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  1. ^ The Uk and Asian tour just finished and now the only production of it is in Germany which has been here for 27 years
  2. That was a busy day, but the line was about 20mins. Luckily the ride offered a single rider line. I actually really enjoyed the Revolution it was alot better than what I expected.
  3. I was just in L.A and I did Magic Mountain, didn't need a flash pass I was just clever with what I rode and when I rode it. If your alone your can single rider twisted Colossus, green lantern and a couple others. I did every coaster in one evening from 6pm-9pm and then one full day, over July 4th weekend. And then at Knott's I rode every coaster by 2pm and that was on a Sunday July 5th, i'd say its definitely worth a visit.
  4. I popped on this topic as I love musicals and its actually what I do as a career. Thought it might be interesting for you seeing as you mentioned it, I'm actually in Starlight Express and heres a couple picture of me playing Krupp for you
  5. Hello, I just got back from my holiday it was amazing and I couldn't of wished for a better time. My main reason to visit was for the parks. I started of with Six Flags Great Adventure on the 30th June. This was my first Six Flags park ever and I was very impressed. The park has a great ride line up and I was just so buzzing to get on all the rides. I started of with Kingda Ka, I waited for about 20 mins and that was the longest I queued all day. The ride was amazing, being my first 100mph+ coaster I just loved it. I then rode, Green lantern which was fun and actually not too uncomfortable, Then El toro which marked my 100th coaster credit. This coaster is insane and is one of the best coasters i'v ever been on. I then rode everything else. Nitro was fun but kind of disappointed me, I was expecting something like Shambhala but it was nowhere near as good. Superman surprised me too, the only other B&M flyer i'v ridden is Air, so this was cool, the pretzel loop is what surprised me. Zumamjaro was fun I rode 4 times and was a walk on every time. Batman was shut but opened up on my second day as Namtab. This was my first ever Batman clone, and man the forces where crazy. The third time I rode it actually messed me up and kind of ruined the rest of my day, luckily it was near the end of the day. The park was great the Ride attendants were really quick at loading and unloading. And the staff were really helpful at guest relations with helping get a cab to my hotel. The next park I visited was Magic Mountain. After being in New York for a bit I flew over to LAX and spent four days there. I popped over to Magic Mountain on the 2nd of July around 6pm to catch a ride on some of the main attractions as I was worried about the crowds over the 4th of July weekend. I managed to get on Full Throttle, 45min wait. Twisted Colossus 5 min in single rider line, Tatsu, 15min, X2 15min, Viper was a walk on, Apocalypse was also a walk on, and then Superman which was a 15min wait. I was pretty happy that I got 7 coasters done in 3 hours. The next day the 3rd of July was Crazy! I every other coaster in the park, But rides like X2, Tatsu, Full Throttle were 2/3 hour lines. So I gave them a miss. I queued 30 mins for Ninja as they only have one train in operation. and Scream & Riddlers were walk ons. Everyone else at the park were in line for Twisted Colossus and I mean that line was crazy! I was kind of worried that the next day the 4th of July was going to be really busy and I was prepared to buy a flash pass, but the park was kind of empty and I rode every coaster in the park twice. Viper was a tad rough and I was reluctant to ride again, Green Lantern was the surprise one for me, it was really different experience to what I had in mind. Twisted Colossus was fun, A much better ride at the back compared to the front, I Rode 6 times and it only raced for one of those times. The ride attendants do all they can to make it race but it comes done to how quick everyone is at getting into the ride and placing there things at the side etc. I loved X2, it was one of my favourites on long with Tatsu and Superman. And I got to ride a Batman clone forwards which I preferred to going backwards. The firework display was really good and the general atmosphere around the park was really lovely. I wanted to visit this park since I was 6 so it was really special for me to be there and I had the best time. And again the Ride attendants wee really quick at dispatching trains. On the 5th of July I headed to Knott's Berry Farm. I thought The Whole Park was really beautiful and well laid out. Ghost Rider was down for the morning, so I headed straight to Silver Bullet, It was a fun B&M not very forceful but I really liked it. It is probably the Quietest Coaster i'v ever not heard lol. Xcelerator had a one train operation so it had a small queue, but that was one of the only queues along with Sierra Sidewinder of the day. Montezoomers Revenge was great also my first Shuttle Loop coaster and I loved it. Boomerang was just a Boomerang. Pony Express was fun but very short. Ghost rider finally opened, and it has to be the roughest coaster I think i'v ever ridden, which was a shame as I was really looking forward to it, I actually pulled a muscle in my back and didn't ride again. Never again. I did have a great day I didn't get to ride Voyage of The Iron Reef as that was the one attraction that did have a queue but I managed to ride every coaster twice if not three times. I did find the staff at this park rather slow at dispatching, Some times I was waiting for absolutely no reason, But all the staff were friendly and made it a nice day for me.
  6. I was at the park on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I think the longest I queued for was for kingda ka, the first time I rode, it was about 20 mins. And it broke down 7 times between 10 and 2 on Wednesday, Apart from that one queue I walked onto everything both days. Batman was closed on the Tuesday and then opened on Wednesday backwards, it's messed up. My first batman clone i'v ever been on. And the forces were intense. The 3rd time I rode, it messed me up and I got a head ache so I couldn't ride anything again but I had an awesome time up till then. I skipped El Diablo, I went on a super loop at the CNE in Canada a few years ago and that was enough. It was my first time at a six flags park and I had a good time. The runaway mine train, man that was rough it was a one time ride only kind of coaster. I rode Twisted Colossus today it's amazing.....but think El toro is better...just saying ha I did kinda ka - 7 Superman - 2 El toro - 6 Bizarro - 3 Nitro - 3 Green lantern - 3 Batman - 3 Zumanjaro- 5 Black beards - 1 Skull mountain - 1 Dark knight - 1 Run away mine train - 1
  7. So I went to the park tonight at 6pm until 9pm. I thought I try and do some major attractions before going for the full day tomorrow. I think I did pretty well, I rode Full Throttle which had a 40 min queue. I used single rider on twisted colossus and got on in 10 mins. I waited 10 mins for Tatsu, X2, superman, and I walked onto apocalypse which was awesome. And viper, which I didn't like so much ha Tomorrow I plan to ride all the rides I haven't ridden and then do my favourites again. I think I did okay tonight getting 7 coasters in 3 hours. It's my first time at Magic Mountain and I loved it so far
  8. I have a MacbookAir 2013 11inch / Graphics 5000, and it runs great for me. The performance of the game is great and I have tons of Custom content
  9. Hi, I play RCT3 on Mac which I downloaded form the app store. Custom content works fine and doesn't slow my computer down. But you should download a RAR extractor program so that you can download the CS files that are for PC. You just drop the download into the extractor and then place the extracted file into the game.
  10. From Great Adventure I'm at the Days Inn, 15 mins away by car. At Magic Mountain Im at the Best western, like a 15min walk, but at night i'd rather get a taxi, and after my day at knotts I just want a taxi to LAX airport. Thanks
  11. Hello all, I'm visiting Great Adventure, Magic Mountain & Knotts in my 2 week vacation next week, And I was just wondering if anyone know's if these three parks have taxi's that wait outside that you can just jump in when your finnished for the day. I'm not driving a car to these parks, and i'm slightly worried about trying to call a cab as I don't know if my phone will work in America. Or would the information booth at the parks call a cab for me? Thanks
  12. So I'v worked a bit more on this park, But I need a new name for it but can't think of one. So along with the seaside area i'v added a Miami beach front area which as an art deco feel I guess. And a Arabian Market water front. Any feed back would be great on what you think I could do better, or if you think of any attractions I could add that would fit nicely in with the current areas of the park. I also made a carpark and added trees, I'm currently building a stadium area for concerts called Party In The Park in the the right side of the land. So in Miami Beach Front we have: B&M invert - Thunder In Paradise Gerstlauer Spinner - Twister Mania Sizzler - Sizzler Arabian Market Water Front we have: Intamin 10 Inversion - The Rage of Bahamut ( Thanks for the idea on my last post for the 10 inverter) Flying carpets - Magic Carpets Musik Express - Sand Storm S&S free fly - Belly Dancer Chair swing - Arabian Nights Looking across the carpark I added some buildings in the back drop of Rescue Rafts Queue line Miami beach front The Sizzler Twister Mania Station Thunder In Paradise Entrance Arabian Market Water Front The Rage Of Bahamut Arabian Nights Chair Swing Belly Dance The Entrance Sand Storm The Magic Carpets An Overview Staff Area behind the Arabian Zone Complete Overview Im really happy with the Entrance plaza and the building on either side. A NIght Shot Rage of Bahamut night shot Thunder In Paradise night shot Miami Midway shot
  13. I haven't really heard much about Goliath's chain recently. Does anyone know whats going on? Has the new chain arrived yet? last thing I heard was that a chain had been ordered from Japan.
  14. Awesome report, I was there 2/3 months ago, Loved Troy, the last section is so twisty and full of airtime. Thanks for sharing
  15. I was reading and I saw that Magic mountain offers some single rider lines on a select few of their rides, I was wondering if this is the same with Great adventure? I'm there for the first time in 3 weeks, I'm just a bit worried about large crowds, I'd rather queue a single rider line before I buy a flash pass.
  16. Im constantly following this thread, you can't give up. The project is amazing and it needs to be finished, It looks like your so near the end, I hope you manage to get more materials so you can continue your incredible work
  17. So recently i'v been working on a new park. So far I have an entrance Plaza and a area which is seaside ish themed. I'm now stuck on where to take this park, so some ideas would be appreciated The Rides So far.. Intamin Reverse Free Fall - Storm Force Intamin Free Fall ride - Light house Down Mack water coaster - Rescue Rafts and a Rock n' Tug Bus area ?? Entarnce Plaza The shops inside the plaza main entrance to the park though the arches Here's the seaside area Current Overview
  18. ^ My bad. Sorry about that, I didn't check back enough pages. But what a guy to keep his cool with that woman.
  19. I don't know if some of you have seen this video already but I thought I would share it. A woman from Sky News interview the CEO from Merlin Entertainment Nick Varney. He completely keeps his cool and makes him self clear with what he is saying. But the woman is clearly on some sort of power trip, she constantly talks over him and just doesn't understand what he says. I think he did a great job and stayed professional.
  20. ^^ Thanks, Im going to be around Thursday evening as well so maybe i'l pop into park and try and ride 2 main attractions, to make the days easier. I Just don't want to miss out on any. Il check out the flash pass, thanks. Also I actually spoke to 'Our Thrill Mountain' on Facebook and they said the Chain for Goliath is on its way from Japan and should be up and running mid June.
  21. On July 3rd and 4th, Friday and Saturday. I'm hitting Magic Mountain. Will I, and is it possible to be able to ride every coaster in the park. What with with queues and it being summer. I hear they have a few single rider lines. But I just don't want to miss out on any major attraction
  22. Nice report This is my home park, just 20 mins away and i'v been twice. Its a nice day out. I actually had a good ride on the Bandit and I rode it 3 times, it was great in the rain i'v been on worse, but that SLC... Its rough, on my second visit to the park it didn't even ride it. I also mainly visit just for the drop tower and its a great definitely my favourite attraction at the park. I think they just need a new big coaster for me to want to visit again.
  23. Awesome pictures, you got some really good shots. I enjoyed this wing coaster, Love the speed airtime bump after the first drop, It's much better than The Swarm which is the only other one i'v been on. Its a great park, worth the journey just for colossus alone to be honest.
  24. Does anyone know if Goliath's Lift chain has been mended yet? I'm heading out in 5 weeks for my first time and I'm kind of hoping it will be mended by then
  25. ^ Apparently there's so much theming to be added they are protecting the track paint so that when construction is finished it looks brand spanking new
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