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  1. No, it had a good run. Do you think Oreo's are better then chips ahoy?
  2. ^ If/When you ever expand to include another holiday, my vote is for Valentine's Day! Bring back the old school tunnel of love
  3. I'd go with 2 classics... Give me Beast (it's one BIG back yard ) and a scrambler!
  4. ^ either there is or isn't another Wing Rider in Ohio... Opinion has nothing to do with it.
  5. That is going to be the best part of the ride. I wonder how that will work with 3 train operation, but I'm sure CP knows what they are doing. Man I sure hope that's just sarcasm... :-/
  6. Giant Dipper at Belmont Park (1925) followed by Yankee Cannonball at Canobie (1930)
  7. At the 2010 Pride Night at KI, me and some friends were stranded on the second lift hill of Beast for about 45 minute. And it was already pitch dark out. They finally came out and helped us down and provided vans to drive us back into the park. Probably my most memoriable trip to KI ever
  8. And I heard that anyone who survives gets free admission to the park for life!
  9. Regardless of anything, chances are we won't hear anything concrete about their plans for the SoB site for a while. Most likely not until this time next year at the earliest (though I would be pleasantly surprised if there annoucment this year was exactly that.) For all we know, KI could still be weighing there options on what exactly they want to do with the area. At this point, I'm a little more curious with what we will see replace Crypt after the Haunt, as that will probably happen first. There are numerous different flat rides that could use the location, or possibly they will use the area to build an eatery, carnival games, or possible just storage.
  10. Either Knott's or Universal (my partner said we could only do one this year ) for Haunt or HHN... And possible KI when I'm home in Ohio visiting in October
  11. Yay, More TR goodness! I've very interested in the Skyloop coasters, and think they look like a very fun ride, but your right, Dreamworld looks like it could use something a bit more... Well more, to help round out its coaster offerings. Can't wait to see the rest of the trip.
  12. Well that's the first I've ever heard of them having a clause like that. How would they get any other parks to agree to it? Or is it with the manufacture, having them agree not to build something similar in other parks? The big difference there is that KI and CP are both owned by the same company, Holiday Park is not. Of course KI could build a new woodie to compete with Holidy Worlds woodies. But Cedar Fair isn't going to add a Giga in KI, in my own opinion, when they have one in CP that remains a MASSIVE draw for crowds to the park. They will never try to make their 2 parks, that are so close to each other and share much of the same consumer base, compete on terms of coasters, but rather make the parks compliment each other. Oh and as the crow flies, KI and CP are only 163 miles apart... Physical land distance, not driving distance, is what almost everyone uses when drawing contracts like that. Regardless, driving distance is still under 200 miles, not over. It's about a 195 mile drive from park to park. Edit: sorry, they are only 193 miles apart
  13. Some great pics from Luna. Can't wait to see your reports on Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie World in particular!
  14. Finally got to ride Manta at Sea World San Diego... Just what the park need! Great family coaster!
  15. The Rattler, hands down. First and only coaster I've ever ridden that hurt me so bad I almost walked out of the park... I didn't ride anything for 2 hours afterwards.
  16. On that note, I wonder when we will find out KI's plans for the park next year. I know last year they made their announcement in September, later then most parks. I'm also looking forward to some new news about Halloween Haunt. I'm going to be back in Ohio in October and always enjoyed their haunt. If it looks promising I might try and take a day and venture there. It's been a year sense I last got to ride Beast... Oh how I miss thee.
  17. Cedar Fair however can't. They are never going to put in the money to bring KI up to Cedar Point in terms of thrills with coasters, not with Cedar Point relatively close to KI. They also have over 10 parks to manage and consider when adding rides, more if you want to count the waterparks they manage as well.
  18. May I nominate this as the dumbest quote of the day? We're talking about Kings Island here, apparent number 1 kids park in the world... I think they are fine with the kids rides they have. A big coaster with a 42" height requirement? Now that's what they need. ^ I don't see how it dumb. Your right, Kings Island has a fantastic kids area that has a mix of kids and family rides. But I'm talking more in terms of family rides... Leave Camp Snoopy, and aside from a hand full of ride in Coney Mall, the rest of the park has little in the way of family rides. And there last real additions in terms of any family rides was back in 2006.
  19. ^ That's another reason I don't see them putting a Giga in anytime soon. Cedar Point is the area's go to park for big roller coaster thrills. Even Diamondback, as much as I love it, is on the tamer side compared to some of CP's big draw coasters. I don't think Cedar Fair will ever put the two parks in direct competition against each other in terms of coasters. To me it seems the direction they seem to be taking KI, with Dinosaur Alive and the waterpark expansion, in a slightly more family oriented direction. It would be counter productive for them financially to try and make KI the next CP.
  20. ^ That is a very good point. One that could also suggest the idea of an expansion could be just as profitable, if not more, then just adding another big coaster. Like I said, add couple of family rides to draw that crowd, not just to the park, but to that area of the park that is mostly thrill rides. Then add newer coaster with smaller footprint that could drive in coaster lovers. While it might not be bigger, if they went with something like a zacpin, a skyloop, or even a eurofighter, the fact that it is something completely unique and different from what you see from any of the surrounding parks like CP, could help bump attendence similar to a newer big coaster. Theoretically, the best of both worlds. Regardless, like you said, everything we say is just wishfull thinking on our part. I for one see us hearing an announcement about the future of The Crypt sight after Haunt long before we hear anything about their future plans for the SoB site.
  21. Believe it or not, many GP like "big" coasters just as much, if not more than enthusiasts. (They're just not uber-nerdy about it. ) Your right, the GP love big coasters... But a lot of parks biggest money makers are family's. You need to give theme a reason to return as much as those that love coasters.
  22. I have been to BGW 3 times and have never stopped to check out Wolf Valley...I think my next trip there I should rectify that. Too cute!
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