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  1. Erm, Air at Alton towers is higher up than kingda ka... someone got their priorities all wrong. Ha But on another note its a pretty good result all round and nice to see Europa Park do so well. Looking forward for my visit there in two weeks time
  2. Hello, I went to Efteling today with my girlfriend, It was a 1hour 45min drive from our house and we got there around 10.45am, The park is great, from the moment we arrived I was impressed. The weather couldn't decide if it was hot or raining but it didn't spoil our day. It was kind of busy in the morning, maximum waits were 35mins but that turned into 5 mins waits from about 2.30pm onwards. The park wasn't too over priced ,food and gifts were all reasonable prices, The operations were great and the rides and theming were great. A thumps up from me for this park. First up was the Baron 1898, I thought it look small so I wasn't expecting to much from the drop but it was great! and the theming was awesome. I loved the pre show and the way the queue line was done inside the building. The drop the awesome and the helix packed a punch. I was sat at the back and only got the slightest bit of airtime on the bunny hill. I went single rider and waited 15mins Then I rode the Python, Standard Vekoma made so much better with the vest restraints, no head banging what so ever. waited in line for 10 mins. The flying Dutchman water coaster was such fun, didn't really no what I was in for, the dark ride part was awesome and the effects were great. We waited around 20 mins for this ride. In the next 45 mins we rode both sides of George And The Dragon, The parks racing GCI coasters. I preferred the red side but my girlfriend preferred the blue side. I loved the station, when you came back to the station if you were on the side that won, banners dropped down from the roof, I thought that was a nice touch. I rode the baron again after lunch which had a queue line of 15min cut down from 30, So they closed the single rider line. The second time was just as good as the first time. And then we rode so of the more gentle rides and walked around the fairytale section of the park. Next up was the Swiss Bob, this was actually really fun. I'd never been on a Intamin bob coaster before so this was my first and I loved it.it really fitted to the park and it was a walk on with no line. last was Vogel Rok, a vekoma dark coaster. It was fun very similar to the one at Phantasialand, And this was also a walk on. We then rode the Red side of the wooden coasters again and then the Water coaster which were both walk ons before heading back home. Such a good looking entrance Oh the Baron more of you later I love how the 2 coasters look on the water The Python The station for the Flying Dutchman Splash! Waiting in line for George and the Dragon lift hill ! Inside the station The theming looks so amazing. This swinging ship was actually really really big! This was closed and i really wanted to ride. Oh well. Baron Time Zero G my favourite yay The drop weeeeee Sometimes i wish the european Dive coasters were like the american ones, but this was great anyway! The dark coaster Entrance. couple last shots from the path under the water coaster
  3. This is awesome! I know how difficult this can be and it looks like you have done it spot on. last year I too was also trying to make a RMC model, but the project was brought to a stand still because I was having track problems, Can I ask what you have used for you track?
  4. Hey thanks for asking, The project is not dead, I'v been really busy with work and the summer. just waiting for the winter to come around again so i can have more time to sit and work on the model. It will get finished
  5. Theres something about the scale of rides in RCT3 that I think don't look right. For instance the in game Large loop section of track is so over sized that I never use them at it makes all the other rides look odd. Goliath Is big and fast and I think if I made it any bigger then it would of been to fast and funny looking the MCBR would of been too high so the final helix would of been crazy speed, In RCT3 feet its about 160 tall but I don't build using that tool I do it all by eye. Maybe the angle of the pictures make it look smaller than it should be. Thanks for the comment I think I'm going to try out a Cedar Fair park of my own next.
  6. Thanks for the comment. What do you mean by the parking lot? I did plan on adding a Arrow looper in the beginning but then it didn't happen. maybe there's space to add a few more flats, and maybe one for coaster.
  7. This is Six Flags Thunder Bay. This is my first park since the Mac RCT3 update, I lost everything, all my parks and custom content so i'v had to start again from scratch. This park is Inspired mainly By SFGAdv with influences from other parks as well. I'v used a mix of CT coasters, CTR coasters CFR and CS as well as in game content. Please Tell me what you think. And What do you think the next attraction could be, and where should it go? The Ride line up: Batman: The Ride - B&M Invert clone The Dark Knight Coaster - Dark wild mouse coaster Screaming Swing - Wave Swinger Shock Wave - Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop Goliath - Giovanola - Magic Mountain Clone Gold Rush - Arrow Mine Train The Twister - Huss Topspin Log Flume American Thunder - GCI wood The Flash - Music Express Lex Luthors Shot of doom - S&S tower The Green Lantern: First Flight - B&M Floorless scream Clone Superman: Ultimate Flight - B&M Superman Clone The Villain - Custom Coasters International Wood The Joker, Chaos Loop Coaster - Larson super loop Ferris Wheel Enjoy the screen shots shots Across the carpark Entrance Plaza Flash pass centre and Batman in the background Entrance Overview of the entrance plaza Batman Zone The dark Knight Entrance to Batman The exit from Shockwave The path that leads to Goliath under Shockwave More of Shockwave Entrance to Shockwave An overview of the Shuttle loop Goliath Entrance Break run The Start of the lift hill Goliath Overview Gold Rush Station The final drop on the log flume Entrance to the log flume The Twister American Thunder Entrance Overview of American Thunders Layout Entrance to DC universe The Flash Lex Luthors Shot of doom Over view of the DC corner The Green Lantern About the to do the first drop Entrance The Station The Villain is the big out and back wood at the edge of the park Love this shot The Turn around The station and final helix Is it a coaster??? Nope its a Super loop The Joker. Chaos Loop Coaster Superman Ultimate Flight Station Shot Park Overview Bids Eye View This is one of my favourite areas of the park And now a few night shots. The Villain. Im really happy with how this coaster looks Carpark shot
  8. I still will never forget that on one of our tours we managed to rent out Olympia Looping for an hour before the Wurtzburg Fair opened. Over half of the people on our tour took one or two rides and then stopped riding because it was "too intense." I had never seen such a large group of roller coaster pussies in my life! So many people I know would kill to have an hour on that ride, and most of them just treated it as a "one and done credit." Such a waste. Next time we do ERT on Olympia Looping, I'll let you know and you can be my riding partner! I am so up for riding this beast multiple times. This coaster is just plane awesome. See you there next time then
  9. ^ your right I just looked it up, thanks totally my mistake. Just got confused
  10. I went over to the Cranger Kirmes today with some friends and got on a few rides, and ate a lot ha. Most the rides ranged from 3.50 euro's to 8 euro's. Olympia Looping was 7 euro, It was incredible, It was raining while I rode which made it totally awesome and I thought it was also really smooth. The drop tower was great and they let you do it twice for the price of one ride, score. Here are some pictures I took through out the day. The Fair is massive and great fun, despite the rain I had a really good time, A favourite of mine was The Shake which totally confused my brain but it's one awesome flat ride. I only wish there was a wrist band system so you could ride every ride. Unfortunately you have to pick what you ride and don't ride, else you could end up spending a fortune. This is the top entrance to the fair The first ride you come to is a Huss Topspin, I gave this a miss but it was 3.50 a ride The Hangeover Free fall tower, This was 6 Euro and it was great fun! Good old bumper cars. The Break dance The Shake is like the Break Dance But so much better! Its crazy dizzy flippy spinny, you name it, it does it. The Big Wheel I liked the theme to this ride, The Predator, this was 6 Euro to ride The flipper, gave this a miss too, it was 4 Euros to ride. This is my favourite picture of the whole day. The WildWasser, This Logflume is Gigantic! Skater, Love these Topscan models. This was pretty whippy, not much spinning. It was 4 Euros to ride. The Konga! Gigantic KMG frisbee. this was 5 Euros. It was awesome. This was 7 Euros. It was so tall. I also gave it a miss but it was fun to watch. THE OLYMPIA LOOPING!!!! The loops were epic. The G Force was wicked The final helix had some nice forces too. The lift hill If it wasn't 7 Euros a ride I could of ridden it over and over again. One more shot of the tower. It was starting to get darker now with made awesome photo's The Konga. it was high! Yay night time shots. And a final picture of the Spinning Racer.
  11. Hello all, I popped over to the Cranger Kirmes tonight after work. The fair isn't open yet, but all the attractions are up and finished. What I love about these european fairs is every ride is clean with a fresh coat of paint, The artwork is top notch and tonight the owners were checking every single light bulb and replacing broken ones. It's seams they take great pride in each ride and only want to showcase the best. Anyways, I only had my iPhone5 on me so the photo's aren't the best but I got a few shots of Olympia Looping and The Maurer Spinner. They also have a gigantic log flume and a 85m tall Gyro Drop tower. I love a drop ride so a got a couple shots of that too.
  12. I agree with you. I rode Ghostrider last month for the first time, I was pretty excited to ride this woody. But it killed me, and I pulled a muscle in my back so I can't say I enjoyed it one bit. Real shame as it has such a great layout and a long ride. I bet in its earlier days t was pure awesome. Has to be one of the worst coasters i'v ridden
  13. I was searching the internet and I came across this website. The guy who I believe is called Rene Jachmich builds the most incredible coaster models and I just had to share it with you all. Enjoy. http://achterbahnmodellbau.de/index1.html
  14. ^ Was that the same Doppel Looping coaster at the CNE that was at Dorney Park? I read on RCDB that the coaster from Dorney Park was bought buy German show men and is called TestTrack, but i'v never seen it at any fairs here?
  15. I rode it in Munich as well but only once because it was 8 Euros a ride lol. I'm back to work this weekend but I shall be down at the fair when it opens. The Cranger is in Wanne Eickle and it comes every year, it's one of the biggest events in the area. To be Honest I don't know an awful lot about the coaster, but I know it does Oktoberfest in Munich, the Düsseldorf Kirmes which was two weeks ago and now the Cranger Kirmes which is apprently the third biggest fair in Germany. There is also a Maurer Spinning coaster this year. Sometimes The Schwarzkopf Alpina Bahn coaster travels around too, but it doesn't appear to be at the Cranger this year.
  16. Hello all, So it's that time of year in the part of Germany where I live when the Fair (Kirmes) comes to the Crange. I just got out of Hospital, long story, And my girlfriend took me down to see the coaster as she knew it would cheer me up. So I was down there today and got a few photo's of the guys building the Olympia Looping up. I managed to ride this at Oktoberfest last year in Munich so I'm excited that its a bit closer to home for me to ride this time. I will go down there next week or so and take so more photo's. But here's the pictures I took today for the Schwarzkopf lovers out there. Me looking Goofy, Post Hospital Tiredness. They were starting to build the lift hill supports. Just waiting for the black loop to be installed. Its such a good coaster.
  17. ^ X2 is awesome, it looks intimidating but your ride it once and then your great straight back inline to go again. Twisted Colossus is in a different league completely to GhostRider....It's totally twisted and just awesome and 100 times smoother than GhostRider , You will also want to get straight back inline to ride that again too. Tatsu & Superman were another two favourites of mine at the park which I think you would also really enjoy but may be slightly intimidated to ride. Defo buy a West Coaster Bash Ticket and ride everything
  18. What an awesome concept. I love the work you have put into this, Its like a B&M Smiler. It's always nice to see your realistic work, Its also nice to see RCT3 played to its full potential.
  19. Really nice layout. It definitely captures the b&m layout style. And great Support work, nicely done. I'l look forward to seeing more.
  20. #1 Kingda Ka (SFGAdv) - The only coaster that has genuinely scared me, Epic Launch, Speed, height, Drop - Haven't ridden TTD tho. #2 El Toro (SFGAdv) - Insane Woodie. Awesome Drop with constant speed & airtime #3 Nemesis (Alton Towers) - My all time favourite #4 X2 (SFMM) - Mental! kind of rough but I didn't care. #5 Shambhala (Port Aventura) - One Awesome B&M Hyper plenty of airtime and speed #6 Tatsu (SFMM) - Took me by surprise this one, enough said. #7 Montu (Busch Gardens) - Rode it back in 2002 but what I remember I loved it. #8 Twisted Colossus (SFMM) - Awesome coaster the topgun stall is topnotch, green side is better than the blue side. Constant airtime! #9 Colossus (Heide Park) - El Toro's Smaller sister. Great woodie with a massive layout. #10 Superman Escape From Krypton (SFMM) - Backwards launch won me over with this one. Honorable Mentions Go to Troy at Toverland, Black Mamba at Phantasialand.
  21. I totally forgot about black mamba, which is awesome so my list has to change to. Sorry Silver Bullet ha 1: Nemesis 2: Montu 3: Black Mamba 4: DD Fire 5: Batman Clones
  22. 1: Nemesis 2: Montu 3: Dueling Dragons Fire 4: Batman Clones 5: Silver Bullet Nemesis is by far the best b&M invert i'v ever ridden. But I must say the forces on the batman clones is mental. I couldn't choose between Silver Bullet or Nemesis Inferno. Inferno is okay, nothing special. And silver bullet is also nothing really special but I did really enjoy it, I loved the dive into the cobra roll and the helix over the water. which is why I placed it 5th over Inferno.
  23. ^ Have to say I agree with you. Anything over 400ft looses its thrill, but the height is still pretty scary. I love drop towers i'v ridden both Zumanjaro and Lex Luthor. But I came to the conclusion that the restraints are to tight on your legs so you get no floaty airtime on the initial release at the top of the tower. But still very enjoyable. My favourite towers are Hurakan Condor, and Scream at Heide park. But maybe a 600ft+ would be great just because of the height, but the actual free fall itself wouldn't be any different from any other tower.
  24. So my mac does automatic updates with apps. And RCT3 had a update, it deleted all my CS and CTR. All my saved parks are still there just minus the hours of work I did on custom content! So annoyed. does anyone know what's happened?
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