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  1. While I'm not saying they won't open a new ride in October, it does seem rather odd. Why open a new ride during your very last month of operation for the year? It would be different if the park was year round. I guess it's possible if they think it will help boost park attendance for their Halloween event though... Either way, we will just need to wait for an announcement from the park.
  2. *Pulling out some lingering Ohio Pride* "We don't give a d@## for the whole state of Michigan, The whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan. We don't give a d@## for the whole state of Mich..." ....... Oh who the hell am I kidding *hides face in shame*
  3. Yeah, it's a Vekoma family suspended coaster. And if I'm right it was the first with the new lap bar restraints instead of the ots restraints. I could be wrong though Edit: Just a little add on. I really like the look and layout of this for a nice family coaster. And from what I've heard about the park, it seems to be a perfect addition
  4. I think the 1st relocation (to my knowledge) was The Rocket at Playland Park, here in San Antonio. The park closed in 1980, and 5 yrs later, Knoebel's bought it and disassembled it piece by piece, moved it to their park and rebuilt it. It was renamed the Phoenix. While I'm not sure what wooden coaster was the first to be relocated, I know it wasn't The Rocket/Pheonix. The earliest I know of is Yankee Cannonball in Canobie Lake. It was built in 1930 at Lakewood Park and was called "Roller Coaster." It was relocated to Canobie in 1936, but didn't change it's name to Yankee Cannonball unti
  5. It is possible to relocate wood coasters. A good example is Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake. It was originally at a park called Lakewood Park. Rattler, though, would be near impossible to relocate without massive changes to the layout because of the way it is tailored to the terrain.
  6. No it isn't, that is all just employee rumors. Unless your friends are higher ups (park manager, ect) I'm not buying it Believe what you want, I really could care less. Just giving a scoop from what I've been told. Could it be rumors? Sure, I can't deny that possibility. I personally would consider what I have mentioned to be a possibility. The park issued a statement on billboards throughout the grounds which clearly stated that the Rattler is no longer going to be at Fiesta Texas. Those billboards unfortunately did not tell us whether the coaster is being moved, or taken down for
  7. I've heard they had the rights, but havn't been able to find put how long that lasts... It's been 7 years already. I could see it being a 5 year exclusive deal, but I would think anything more would be working against B&M...
  8. The board really seems to be playing with fire here. How long has this hole saga been going on? A little too long if you ask me. I can understand them wanting whats financially best for them and the state. But they also must realize that the longer they take, the more expensive it will be to bring the park back to an operational condition.
  9. Interesting that they are going with Texas Chainsaw this year instead of holding out for next year when the new film, which is suppose to be a sequel to the original an have no ties to the remakes, come out. But hey, all the past TCSM mazes have been pretty good.
  10. Seeing as the assumption at this point that should they be adding adding a new coaster to replace PP it will be a B&M, might I voice my opinion and say I wouldn't mind seeing a dive coaster go in. While this doesn't really mesh with the rumors that the project was going to be an Intamin before going to B&M, the only two dive coasters in the US are on the east coast, and both at the Busch parks. It would be nice to see one open here on the west coast.
  11. Sadly, only Belmont Park and SWSD so far this year.. But will be hitting up either Knotts or Universal Hollywood next month, and if things go well, Kings Island in October.
  12. What you write about Flight Deck was confirmed by park managemenr at Leviathan Bash. However, your point about why Canada's Wonderland contracted for Leviathan from B&M is pure speculation and has nothing to due with an exclusivity agreement. Exclusivity agreements are done on a corporate level. Now whether Cedar Fair told Canada's Wonderland that they couldn't get an Intamin is a slightly different story. That would be corporate politics. But park management stated at Leviathon Bash that based on the success of Behemoth they choose the go with something they knew would be popular
  13. ^ While it may be a generlization, it's true for myself and several of my friends. While we had to put a lot on hold sense last November when we bought our house, my partner and I are back in a position were we have the money to start traveling again. That seems to be our big think. Last year we took trips all over the US (NYC, Chicago, Boston) and took a cruise in the Mediterranean... And now that we financially back on track, we already have 2 big trips planned for next year (an Alaskan Cruise and a surprise trip to Disney World for my 9 year old neice)... Now we have talked about having kid
  14. ^ Well, a Universal Classic Monster maze would work best in HoH, seeing as for the most part that's already what HoH is. This overlay would work with minimal change to the maze at all... But I'm with you, I HATE dubstep.
  15. Screamscape is reporting that the rumor is Intamin was dropped from the project in favor of B&M. If Cedar Fair is really pleased with Leviathan, it's not so far fetched, but I would take anything at this point with a grain of salt... Nothing is certain until we hear an announcement... Or until Knott's pulls a CP and leaks it on there website
  16. Movie World does look like fun, but it has always looked like it was a little light on attractions. Still on my list of parks I wants visit before I die though. Great pics, thanks!!!
  17. ^^ That was my guess as well... Skyscreamer seems to be the Windseeker of the Six Flags Parks... Many of the parks have already gotten one.
  18. ^ Possibly, and I would surely hope so, but the article did say that Canada doesn't have any regulations on sea animals in captivity. I see this incident changing that real fast.
  19. ^^ I don't think you can all the blame on B&M for there out and back designs... I mean, they have to design for the space they are given (and it's not always the most open of spaces), while also meeting the wants of the park.
  20. ^ From what I've read, this distance thing has been a problem before for CW, back when they wanted to build Flight Deck. They had plans with B&M, but B&M had to pull out because of the clause, after building Raptor at CP a year earlier. CW ended up going with Vekoma. But from what I also understand, CW tried to work with CP to try and come up with some kind of exception to the clause, but CP refused. That leads me to believe that Cedar Fair has some say about how the clause is upheld, and now with them owning CP and KI, well, and CW for that matter, that they could say "hey, we want an
  21. ^ This is true. I'm wondering more about this clause that says that parks within a 200 mile radius can't receive the same coasters. Just a few days ago was the first time I heard about it. When did it all start? I'm assuming well before CF took over operations of KI. And in any case, as CF now owns both parks and originated the clause to begin with, I'm sure if they truly wanted to put an inverted in KI, they would find a way. Now, I don't think that's the direction they will go, and I've already stated my opinion on what I think they should do with the land, but I think there are many unknown
  22. That really is sad... And while I'm sure some of it can be chalked up to over exaggeration, having that many former employees, and experienced animal trainers at that, quieting and expressing concern is a huge red flag that something is really wrong.
  23. ^ The last new inverted steel coaster in the US was Steel Lasso at Frontier City (2008), and it's a Vekoma family suspended coaster. Before that was Patriot at Worlds of Fun (2006). The market was saturated with them in the mid to late 90's and they seem like standered fair at a lot of parks, so I don't know if that's the route Cedar Fair would go with a new coaster. That said, if KI were to put a new coaster "bigger" coaster in, a good B&M inverted is the direction I would hope they go. There have been a few interesting new design elements to their newer ones that I think would make t
  24. While I expected a maze based on Universal's classic movie monsters to celebrate their 100 Year Anniversary, this is not at all how I thought it would be... The only thing that comes to mind is odd, very very odd. Another small update about HHN Hollywood this year. As we probably already assumed as its mid-August and there have been no entry details released, John Murdy said on twitter that the HHN film contest would not be happening this year.
  25. Wow! I've heard about the "lady boy" fascination in Thailand... But that's so great! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more!
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