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  1. This will be epic! the trains will have to be weighted, but I'm sure your more than capable of doing this I cant wait to see it. and thanks of you comments
  2. So I present to you all, My model roller coaster/Theme park scene. 'Ironside the Viking Warrior'. A RMC track topper style coaster, complete with a S&S shot and drop tower 'Shield Blast' The Model is complete with people and working street lights. It took over 1 year to build with some complications along the way, but I'm so happy how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed my project and thanks for the support when I went through moments of wanting to give up and never seeing it's completion day. So I now bring you the photo's, Enjoy
  3. I finnished painting the floor boards. And I started making some hand rails out of 1x1mm plastic strips and slices of 3x3mm tube. Not sure what colour these will be but they won't be put on until the end. But I also added the 'metal' floor panels to lead up to the the attraction, these were made out of plastic tread plate by Plastruct.
  4. Wish I had built it correct the first time, now I have bits of glue in places I don't want it, the pink paint got spoiled in places. Oh well. Then the pink paint had cracks in it and so yet again it peeled off. So to solve this problem I covered the pink on the floor boards with turquoise, but then I ended up pulling the purple stripes off with the tape I used to protect it from the turquoise. But then I touched up the purple by hand. I think it looks good but I learnt never to spray paint my models ever again. This is the pink paint cracking. Nightmare. And then this is some other bits that have peeled off. So I'm covering it with turquoise. And I think it looks awesome.
  5. I love these, they are a really good 'finishing touch' or will be once its done. Love the designs they fit really well with the original 3
  6. So this is what i'v learnt about the musik express the last few days, Its a round ride meaning its a perfect circle, but the actually base of the ride is a slight oval. Because one side is elevated and one side is lower (the up and down motion of the cars) means the base has to be an oval to make the the arms of the spinning part fit as a perfect circle on the rail which the wheels run along. Confusing i know. Because of this I had to take apart what I had already made, move the supports from the back and the front in 2mm. which then meant the floors bit no longer fitted. I trimmed the floor bits to make them fit. I then painted them with purple stripes.....then the pink paint chipped and bits started falling part, nightmare. so I remade some of the floor panels which are now being re-primed so that I can spray them pink to start again. Gone back a few steps but heres a couple pictures. At least night I can fit a perfect circle (the rail for the wheels) in the inside of the base. So theres definitely hope of this being a working model as planned. I took the floor panels of so that i could move the supports in 2mm. a few of the floor panels broke. and some of the base arms snapped so I had to recut new ones. I love the stripes, the colour came out perfect. and here the ring, this is just a tester, for which the wheels will run along.
  7. Haha. This is the kind of thing I used to do when I was younger and this is how I got into modelling. Unfortunately the 3 weeks of work I have done so far and showed on here, has to be taken apart as I made a wrong measurement. Oh well back to square one.
  8. Nothing major to post about but I'v sprayed it purple which came out pink. But it looks good, I need to paint the floor on it with dark purple stripes. Once the middle is made with the motor etc I will print my decals out which I remade on the computer as they were all 1mm off and wonky. I will then stick them on around the sides.
  9. I don't know how many are interested in this kind of modelling but I hope you like what I post. So far I have cut the plastic strips to size to make the base. I added all the 'supports' around the edge of the base. I added side panels and the flooring and made the pay box 'Kasse". This all took quite some time. Today I coated it all with a prime and I will then spray it all purple before adding any decals. So far this has taken maybe 2/3 weeks. I have a few more bits coming in the post and then I crack on with making the moving part in the middle which I think will be a challenge. The main frame for the middle. I cut 1x2mm long strips to make the base. these bits hold the floor and the rail which the cars roll along the front will have metal looking ramps and steps I tried painting it purple. it didn't go so well so I stopped. I started to make the side panels. I started to add the floor panels. This was really hard. Reminder not to build things in circle shapes, because as one slight wrong cut put things out and then bits don't start to line up correct. The front parts weren't lining up so well. After I got them to fit I started the pay booth Prime time. next I will spary it all purple before moving on to build the centre.
  10. I do plan on this model working, I'm currently waiting still for model supplies to come, so while i'v been waiting for that I started making the art decals for the model using the measurements on sketch up and then using images of google etc i'v made some pieces on sketch book pro. I will eventually print these and mount them to plastic. If any modellers want to use my 'art' please ask me first
  11. My plan is to make it work and I will take my absolute time building it to be sure it works.
  12. Okay, so for christmas I got some street lamps today I wired them up with a switch to turn them on and off. So i'v put a few into the model along with some benches, bins and some planters. Just got a couple little things to tidy up and then I will take some proper photos with my good camera and not my mobile to post
  13. As my Roller coaster model is coming to an end I wanted to have something to go onto, I decided I didn't want to do another coaster, so instead i'v opted to go back to where my interests in modelling started with making a small funfair, I'm going to start with making a Musik Express, inspired by designs of real ones and models that i'v come across on the internet. So far i'v draw out the ride to scale in Google sketch up so it can tell me what the measurements are for every single section I need to cut. The back side Birds eye view view from above Front view
  14. I agree with you that Shambhala's drop was epic, but nothing has ever come close to what I experienced on El Toro. I rode it like 8 times on my trip to America back in June. The back seat was insane and the drop is 100% a 'thought I was going to die' moment. Photo by me from my trip in June 2015
  15. Nemesis is hands down the best coaster in the UK if not one of the best in Europe
  16. Over time I was growing a strong dislike to the building I made for the model, So I wanted to make it better, when removing a few sections the whole thing fell apart and the deco got spoiled. But this turned out to be a good thing, I saved some of the good bits and rebuilt it, this time I went for more of a facade front like you get in real parks. Also I added a few tiny control maintenance panels to the brake run and the top of the lift. Mean while, while I was waiting for the glue to dry, I through together a section of B&M track. Dive machine model perhaps? new building I like this much better. the back side. b&m track. very rough but could be a good idea. The little maintenance box And the other one.
  17. For my first coaster model I think it's turning out pretty okay. And definitely the close up photos make you pay more attention to detail. There's somethings I wish I had done different. But I found my ideas and skills improved as I was building it, so the parts I made a year ago aren't maybe how I would of done them now. I'm actually going to take a small break from modelling once it's finished but Im thinking about making a EuroFighter or another smaller steel coaster out of plastic, I have no desire to build a wooden coaster any time soon lol. Today I was playing around with shrubs, rocks and flowers for extra detail. I made an entrance for the tower ride which is called Shield Blast. And added warning signs in front of each ride. Here's the pictures. The tower entrance. I added rocks and some grass to the bottom of the trees for an added effect The flowers I added to the queue line The tower exit.
  18. I always like to sit in the back 99% of the time unless its Kingda Ka because the back seat is rough. I also will never sit in the back of a SLC or for that fact any Vekoma. And sitting at the back on Ghost Rider was probably the worst choice i'v ever made. Apart from those I love that back, El Toro, Shambhala & Expedition Geforce come to mind as my favourites. I rode Twisted Colossus in the front actually (not by choice) and I was so disappointed, but my opinion was change as soon as I rode the back seat.
  19. In the very beginning of the model, I was kind of thinking about making a GCI model based on Wodan hence to the station design. I love the roof on Wodan so I wanted to do my version. But then I just so loved the look of the RMC coasters and the way the track looks on Goliath I went with that idea and kept the Wodan ish theme.
  20. So finally the track is completed. I did the final curve into the station from the brake run at last. Plus I added stairs to and from the station I also added a tiny control panel inside the station there the operator stands, And I Added a hand rail to the lift hill. I'm currently messing around with little things like vending machines and maybe some lockers to see what they might look like. And also I added extra tires to the brake run. Enjoy the photos. I think this project will be completed very soon, and I have a few ideas for what's going to be my next project. The final curve into the station More of the station Station exit stairs Another general view of the whole layout Station Brake run A general look at the model Messing around with the mock up vending machine and you can see the little control panel in the station
  21. So i'm definitely going to.. Phantasialand my home park. Bobbejanland Gardaland Carowinds Cedar Point Parque Warner Madrid Parque de Atracciones Madrid Maybes, Walibi Holland Liseberg
  22. Hello, after my trip to America last year I realised that public transport isn't the best, and having a car is the easiest thing to do. But you can't hire a car if your under 25. Next year I'm flying to Carowinds then flying onto cedar point but I'd like to go to kings island aswell, is there any sort of way to get there without hiring a car? Can't seam to find much information apart from the greyhound buses with takes forever. Thanks Coasterb
  23. yay. I'v been waiting for an update on this model. I love it, its looks awesome, can't wait to see more
  24. This is my first train yeah, I don't even have a 3D printer so thats not an option. But i'v got a few ideas how to do the seat interiors. Iv enjoyed making it even tho a few bits were a bit of a pain cutting out Thanks to your model for all the inspiration that keeps me going through my project when I feel i'm at a dead end. I Worked on the track today with adding cross ties hopefully you can see that from the photos. And even though the train is still unfinished I couldn't resist putting it on the track for a couple photos. The return track to the breakrun with outward banking. Looking back at the outward banking section The train yay!!
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