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  1. Here is my favorite one yet. SkyScreamer Media Day pic!! Here you are!
  2. Guess what? That's my great-uncle!!!!!! Small- freakin' world, isn't it ?
  3. Get ready for a lot of tiltshift. F.Y.I, I don't own Photoshop, so they are all fake. Sorry! American Thunder at SFSTL! Anacoda at Walygator! Ouch! Apocalypse and Deja Vu! Autobergbahn at Wiener Prater! Backlot Stunt Coaster at Canada's Wonderland! Fun Ride as a matter of fact! Batman The Ride at SFGAdv! Batman The Ride at SFSTL! Boomerang at Elitch Gardens! Cobra at PowerPark! Upped the saturation a tad! One of the "CRAZY!" Mouses! Dive Coaster, One of my personal favorites!!!! The new Dizz! The NEW Extreme Rusher! Goliath at Walibi World, STENGEL DIVE!!! Hochaubahn. Looks legit! Nitro at SFGAdv! The Pandemonium station! Road Runner Express at SFMM! Superman Ultimate Flight at SFGAm! Thunder Run at Canada's Wonderland!! Twister II. Loving the highway cars in the background! Vuoristorata!!! Wild Mouse at Luna Park. TPR has been here! That's all of the "FAKE!" pictures I have, please leave comments and concerns! Thanks, Ryan Stryker!
  4. Sir, Great phot(o) tour. Love the beauty pictures from throughout the park. Great humor with The Crypt.
  5. If you like Nirvana- This song didn't appeal to me at first, but now it does. Makes you want to throw your self out a window. Make sure to watch the ending. LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4cGtRlWLf8
  6. Here's a update on SkyScreamer! Topped off picture!!!!!!! Just posted on SFGAdv's FaceBook! Here's a close-up of the action! Lookin' Good!
  7. Holy cow! It looks great, can't wait to ride! At this rate, it might even be open by the beginning of May!!!!
  8. New SkyScreamer photos posted this morning on SFGAdv's FaceBook Just click to the left button to see the other photos!
  9. ^^ If that is real, it looks freakin' awesome!!!!!! Great job SFOT!
  10. Oh finally, some vertical construction. I can't believe that the elephants or the scrambler isn't going to be ready for opening!! What? The ride looks great, love the vibrant colors!
  11. It is a very nice park, but one concern. I don't like how all of the roller coasters either go upside-down or are very tall. You need to make some kiddie rides and coasters!
  12. Happy Birthday KidTums. Enjoy your fifth! Hope you have a wonderful year!
  13. I haven't been on much, but mine has to be Rolling Thunder!
  14. I live about Six Flags Great Adventure-5 Mins Dorney Park-1 Hour, 30 Mins Hersheypark-2 Hours, 30 MIns
  15. Guys, these photos look great, wish I was there. I can't wait for more!
  16. Thats great you should make more. In other cities!
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