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  1. I managed to paint the silicone red. But now if I treat the surface it will remove the paint. Its such a shame as the project is close to being completed. I have everything else prepped and ready to be added on. Hopefully an idea will come to me. Until then i'v been making the S&S tower model which has kept me busy. This model will be completed but I just don't know when
  2. Hi, I live in Germany so i'v been to a few parks here. Phantasialand is pretty good and about 1hour from Moviepark and Toverland. Or down near stuttgart you have Europa Park and Holiday Park its to far away. I'd say Spain is better if you want a holiday and you can also visit Portaventura. Coasterb
  3. Hey all. Haven't played RCT3 in a while. So Iv decided to go back on it. I use custom scenery and rides alot and I aim for realism. I don't do story line etc. Last time I posted about RCT3 was my Oziris recreation http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=62223 <<< Link, and that was 3 years ago, so its been a while. So I'm currently just building a park which hasn't a name yet, I guess its kind of Portaventura inspired. Some rides don't have names yet and I'm not sure what theme to do my next section of the park, but heres so screen shots for you to enjoy. Its a work in progress. This is the Spanish themes area. With an unnamed B&M launch Wing Rider. This is Bull Racers. The wood racing coaster with Timberliners And an unnamed S&S tower. This is the Asia area The B&M flyer, Crystal Wings A Unnamed Huss Topspin And a B&M sitdown, Revenge of the Dragon
  4. Hey thanks for the comment, If you mean small as in scale then I work in H0 scale 1:87 which is a small scale to work in, Or if you mean small as in it doesn't look very tall then the tower I was aiming to make is a double shot like the one at Indiana Beach or Starblaster at Canobie Lake. hope that answers you question
  5. Hey all, I have been building a model roller coaster and I wanted to make a S&S double shot tower to go with it, So I decided to make a new thread just for the tower. I made the model using styrene plastic and card. I didn't take too long to make and I'm happy with how it looks. I have wheels to add to make it run up and down but putting them on is currently proving difficult. but here are the photos. Enjoy
  6. Hi all. I live in Europe so getting to the big parks in america has always been impossible for me, but this year I'm able to go for the first time. I fly into JFK Newyork and I was wonder whats the easiest way to get from there to Six flags Great Adventure? And I also have a flight to Cleveland Hopkins from JKF so I can visit Cedar Point, but I also can't seam to find a way to get from the airport to the park? any info or tips from anyone that has done these journeys? I plan to visit each park for 2 days, I have been doing a lot of searching online but haven't found out much information or i'v just gotten confused. Any help is appreciated. Thanks CoasterB
  7. Update: its been a while, the track was becoming so difficult I basically just gave up with it and lost all desire to continue. Then I bought silicone strips cos I thought that would be a great idea not realising that you can't paint it that easily. I managed to spray paint them red but its not the best but easier to work with with making the track bend but then of course I came across another problem, no glue will stick silicone to plastic and it just removes the paint.... I have another track idea but I don't want to spend the money of tones of materials. Making the model work is now basically Impossible so now my aim is to make it look as good as I can. Mean while, while I was having a huff and a puff over the track I started to build my S&S shot n drop tower out of strips of thick an thin Plastic, so here's a look at the silicone track and the s&s tower
  8. Hey, The car does roll on the track but doesn't make it over the first over banked curve due to a few reasons. Iv stopped putting the track on at the moment as I had a few other ideas. The model has the potential to work, its just having the money and time to sit and make the track exactly perfect. There ins't inversions as the scale is to small for me to make a train with up stop wheels. If I had planned on the model to be a static model from day 1 then maybe I would of added a barrel roll or even better a Zero G roll stall But as I planned on it working I kept the layout simple. Work on the model will pick up again soon when my new plastic supplies arrive
  9. Iv started to get busy now so can't work as much on the model as I would like. Heres some pictures of the track being put on. The drop is done and the lift hill is done. But for some reason the bottom of the lift hill likes to kink out to the left because of the top of the lift hill and how it bends and drops to the left, so attaching it to the station was difficult. Its looking good I think its a slow progress but fun seeing each section in place. After the track is laid I have more cross ties to add to the bottom of the track in all the large gaps between the supports.
  10. Thanks for the comment, Iv actually been heating the sticks with a hair dryer as it isn't as strong heat, this seams to work kind of, then I tape the beams down to the plans I drew and let them stay bent and taped for a few hours. Iv started over bending sections so that when it springs back its kind of how I want it. The first section (the lift and drop) are done but it just takes a long long time, Iv just started working on the over banked curve. The idea with laminating the layers up is good. I also have a silicon plastic trip on the way to see how that is but i don't think the bearings on the trains will run as good on that material. This size styrene is harder to bend but my idea was to maintain a smooth inside surface for the guide wheels and building the layers up could cause more bumpiness? Id say the track is going to take me a month or so basically doing trial and error at the moment. Then I have lots more details to do before the whole model is anywhere near done.
  11. I have made the drop and the bottom of the drop transition and I ran a single carriage down the first drop and it pick up some speed and shot off the end so i have a feeling i could work. The track has been difficult. When the styrene track is bent into shape after a while it tries to go back to how it was kind of like a spring so it been tough. And keeping the track gauge has been a challenge in some places. The process is taking a while and I will post an update on it when I have more of the track down.
  12. Another update. I won't have as much time soon so I won't be posted as frequently. But today was mainly spent doing bents on the great curve, the fan curve and the brake run. I also added more details to the lift hill and managed to get the track down again. The brake run with new bents. The bents on the great curve The bents on the fan curve I added this little detail to the base of the lift hill for the chain And I added the detail for the chain at the top of the lift hill A lift hill track shot And finally an overview of my work so far
  13. Lift hill time. So I changed all the bents on the lift hill with painted grey Ibeams which took forever and then I made a small workman platform on the side of the lift hill. I started to lay track which was going well and then the curve at the peak of the lift caused the rails to buckle outward so the track gauge became to large. I managed to take some pictures before I peeled off the track I put down. I then of course had to remove the glue which took the paint off the bents so I had to repaint them. Nightmare, so I decided to stop for today and will continue tomorrow ha But heres the pictures The Ibeams look much better as bents. underneath view A view up the lift hill. And I have my track gauge I made out of card keeping the correct distance between the rails. The drop was all bent and I stuck it down. After it dried and I removed the clips holding it in place it went all wrong. But still happy with the progress.
  14. To be honest I haven't thought about it. It will most probably be displayed in my house. Its not finished at all yet I want to go back over the whole thing and add details so I would say 2 or 3 months yet.
  15. A very short and quick update today. I finally found a styrene product that bends easily in any direction. So tracking the ride has kind of started. Once all the bents are put in I can add the rest of the track. A picture of the track that iv installed in the station. Im really happy with how it looks.
  16. firstly the track in the previous pictures look incredible. still having issues with mine but il get there. And i think it could possibly be easier to have it in 2 sections rather than 3. Straight through the middle so the spiral at the top is separate from the other 2?? But Im looking forward to seeing your base and the landscaping.
  17. Im not sure to be honest. I like the wood as it is, but then if it was slightly darker it would be cool, I just would hate to ruin it if i tried to paint it. And thanks for the compliment on the station, I feel it has some progress to make with details and cleaning up some bit, I want to add some deco to the inside as well as station gates, a control booth etc. but I love it to. Got a long way to go yet.....got to do the track ha
  18. Update: The fan curve that goes over the lift hill has been constructed. Iv added temporary bents to the fan curve and the great curve to work out how to cut the real ones, which I'm now going to make out of structural beams so this means all the ones I cut out of the styrene on the lift and break run need to be replaced. I'v started making some more carriages for the train and a little more work has been done to the station, the roof hasn't been attached yet but I'v placed them into place for the pictures. This is the fan curve curve that goes over the lift hill the bottom of the Carriages I added temporary bents to the great curve. I love the shape of the banked curve in the middle The station The fan curve in its place
  19. Nice park. Batman reminds me alot of Montu. Love the layout so far of the park il look forward to seeing more. Not to sure about the layout of the corkscrews on the arrow coaster and I think the coaster could be custom supported but great work so far
  20. Small update. Iv spent the day today making the wooden beam supports for the inside of the great curve. And iv also been playing around with train ideas, and better ways to attach the wheels so here is just a few photos from today. Im really happy with how the great curve is looking. And the train which is only part constructed is rolling nicely on the tester track piece I made out of scraps. So i added beams to the inside curve. I made the big footer out of polystyrene. Then i added diagonal cross beams to the fan structure. The front carriage is coming on nicely and rolls well on the track. I made the chassis different and it looks a lot cleaner and works better
  21. The station is 70% done, I haven't stuck down the platforms yet as I want to add gates and some other details and lay the track first. Iv found a logo on google for the entrance which I love. And if you have been following my posts you will know iv had some difficulties with the track. Ibeams suck but look great. I have just styrene rectangle rods coming to see if there will be good and better to work with on the transitions. But iv also made up a small mock up version of a RMC track topper which looks awesome but I don't know its its smooth enough for the bearings on the train to run against, mainly on the inside as its wood. Maybe if i take my time and make sure every curve is perfect then it could work??? Photos... The entrance with logo. (I love this shot) The station. Havet stuck down the Platforms yet. But I like how they look The roof Haven't finished the middle roof section yet. I made this RMC track topper using some scraps of styrene and wood. I think is looks good. But not sure wether it will allow the train to run smoothly on it? what do we think?
  22. Brilliant, It rattled my brain for days what to use as footers, but then my parter came up with the idea of the 'Perler beads' and i bought a bag of 1000 for about 2euros and they work perfect. The track is going to be the long difficult part, I'm currently playing with some ideas to make the track because it isn't easy. Can't wait to put it on but got a lot of work to do first
  23. Thanks for the tip with the track gauge. I have been playing around with the car i constructed on a section of track. As iv said before in a post iv had difficulties with the Ibeam track design with bending it and making dips and hills etc, so I'm trying out other ideas. I think maybe a bit of weight in the trains will help it complete the course. I would love it to work but if it doesn't then like you said then I'm just happy if it looks good. The the model has been a challenge but a fun one so far. thanks for the comment
  24. Another update. So thanks to all the plans and designs that i drew up, it made constructing some parts a lot easier than i expected. So here is what iv kind of knick named the great curve, it took me 2 days to construct the wood for it. some parts will have more wood added once the track has been laid. I also had a bit of time to start to construct the entrance to the ride which isn't finished yet and also iv made a few dips and bunny hill supports and added some more gravel to the base. as always here are the pictures... So first i constructed each frame flat before putting them all together. So here is a little dip iv made that leads up into the brakerun Iv made the curve into the station. And iv also added gravel. Iv left a gap so that i can lay down the exit path from the ride. Here is the beginning of the Entrance to the ride. And iv added a little queue time sign saying 15:00 min wait I wasn't very imaginative with the entrance so its strongly based on the Entrance used on the New Texas Giant. Il add my own thing to it and make it fit my theme. But I'm really happy with how its turned out so far.
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