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  1. ^that was really expected. I knew that would be the perfect addition for Valleyfair!
  2. ^^ The website is pretty awful! I was just wondering, I saw a picture and it looks to be the Bobsleigh from Kobe Portopialand! Can someone confirm that this is the bobsled for sale? Here is the photo from Interlink's website.
  3. I downloaded it and it works great! Thank you so much, for something that is acually for enthusiasts, not just the GP! I am going to have a lot of fun with this app! Thanks so much, ill be waiting for the next update!!
  4. This looks great! I will be waiting for more updates and expansions!
  5. Thats what I meant, I know it has been closed for four seasons!
  6. Does anybody know the progress on Son Of Beast? Im dying to know!
  7. Existence vs. Reploid vs. Southpaw. For dubstep lovers, this is the song!
  8. This ride looks awesome! I unfortunately live on the other side of the US, but I do have SFGAdv 5 minutes from my house! Enjoy SFMM fans! I'll make a trip out here one day! P.S. Happy 2700th page!
  9. Hi, im biker7766 and I created my first tour through Google Earth. I did a tour of SFGAdv, my home park. I will attempt many more and even give you the link for the group. Here is the link https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gec-travel-information/4MgPsJ9Vq1M PS. You need GE to run. Not available on i devices, unless you have the app, enjoy!!!!
  10. I think the backwards launch looks fun, but is worthless. Why not just have it launch forward through the tunnel for better PPH.
  11. SFGAdv fans, I just recently posted a new SFGAdv virtual tour of the park! Hope you guy enjoy! Ps. You need GE to view this tour. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gec-travel-information/4MgPsJ9Vq1M
  12. I know, I am just saying that for the next couple of years, as I can see SF doing something silly like that!
  13. ^Wow! Thats an awesome rotation to make That fit! Me being a SFGAdv native, it would be sad to see it go... Oh well whatever happens I hoper Six Flags makes the right decision.
  14. When you siad Jolly Roger, did you mean Blackbeards Lost Treasure Train, or actually the family ride Jolly Roger? Jolly Roger is just a flat ride that goes in a circle.
  15. Is this the credit that you think you saw? http://www.rcdb.com/6289.htm Nebs Funworld, they have a go kart track!
  16. Just today I got my 57th credit! Looping Star at Jolly Roger Pier! It was okay and I found out they repainted it! Im now back in NJ though, oh well... , back to SFGAdv!
  17. RMC did a lot of construction and repairs of different coasters. Such as Timber Terror and El Toro.
  18. Yes, you can use the Timberland Campground, which actually has a trail that leads behind the lake where Nitros hammerhead is. I dont know a lot about the campground. Ill try and PM you the phone number because I live so close!
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