The game has some good rides, I mainly like the coaster building tool, It gives you lots of options for elements and layouts I just wish there was a sandbox kind of option to build parks as well. I thought i'd share some screen shots of what i'v done so far.
  24. Since the new update I had troubles loading up saved parks that had CFR's in. So I deleted all the CFR files and then my parks opened fine. So then I re downloaded all the CFR files and reinstalled them. None of the flat rides worked. I get a missing :Svd for :Sid message and the game crashes every time. But I have installed them properly. Does this mean I can't use Custom Flat Rides anymore? help please
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