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  1. My boyfriend before riding Apocalypse: "Wait, this looks new. Didn't they stop making new wooden coasters ten years ago?" It took a lot not to fall over laughing
  2. Ohhh, if thats the case, lets start with Ryan Reynolds
  3. Just filled it out! The Northwest Trip sounds like my best bet to take a TPR trip next year, and the line up of parks sounds awesome!
  4. I would definitely be interested! And of course would have to drag my not-so-better half along with me
  5. ^^ actually, we had heard about the heat in August and debated on whether to go. But for about the next couple months, with work, several weddings scattered over 3 different states and birthdays we just couldn't really find time to fit a trip up there after this weekend for a while, and I've REALLY been itching to go. ^ The incident with the employee was very unprofessional. The line was rather long, and we were waiting to get refills (my boyfriend thought it would fun to get the souvenir cups with free refills.) We waited for about 15 minutes (a longer wait then for most of the rides lol) and when it was our turn to go up to the window, someone just walked in front of us and went up to the window. We said something, but they ignored us. When they were done, we walked up and asked why she served them when she saw they cut in front of such a long line. She ignored then question and asked very rudly "can I help you? Your holding up the line." I just grabbed my boyfriend and dragged him away. He was livid.
  6. So far this year: Kings Island Cedar Point Kennywood Legoland CA Belmont Park Six Flags Magic Mountain Upcoming: Sea Wold San Diego Cedar Point... Again lol Knotts Berry Farm
  7. Well I just got home from FINALLY visiting Magic Mountain. Spent all day there yesterday, crashed in a hotel last night and drove back home today. Aside from the ungodly heat (103 around the last time we checked during the day) and one extremely rude employee at a concession stand (I had to pull my boyfriend away to keep him from yelling at the woman) it was an awesome day. We rode just about every coaster, and every one of them aside from X2, Superman and Green Lantern were 5min/walk on waits. The only coaster we skipped was Revolution. We made our way passed it after X2, but I had a splitting headache at that point from Viper and X2 and we decided to skip it for the moment... And we never made it back to riding it. I will say Apocolypse was the surprise of the trip for me. I loved it. It was one of only two coasters we road multiple times, the other being X2 (It was my boyfriends favorite of the day.) I would say my top 3 coasters were Apocolypse, Goliath, and Green Lantern in that order. My boyfriends top 3 were X2 (he hasn't stopped talking about how much he loved it), Goliath, and Superman in that order. The other big surprise for me was, us actually being at an amusement park, he started asking questions about TPR. He knows I lurk on here and what not, and makes fun of me for it. I think I'm actually warming him up to the idea of joining Club TPR!!! Here's hoping!
  8. Now if only I could convince my boyfriend to take a trip like that. I've been asking for 3 months to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain (we moved to SoCal in May) and we are just now headed there this weekend!
  9. Interesting indeed. Time really is short if they are wanting to start work to get it open by next year. I wonder if this will all pan out.
  10. Ummmm... That totally made my day! Blue Moon... Yum. EDIT: and I don't want to be rude, so thanks! Really a fun TR
  11. ^ It is a big risk. Anytime you open a new park, no matter how well thought out and planned, you are taking a risk. Yes, the park has the Paramount name the is known worldwide. But look at the state of the worldwide economy. Things aren't exactly great. It seems to me (and I could be wrong, this is just my opinion) they are planning it as a big resort in vain of the Disney and Universal parks and resorts that are world known and very popular. Opening a new resort in this economy, while competing to make a name for itself is a risk. It doesn't matter how many investors you have. That doesn't equal success. Now I may sound a little against this park, which is far from the truth. I'm very excited to see what Paramount comes up with and if I could have it my way I would be there opening day. I thinks it's just way premature to say it will be a sure fire success when it opens. We all will have to wait and see!
  12. "Hacked" got my vote as well. "Slash in the Box" was a close 2nd though; it was the only one to make me jump, though it was because of the cheap sound effect jump most horror movies use.
  13. ^ The on ride video looks like bits of the same clips shown at Comic Con this year.
  14. Remember Me, though I didn't like either of them. Would you rather eat ramen noodles or Campbells soup for a month?
  15. I must say I'm impressed. I know I have been a bit critical of Camden Park in the past, but from your photos it seems the have done a lot to clean up since I my last visit! I've always thought it could be a great family park if they put in the money and effort, and it looks like they are! I'm excited to see the park in the future if they keep it up. Great photos,
  16. Led Zepplin/Time Machine is an "OK" coaster. It's fun for the most part, but not exactly a reason to go put of your way to ride it unless you really want the credit. I'm sure, if or when the park fails again, it will be sold off, and I'm sure it will make a good addition to whatever park gets it, but depending on the park it I'm sure it won't become the star attraction.
  17. I guess I would be in the minority, but I think a B&M Diving Machine coaster would be a really good fit for Kings Island.
  18. Ok so I'll post the shorter list and name the states I still need. Alaska Oregon Washington New Mexico Arizona Montana Colorado And I think those are the states I have left to visit before I've got them all... Looks like I'll have to start venturing outside the US soon to start covering more ground
  19. ^ I'm not sure how much I would say that HRP/FMP competed directly with NASCAR Speed Park. While NSP does have a Skycoaster and a very limited number of kid rides, it is first a for most know for it's race tracks and I think would attract a different crowd then those wanting a "amusement park" experience. But I do agree with your thoughts on Family Kingdom. It's a much better alternative for families visiting on vacation who may just want a day or evening of fun without straying too far the hotel, beach, and other attractions.
  20. I was stuck on the second lift hill of The Beast at Kings Island from about 45 minutes. It's was interesting. Because the second lift hill is out from the station a bit, they had to bring a van out and drove us back into the park.
  21. It was announced on the Halloween Horror Nights facebook page. You can check it out here: www.facebook.com/HalloweenHorrorNights
  22. Ok, so I'm going to narrow it down to my top 5, seeing as after a clear cut top 5, things get a little muddled in my head as to what order they should go in 1. Universal Studios Orlando/Islands of Adventure. I know, technically 2 parks, but they are both part of the Universal Resort, and really, can you go to just one over the other? And Universal is a great example of how there is so much more to making a fun and exciting park then just piling thrill rides on top of eachother. 2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It may be an odd choice, but I have a lot of very great memories from Fiesta Texas, including my first major roller coaster, Superman: Krypton Coaster. 3. Disney World (All 4 Parks). Again, like Universal Orlando, I know they are separate parks, but growing up taking the yearly trip to Disney didn't mean going to JUST Magic Kingdom or JUST Epcot, it meant going and experiencing it all. And like Universal, Disney offers more then just some quick thrills. 4. Dollywood. So Dollywood really surprised me. I have friends who live in Knoxville who decided on a whim to take me when I was in town visiting last year... Simply put, I loved everything about the park. The atmosphere and theming is fantastic. The rides seemed to naturally fit into the overall aesthetic of the park. And I fell in love with both Mystery Mine and Thunderhead, both of which remain on my top 10 list to this day. 5. Kings Island. Yes, Kings Island is a far cry from the theme park experience I love about Universal, Disney and Dollywood... but my love of it is really simple. I love the selection of rides. It has some great coasters, including my favorite wooden coaster of all time The Beast. It has a very nice and varied family/kids area. It is, in my opinion, a perfectly rounded out park.
  23. The Mine of Lost Souls really is a great dark ride. I do wish I still lived near there. I would love to take another trip to Canobie and try Untamed... and get another run at Lost Souls
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