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  1. ^ Our numbers keep growing! Soon we will be strong enough to take over the world!!!!! *Evil laugh* (5 minutes later) I was just informed that that is in fact NOT the gay agenda. My apologies.
  2. For all those who are interested, King's Island announced their Halloween Haunt details. This year will see one new maze with 11 other returning mazes and 2 new shows. Here are the details for you, courtesy of Scare-Zone. *New for 2012* Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror – Madame Fatale has just passed her final psychological evaluation after a decade of incarceration. Join her for the Grand Re-Opening of her museum of oddities and wax. You’re on her guest list; she and her friends will be dripping mad if you don’t show up! Mysteria – Prepare to enter into a new dimension where nothi
  3. I love how people hear the words "very large', and jump straight to "Giga." Man, the rumor doesn't even mention a coaster at all. Are all very large rides now Giga's? Edit: While it mentions a coaster in the rumor, it seems to me more like he heard "very large" in the area and jumped to the conclusion that it would be a coaster. And while it probably will be, I'm just gonna refer back to the ever changing Giga rumors he's been posting for the last year for Knott's and say take it all with a grain of salt.
  4. ^ Most likely not. Robb and Elissa moved out to Orlando, so if they do decide to do one, I would put my money on it being at Universal Orlando.
  5. ^ Knott's can still put thrilling a new attraction in the PP location without touching the building. Like others have said, a smaller layout dive machine coaster, or something similar, could work well in the space without interfering with any of the parks infrastructure. It would be a win/win for the park: a new thrilling coaster to help drive attendence, while maintaining profits from the eatery, arcade, ect. Looking at it from a business stand point, Knott's wouldn't need to go with something massive in the area if they could indeed build a dive machine coaster (no one is quite sure how long
  6. Thanks for the update It's really coming together very nicely. All there hard work is paying off. When it's all finished, I'll have to make it a point to get out there and visit. Oh, and I'm extremely jealous you got to help out with the build!
  7. I really would like to see Knott's get a nice dark ride as well at some point. I know they were really hesitant about it in the past for fear of any dark ride they added being compared to Disney right down the road (And let's be honest, not many can match Disney when it comes to their dark rides). But I personally don't think they should let that stop them. A dark ride doesn't have to be Disney quality to be good. I personally like a lot of the stuff that Sally has done (side note: Sally's Night In White Satin: The Trip at Hard Rock Park is probably my favorite dark ride to open in the last 5
  8. ^ Hmmm... I have never before heard of that. Now I'm reading everything I can on it. Thanks for the correction Edit: Man, I didn't know how far back the first looping coasters went. Reading all about Centrifugal Railway's becoming big in France in the 1840's!!!
  9. Well if you want to be technical, SOB was the first wooden coaster to go upside down... Ohhh, and there is also the fact that Iron Rattler isn't a wooden coaster.
  10. If that was the only reason for launching it backwards, couldn't they in theory use the momentum the train already had goin into the tunnel to launch it over the top hat? Of course, then it may have too much speed going into the second half of the ride.
  11. ^ I see no reason to complain. The only problems could possibly foresee people complaining about is if they raise the park ticket price. Taking something that was a separate paid attraction for the company and combining it with another separate paid park, in many ways looks like your are losing money not raising the ticket prices. You would think from a business standpoint, the logical thing to do would be to raise prices to offset the lose in revenue that comes from making it one park. Not to mention the amount of money that goes into feeding, housing, providing medical care, and so much more
  12. Can't say an icon will be overly missed. Some years the icon was incorporated great... But other years, like Lady Luck last year, didn't really tie things together all that well IMO. I find it interesting that they are straying from the typical scare zones as well. I wonder what we will see as far as theming throughout the park without given themes for the different areas.
  13. Yeah, things keep pointing more in the direction of a new kid attraction and/or makeover of the kids area. A long overdue project for the park. This is probably one of my more anticipated announcements for the year. I kinda feel like the family friendly additions of a lot of parks are dismissed or under appreciated by the coaster enthusiasts on the site.
  14. I'm really not sure what to think right now. There are things I like about it (lap bars and not otsr, using the tunnel, the launch) and other things I don't like as much (apparent low capacity, the backward launch seems like more of a gimmick then anything else.) I've always been a fan of Premier, so I'm going to save any kind of opinion until I ride it next year. At this point, the most I'll say is that I'm intrigued, but not 100% sold.
  15. ^ The Newsroom was a complete surprise for me. I caught the priemere by accident and had heard nothing before hand about the show. I fell in love with it. Great show! But I really wouldn't expect much less from the man who brought us The West Wing, one of my all time favorite shows. My current tv line up is rather thin until the fall show season picks up. The only real show I'm following at the moment is Face Off on Syfy. While I normally hate reality shows, it's pretty awesome to see behind the scenes of how fx makeup works, and to see the contestants create the characters they do in such
  16. iRat is now my most anticipated coaster of 2013. It looks completely insane! Hmmm... Looks like a trip to TX is in order for next year . It's been far to long since I last visted my family there... Yeah, family, that's why I'm going...
  17. ^ I hope they relocate it and don't simply tear it down. I love all the RC Tycoon type food stand they have around the park. It's become part of Canobie's charm IMO.
  18. Ahhhh just what I was waiting for! Really looking forward to Gold Striker... And on a side note: There is no defining line separating NorCal and SoCal, so arguing its speed clam either way is really rather fruitless... I'm just glad this place is getting what looks like will be a kick butt new coaster
  19. I think it says something that they went with theming this after the video games and not the (rather horrible IMO) movies... Man oh man I wish I could afford a trip to Japan this October.
  20. Test track redesign? What Test Track redesign? What more important then that awesome vodka bar?!?!
  21. Yeah, no matter what category it may be, hurricanes can be nasty! I don't miss them! My mom got the hell outta dodge and is staying with my brother and his family in Tampa. Stay safe!
  22. I dunno, I'd be excited for an addition/expansion to their Planet Snoopy area. The kiddies need some coaster(or ride) love too.
  23. ^ That's sad to hear. Dollywood is one of my favorite parks in the country and, with Bell at the helm, has grown and done some amazing things. Here's hoping Ross can keep up the great momentum. I have faith that he will
  24. Well your right that it's happened before. I did a little digging and found that their ride Wipeout, even though it had it grand opening in 2004, was already built by the end of season 2003 and was even open for the last 3 days.
  25. I for one am actually really excited about this project. When it comes to Disney Parks, and while there are many rides I love there, it's the atmosphere and detail that bring me back year after year. This new expansion is looking amazing, and I can't wait to see it finished and in person. Now I can only hope that when this expansion is over it means we might finally see a much needed renovation/expansion of Tomorrowland. In my opinion, it's the area of the park that needs it most.
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