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  1. Thanks. I thought it was strange as I felt like I was waiting to ride stampida for no reason. But the new sections of track feel really great, I hope they continue with the Rest of it as the last section up into the brakerun could really do with some love
  2. Hi, This one guy just thought it was so funny to not let me sit at the back. But it was the whole you can't sit there because of the wind thing that got me annoyed. that was only a small annoying thing and the rest of my day was awesome.
  3. I visited the park again today. Furious Baco was still down. Hurakan Condor was down until about 12.45pm and the Red side of Stampida was open for 1 hour and then was down all day, and they still were only loading 8 people only per train cycle. But I just wanted to share some photo's of the new reprofilling on Stampida and the new trains which were testing on Tomahawk. it was a great day despite the closures. hopefully if I return again soon furious back will be open as i'v never ridden it. The first curve up until the first double up has be redone and it rides a lot smoother. The new trains were testing with water dummies on Tomahawk I think these trains looked far to small for any adult to fit on.
  4. Hey all, I was at the park today. The weather wasn't the best but it got better through out the day. I visited the park for the first time 10 years ago and I can't really remember it a lot. Shambhala was amazing. But the staff were rude. He/they refused to let me sit at the back and when I rode again I sat at the back and he unlocked my restraint and moved me to the front and sat a girl in the back instead, and he said I can't sit at the back of the train because of the wind!? any one ever heard any thing like this? But eventually I did ride in the back and it was a much better ride. Dragon Kahn was good, rougher than I remember. But still a kickass B&M. Furius Baco was closed all day. No one told me why. so does anyone know what 's going on? and when it will be open? And the reprofilling of Stampida is very noticeable in the first section of the ride. The last part needs sorting out because it's rough as, but I like the new trains. But they were only letting people sit in the first 4 rows and sending the trains off, so you had wait for no reason because only 8 people could ride at a time, Odd. And Tomahawk was closed and was having work done with the new mini MillenniumFlyer trains. And the Intamin tower rocked, I rode it 6 times. Lost of attractions were closed - mainly flat rides, the train and the boat rides around the park. and Templo del fuego which was a shame as I really enjoyed that on my last visit.
  5. Nice park. Love the hyper coaster its my favourite in this park. I think a B&M dive machine would fit well in the new space
  6. Iv added a children's Looney Tunes Section to the park. With bumper Cars, A Disk'o, A starflyer and a Gravity Group Small Wooden coaster with Timberliner Trains. So heres the pictures please feel free to comment.
  7. Hey, So 'Jokers Jinx' Has had a little colour change, and i'v made the station and queue line. Also I started work on the 'Cyclone Reloaded'. Turning the old wood cyclone into an RMC conversion Using as much as the original structure. Heres the screens. Next Plan, Maybe is a hotel Complex and a Hurricane Harbour up in the far left Corner of the park. Or add a children's area. Jokers Jinx Entrance Queue Line Overview Station Cyclone Reloaded under construction The New station under construction.
  8. I'm sure shambala is a hyper coaster? I think you mean Dragon Kahn which is also a sit down not a floorless. Sorry dude just want to correct that if that's ok
  9. HI, The station isn't finished yet but so far i'v used- Mobys Curved Walls Mobys floor Big Burgers Timber Shy Guys Main street set 1, 2 & 3 CoasterJoes Queue lines
  10. Hi I used: ShyGuys Water World Set 1, coasterJoe's Queue Lines Mobys Curved Walls Mobys Floor And Big Burgers Timber : For running a trim around the roof.
  11. Hey all, I started another project on RCT3 and i'v decided to have a go at making Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Iv never personally been there so I'm using the 3D apple maps to try and make it. Not much is done yet but I have taken a few screens. Nothing is finished yet but I just wanted to start a new project along side my own park Six flags Heavens harbour. Iv started on the back of the park with Superman, Iron Rattler, Power surge and a few buildings. And i'v made Batman as best I could with an ingame coaster In sandbox ready to be placed in the park when I get to that bit.
  12. -Built by S&S -Screaming Squirrel Model -Opened 2005 -98ft tall Next Ride Winjas (Phantasialand)
  13. Area B has had a new floorless coaster built on 'Jokers Jinx' or maybe i'l change the colour when I get bored and turn it into Bizzaro. Iv yet to build the station and queue line but here's what i'v done so far. Iv tried to keep that carpark coaster kind of look, Like Scream. Also the idea for The waterpark in plot A isn't such a bad idea. I'm also thinking of turning the Cyclone into 'The Cyclone Reloaded' with a RMC hybrid conversion. So heres the land ready for the floorless coaster build.
  14. I Have 3 possible expansion areas. I want to add a new area, possibly for children, and I also want to add a B&M floorless coaster. Area C involves the removal of the classic Cyclone coaster. Area B would possible be partly a carpark coaster. And I feel area A is really far away from the rest of the park. What do we think?
  15. Hey, Thanks for the comment. The Invert is a custom track, Which I downloaded from Realtycoon3.com you can get many Custom rides there
  16. Right I'v changed the Huss topspin to 'Wonder Woman: The America Flip' As captain America is Marvel and not DC and Six Flags don't have the rights to Marvel Comics So heres some screens of that small change
  17. Ah sweet no problem. Thanks for telling me. I only used it be honest because it came in the Super Hero CS set. Wonder Woman is also in the set, its a nice idea so i'l do that thanks
  18. Hey all i'v been working on another park along side my other 'Port Aventura Inspired park' and this is my Six Flags park. "Six Flags Heavens Harbour" Its doesn't have any themed areas but the rides are individually themed to your standard six flags kind of rides. Iv used all CTR, CT, CFR and CS. Thanks for looking. feel free to leave a comment on it. Coasters. Wave Rider - B&M Junior invert X- B&M Wing coaster The Roar Of Toro - Intamin wood Side Winder - Vekoma Boomerang Wild loco - Vekoma Junior Green Lantern - Intamin Launch Corkscrew - Vekoma corkscrew Goliath - B&M hyper Batman - B&M invert Cyclone - Harry C Baker Flat Rides Wonder Woman: The American Flip - Huss Topspin Enterprise - Huss Enterprise Condor - Huss Condor Carousel Wild Rapids - Water rapids Superman: Tower Of Power - S&S double shot Teacups - Tea cups Thunder - Pendulum ride The Harbour Wheel - Ferris wheel Super Splash - Mack water ride Enjoy Entrance Carpark Entrance Entrance from car park Main Street Cyclone Enrance Side Winder Rapids The Roar Of Toro Harbour Shot Roar of Toro Overview Superman tower The Harbour X X Entrance Junior Invert Wave Rider Green Lantern Entrance Inspired by Cheetah hunt of course ha Corkscrew Overview Batman Batman Entrance Queue Line Station Captain America: The American Flip Goliath Entrance Goliath Overview The Pontoon in the harbour for Goliath's turn around Park Overview
  19. The picture of all the sections together looks great. You have done some much work on this. I can't wait to see this finished because its going to be incredible great work!
  20. Thanks. There is obviously still limits with RCT3, but with the amount of custom content that you can download these days you make anything. If you take the time and little bit of imagination. Im with you, I hate all the in game paths and all the scenery, its so blocky and not the most real. saying that I have seen some amazing parks with no custom content but you can't beat a custom support on a coaster with the help of custom scenery.
  21. So i'v added a bit more to the park, Its not not finished but I'm liking the look and the layout. I want to build one more coaster possibly a hyper. Just not sure which area of the park to build it in. But here is whats been added since last time I posted. Egyptain area: The Pharaoh - B&M invert Sand Storm - Twister flat ride Crystal Wings - B&M Flyer - New Queue line and theming Swiss Area: Thunder Blitz - A Gravity Group hybrid wood coaster Asia: Pagode Air Express - Newly added Observation ride. And the entrance is being constructed. The asia area The Egyptain Area The Swiss Area The Entrance An overview
  22. This is amazing. Awesome layout, It screams B&M. If your going to get rid of the second loop then maybe do a high speed overbanked curve with a sharp change of direction after up into the MCBR. Looking forward to seeing the Intamin coaster.
  23. Oh yeah I see what you mean, My intention was to have it as a coffee shop and have a sign to let "people" know there's toilets inside?... hopefully this track solution works, fingers crossed because I have no other ideas left
  24. I was thinking last night about the track and I came up with another idea. Simular to an idea I had at the beginning with doing the RMC Track Topper design, but this time in a slightly different way. I boiled lollypop sticks and cut them into 2mm strips and laminated them on top of each other. I will then add a thin layer of red styrene on the top and add track ties/braces out of L shaped beams. Heres a couple pictures of me testing that idea out, and also a few pictures of a building i'v been making to add to the themed area. I think il go back over the building and find more details to add. Enjoy. This idea seams to work so I will continue with it. This is the building
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