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  1. Yea, so I had a great day at SFGAdv and I rode a ton of rides with my friend Liam! Here is my total ride list(El Toro lovers beware, your in for a scare!): Started off with: Nitro-x4 Rolling Thunder-x2 Green Lantern-x4 Skull Mountain-x6 Batman The Ride-x3 Bizarro-x1 Runaway Mine Train-x1 (Here it is)El Toro-x10!!! We totally would have gotten on Sky Screamer, but this Muslim Family, "yes you heard that Family!", cut the entire line twice! TWICE! It took them 20 minutes the first time to get them out, but then they cut again this time onto the ride and strapped themselves in! The security took then another 30 minutes to get them out! By that time we had to go after waiting for about 1 hour and left even though we were 1 cycle away for getting on. Great day, but Sky Screamer was a let-down!
  2. Yes i did, i believe a lot of people go to church Sunday morning, so the lines arent too bad!
  3. The lines arent bad, sorry for not getting back to you. I left and the lines were worse than before,but still not crazy!
  4. Hay guys it's Ryan here! I'm posting from the SFGAdv Cyber Cafe, having a great day so far, my friend Liam and I have ridden Nitro and Green Lantern both 4 times! Having a good day, hope it gets better
  5. On rcdb, it says Liseberg is getting. New coaster for 2013!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Love the ride and setting! The parachutes make the park a little bit more complete, and I like that! ^ I absolutely agree!
  7. OMFG, most amazing recreation I have ever seen!!!!!! Keep going, cannot wait to see this on the exchange!
  8. Dragon Khan! Batman:The Ride or Flight Deck , CGA?
  9. When ever i went to the seaside heights boardwalks, there would always be no one there! It was great because i guess i had a all-day pass, while, at night, everyone came for rides with tickets! Got on every ride and loved every minute of it
  10. Great update guys! I really wish i was there with you guys! ^^congradulations on your 1111th post! And i'm from NJ, so i do know what your talking about! HAHAHA!
  11. To answer both of your questions! On Sunday mornings, the park is dead except for Superman, Nitro, and Kingda Ka. You will be able to get walk-ons for mostly everything else. Keep in mind the Bizarro section opens at 11 in stead of the normal 10:30 park opening. You will probably be able to keep the short line streak up till 1. This is when I call "The Bomb", hits. The buses, the students, the church people, the crowds in general all explode at this one time. Last time I went, this past weekend. I got on most of the ride in 20-30 minutes, but Kingda Ka's line was 60 minutes, not worth it unless you haven't been on it yet, and El Toro which had a 30 minute line, but it was at the 90 minute point. IMO it probably is 30 mins. Definitely worth it. Yes, It is a fantastic park, but not the people there. I was made fun of just because I was giving advice to someone. I mean what is that? I am just trying to help! Well, good luck to you sir. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Bunch of map photos you don't have. SFGAm map 2012 SFA 2012, with new Apocalypse! Dorney Park 2012! Cedar Point 2012, with the new Dinosaurs Alive! SFNE, including the new Goliath GIB! Kings Island, 2012! Universal Studios Singapore! 2011! SFMM 2012! And last my home park, SFGAdv! I will have plenty more 2011 maps on the way! Thank you!
  13. Also, congrats man, I'm at 48 and I'm going to Funtown Splashtown to get my 50, can't wait and trust me I care!
  14. Hell yea, it is amazing! The feeling of being that high with such little chains provides a great extra thrill
  15. I just checked on RCDB and the roller coaster was taken off the db!? I didn't know what to make of it, could be different track!
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