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  1. ^ Not sure adding a Giga is gonna substantially increase the noise level the park already produces. And trust me, with a little imagination on the developers part, Knott's can find room for a Giga. Just look at Rip Ride Rocket at Universal... I think they did a good job of fitting a coaster someplace most people before might have thought a little unorthodox.
  2. ^ I don't think the comparison between a Zacspin and zipper is at all accurate. While granted it was Green Lantern at SFMM, I have ridden a Zacspin and can say I didn't find it anything like a zipper. Then again that's just my opinion. As for the eurofighters, I've only ridden Mystery Mine at Dollywood. It's one of my personal favorites, but that has to do with the whole theming of the ride as much as the coaster itself. I can understand why parks find them attractive. They are, like I've said, very cost efficient. They also can have very small foot prints and be tailored to fit very compact areas of a park, but feature elements like the beyond vertical drop and inversions that many people love about larger coasters. On paper at least, it seems to be a pretty good bang for your buck kind of deal.
  3. ^ Yeah, most of the complaint I've heard about Green Lantern is that it is neutered down compared to the ones in Europe... Never the best idea to let the operations of a coaster at one park affect your opinion on all similar models... Well unless it's a Boomerang And I'm not really saying KI needs to have a Zacspin, and I'm not holding my breath for one. I just think from a long term investment stand point, going with a smaller, more cost affective and unique coaster like a Zacspin or the others I mentioned and pairing it with new more family friendly flat rides in that area would pay off better for the park in the long run.
  4. It may be sad to say, but I live in SoCal and never even knew this place existed. I'm glad no one was hurt, but seriously, what were they thinking immediately goin to work on the ride after the accident?!?! I smell trouble brewin for them.
  5. All of their coasters being rough. What's worse then Disneyland being destroyed by an earthquake?
  6. Intimidator 305 begs to differ! Intimidator 305 is a great coaster hands down. All I ment is that the quality of a coaster shouldn't be souly reliant on how big or fast it is. There are far more good and great big coasters out there that I've enjoyed than those I haven't... But they weren't necessarily great because they were big. I've been on smaller coasters that I've enjoyed (though they aren't necessarily better) just as much as Intimidator 305.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't think KI should invest in another 'Big' coaster to replace SoB. As coaster enthusiasts, many of us are clambering for the next big thing, but if only coaster enthusiasts frequented the parks, they probably wouldn't still be in business. In my own opinion, Diamonback is still working well as KI's big signature coaster, and the GP seem to really love it. Diamonback was also a huge investment or the park, somewhere around $22 million if I'm correct? I may be off on that. With that kind of money, KI could in theory expand Action Zone into the SoB area, or even create a new themed area. From what I remember of KI, Action Zone has little in terms of family rides to draw the family crowd over to that area of the park. They should fix that. Add a few fun flat rides to draw the family crowd and anchor the new area with a more cost afficiant coast with a smaller foot print. I think Zacspin, Skyloop XT 150, Premier's take on the Skyloop like Superman at SFDK or possibly even a Eurofighter. All could be done easily for $10 mil or considerably less, an considering there is nothing like any of them in the area or even the surrounding area, the uniqueness of the coaster could drive about as much interest as a Giga. Remember, bigger is not always better... SoB should be proof enough of that
  8. ^ this exactly! The first person I ever told was my older brother when I was 15 (he was already 24 at that time.) While he isn't gay, he had always been very supportive of gay rights and had several gay friends, and I knew I could trust him. It was all eating at me, but when I told him and he was supportive and happy for me, it felt like there was a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. It wasn't until I was almost 20 that I came out to the rest of my family, and he never once betrayed my confidence. As for youR mother, and the rest of your family, the only thing you can do is give it time. And you never know, when that time comes, they may very well surprise you (just look back at one of my earlier posts to see what I mean.) But in the mean time, talk with your sister. Make friends who understand what your going through or who are supportive of the LGBT community. Build up a good support network that you can turn to until your ready. Trust me, from experience, it REALLY helps.
  9. Well good! And if that ever changes let me know, I will try my hardest to re-convert you! Oh another note, it's been ages sense my last post hear! Ugh how life gets in the way pooey! Oh well, things are all nice and calm finally! I can once again spend the hours I should be hard at work enjoying the happy times here at TPR!
  10. ^ Dinosaurs Alive is being used as a trick or treat trail for kids.
  11. Hands down the best haunted house I've ever been to is Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie outside Columbus, Ohio. I'm sure anyone else here who has been will back me up when I say it is probably the most extreme haunted house you will ever go to. The scenes they stage are so realistic, and some of them extremely wrong in SO many ways (it's starts off with a way to realistic scene that includes suicide by shotgun) and you probably shouldn't go if you are easily offended.
  12. Shows no longer on air that I still watch religiously: The X-Files The West Wing Wonderfalls Current shows I watch: Castle Body of Lies Dexter True Blood Supernatural How I Met Your Mother
  13. After seeing all the announcements this last couple weeks, Dollywood's wing rider being deciding factor, I'm going to try my very best to make the New Hotness tour if it makes the cut.
  14. ^ Awwww, sucks that the Apocolypse crew was bickering. When I was there a couple weeks ago, I thought the Apocolypse crew was the best in the park. They had us laughing and really pumped us up for the ride.
  15. I'm a little bias, but I have to go with Superman Krypton Coaster... Kraken is a close second.
  16. Well there is already a new coaster opening in Cali with a "Ray" theme... Manta at Seaworld San Diego. I think a Stingray theme would be a little to similar a theme for two new coasters opening the same year in the same state.
  17. I know I've said it a few times, but I really miss Canobie!!! It was my home park for a short while years ago. You got some really good pics of Untamed. Can't wait to see what else you got for us
  18. I remember there being quite a bit of hype before Diamondback was announced (but then I lived 45 minutes from the park at the time so the area itself was hyped.) Compared to that, this years announcement seems almost like a non-event. A waterpark expansion, maybe a new flat ride and show, is really all I'm expecting. But then, maybe they are playing down expectations so they can really surprise us. My expectations are not very high, but my hopes are a little
  19. ^ Ohhhhh! I'll share Ryan if you share Jason!
  20. I really hope they can find a way to make Flying Turns work. I'm sure a lot of us are anxious to see it up and running. And Black Diamond looks like it will be a total blast!
  21. ^ Sounds like a plan! But I call digs on the original!
  22. Ok, I'm officially in love with Lakeside's retro look. One more added to my ever growing list of parks I need to visit.
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