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  1. Great work! If only the real Baron's layout was as long as yours ha
  2. Hello all, Heres a link to Episode 2 & 3 of my Parkitect series, Watch the park expand, in episode two I build onto the plaza area, and in episode 3 I make a garden and an Observation tower, all this is leading up to episode 4 which will start with the themed areas. Please subscribe and like
  3. Hello, as some of you may remember I was a heavy RCT3 player, after many attempts to keep playing with my game crashing I choose to give up. I since found a new game Parkitect, it's great, simple and the coaster building is really good for a Rct2 style game. I'v started a youtube series of me building the park which is something new for me. Episode 1 is just the beginning with laying paths for mainstream, building a monorail station and a small a souvenir shop. I have no plans for the park so i'm just making up as I go along. Enjoy the episode [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. love your terrain skills! so creative, this is truly the best model i'v ever seen
  5. ^^ What he said. How about I ship you my Airplane and you can finish it by this weekend?? You certainly seem to work that fast! At the moment I literally have nothing else to do. Normal most my time is taken up by work. The Musik Express model took about 5 months and it was more complicated. This would of taken maybe 2/3 months if I had been working as well. I'd love to do the airplane model but there is no way I could match your quality of work.
  6. Just a few more photo's work is coming along nicely.
  7. Hello all, So after finishing the Musik Express Model I had the idea rattling around my head to build an XXL. The XXL is made by KMG and is mainly in the german fair circuit. Im making the original version owned by Denies Kipp. The attraction doesn't exist anymore as it was sold and re-themed. I had already drawn the plans up months ago with the idea of eventually making it. I'v already made a lot of progress as I'm home from work with a back injury so I had to find something to do. Its not finished yet but here are some photo's.
  8. The last picture is stunning!! such incredible work! you must be so proud
  9. So here is my 1:87 custom designed Musik Express working Model. Im really pleased with how it looks and I fits in nicely to my other little models which i'v made from Faller kirmes kits. I went ahead a month or two back and my the base, this is still not complete as I have lots of things to add but here's what the model looks like in a setting.
  10. Im making a scene of a german fair, and basically every german fair has a Musik Express, I also was very inspired by the model Hit machine Musik Express model which can be found online, this really sparked me to make my own. I have a few fair stalls etc so hopefully I can make a few more rides and put them together for a great model.
  11. It's been a while but i'v made a progression with the model. I put fabric around the main spinning section so you can't see the motor, and around the back of the model. The hand rails are almost finished and I put a few deco parts around the front, I think its looking great what do you all think?
  12. really nice work. Id like to see some construction pictures as that really interests me. But the Finnish product looks great. What scale is this in?
  13. Has anyone else heard about this Re-theme rumour that Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror will become Guardian Of The Galaxy's themed, as Disney want to get more marvel into there parks, I don't know how much of this is true but, If this is true....me no likey!
  14. No this will be a part of a new model. Im going to do a German Kirmes scene, This model is great but wouldn't fit with my Theme park style in the last model. You should make a chance Turbo i'd love to see your posts on making it.
  15. I went last year in June/july, El toro was open, I flew from Germany into JFK. There is a new jersey transit bus from Port authority station, it's about 30 $ ish return, And if you go to the bus stop number about 1 hour and 15 mins early before the first bus leaves, There is a bus that isn't advertised that leaves early which is direct so you don't have to change bus at the freehold centre. I thought this wasn't true but it turned out to be very real as I got to the park by opening time and sat on the same bus the whole way. I Hit kingda ka first as its down a lot and if the weather tuns bad it the first attraction to close. The longest I queued was about 20mins and rode every coaster 3/4 times without flash pass and that was on 30th June and the 1st of July 2015. Hope this helps.
  16. I added more lights to the model, Wasn't easy and it didn't go as smooth as I planned but hey it works now. The model is running great in both directions, Heres another test run with lights for you to watch if your interested. still go some work to do but getting really excited about this model being finished. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  17. For those interested i'v uploaded a video of the test run of my model. Its currently in the reverse setting and it runs pretty smooth. Going backwards is running better than forwards at the moment but I will sort this small problem out this week. I'v Still got a long way to go for it to be finished but i'v really enjoyed building this so far [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. I had a go at adding lights to the model. I still have some more to add. But I'm a complete novice at this and this was my first go ever. I spoke to a few modellers via email about wiring etc and watched many a video online looking for tips etc. I think so far the lights look great and don't look to shabby. The White lights on the kasse 'pay booth' were crazy difficult but I got there in the end, only took me 4 hours
  19. yay finally somebody on here who uses floor covers and CS Looking great so far I love the park entrance and the frisbee colour scheme.
  20. That black & white photo was epic. If you didn't know it was a model you would think it was real.
  21. Heres an update of my model. I have done more work on the roof with adding deco stickers and painting etc. Theres still more yet to add. I also started with the spinning section. I made all the arms and attached them to the centre wheel which is currently held down with modelling clay, which is only temporary as I'm still waiting for bits to arrive in the post. I also made all 20 cars which was a challenge as I'm not great with making repetitive things. But they look great I just need to add a safety bar on each one. I can't attach the cars yet as I'm also waiting for the wheels to arrive. But everything is coming together nicely I think. So heres the roof section. And glimpse of what it will kind of look like when all together Making the spinning hub Im still waiting for the wheels to come in the post. And then i started to make the cars I had to make 20. They fit the circle perfectly. And i also added the little jukebox in the centre Now to decorate the cars more. I added a small design i did on the computer to the back of each car. I added black tape for the seats.
  22. Nothing crazy to report but I made some of the deco boards that with go around the roof. I made the art on my computer and printed them out on sticker paper and then stuck them to plastic boards that I cut to size. Things didn't quite line up as perfect as I would of liked, iv been saying this a lot recently, Starting to feel like my skills aren't as good as I thought haha. But I made the stickers and the boards work, and I also made the Musik Express Sign which was a challenge to cut out to say the least.
  23. I started with making the centre wheel with 20 pins through which each arm with the cars will attach to. I made two mock up arms to see how I would actually build them. I'm Still waiting for the motor and gears to arrive. As there isn't really much else to can do until the supplies come I started with the roof which will I will be able to take on and off Incase I ever need to make a repair to something in the inside, I then lined up the deco for the front to see how it will look. The red poles won't be red it's just all I had left as I ran out of white ones. Then the glossy sticky paper arrived so I printed the deco for the side panels. I can't figure out if I could of applied them better or not. I think it's okay, there are slight mistakes and a couple bits didn't line up as perfect as I would of liked but then it was my first time and making my own deco on a computer and printing the stickers. And then just for a visual I placed the roof on which I will take off again to work on the middle.
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