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  1. Yes, but look what SFGAdv did with El Toro. It was Vipers station and that was a Western theme. When, they used the station for El Toro, it is now a Mexican bull riding theme. They could change the theme, but it's not guaranteed...
  2. Doesn't anybody notice? The numbers at the bottom of each picture. He took a picture each day. So in roughly 12 days, he will be back, hopefully, full time!
  3. Oh No. I might not have made this very clear but, there is already a thread about your funniest photos. I just made, lets say a , template for your own contests!
  4. Here are some fun, Funniest Photo Contests. Custom made for T.P.R! What you do is, you take ink and stamps and whoever has the funniest photo on any of these rides they mark in the box. Whoever has the most stamps at the end wins. Here are some, Alton Towers, Funniest Photo Contest Alton Towers.doc Alton Towers Thorpe Park, Funniest Photo Contest Thorpe PArk.doc Thorpe Park Six Flags Great Adventure, Funniest Photo Contest Six Flags Great Adventure.doc Six Flags Great Adventure Cedar Point, Funniest Photo Contest Cedar Point.doc Cedar Point Walt Disney World, Funniest Photo Contest Walt Disney World.doc Walt Disney World Kings Island, Funniest Photo Contest Kings Iland.doc Kings Island Don't worry, more to come. Kings Island! Hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please feel free to write them in the replies!
  5. Dude, you NEED to keep posting updates. It is amazing!! Holy! Yes, keep trying to find free time because people love this stuff!
  6. For sure, The Great Bear at Hersheypark. I remember it and thats what started it all!
  7. No, I just checked through the darkness and they didn't put up another lift piece. But, there is always a tomorrow!
  8. Holy cow, it was like what a couple weeks ago they started and look where they are now!! The track is like a quarter(Less!)built!
  9. Yea, at the time I'm not really interested in another brochures! But thanks for the offer! That is all I want! P.S. I love the idea of an added bonus!
  10. 2010 Busch Gardens Williamsburg Map-x2 Wild Adventures Map-x10 Quassy Map-x6 2011 Six Flags Fiesta Texas Map-x1 Kemah Boardwalk Map-x3 The Great Escape Map-x2 The Great Escape Brochure-x2 The Great Escape Loge and Waterpark-x1 Holiday World Map-x7 Mt.Olympus Map-x2 Martin's Fantasy Island Map-x5 Quassy Map-x3 Knoebels Map-x3 Six Flags New England Map-x5 Six Flags New England Brochure-x1 Carowinds Map-x8 Gilroy Gardens Map-x4 Dorney Park Map-x4 Six Flags St. Louis Map-x6 Six Flags Great America Map-x6 DelGrosso's Map-x5 Lagoon Map-x7 Silver Dollar City Christmas Map-x5 Canobie Lake Park Map-x10 Six Flags Over Texas VIP Coupons-x4 Six Flags Over Texas Brochure-x4 Six Flags Over Texas Map-x6 Cedar Point Map-x7 IdleWild And SoakZone Map-x4 AdventureLand(NY) Map-x4 Oaks Amusement Park Map-x3 Oaks Amusement Park Brochure-x3 Adventureland(IA) Map-x5 Schlitterbahn Map-x11 Lake Winnie Map(Huge!!)-x1 Worlds of Fun,Oceans of Fun Map-x5 Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun Brochure-x5 Worlds of Fun(Haunt Brochure)-x4 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Map-x3 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Brochure-x4 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Operating Schedule-x1 Kings Island Getaway Guide/Brochure-x4 Darien Lake Map-x4 Six Flags Great Adventure Map-x5 Six Flags Wild Safari Map(NJ)-x4 Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Map(NJ)-x4 Luna Park/Scream Zone Map-x5 Hersheypark Map-x9 Lake Compunce Map-x7 Beech Bend Brochure-x1 Michigan's Adventure Map-x8 Arnolds Park Map-x5 La Ronde Map-x1(This will take a lot to get!) Indiana Beach-x5 Wild Adventures Brochure-x8 Epcot Food and Wine Fest Map-x1 (rare) Legoland Florida Map-x1 Universal Studios Singapore Map-x1(extremely rare!!!!!!!!!!!) 2012 Waldameer Map-x10 Beech Bend Brochure-x5 Six Flags Great Adventure Map-x117 Six Flags Great America Map-x4 Six Flags America Map-x4 Six Flags Over Georgia Map-x1 Dorney Park Map-x4 Six Flags Magic Mountain Map-x1 Six Flags New England Map-x3 Gilroy Gardens Map-x2 Storyland Map(including rates and dates)-x1 Castles N Coasters Map-x3 Expect many more for 2012! I am willing to trade for pretty much anything or nothing in some cases! So, lots of maps. Thank you very much! If you are interested, please p.m. me with your map of interest and your address!
  11. Hi, This is really just a topic because I need to ask how long is it going to take for me to get my R.I.T.R.? I sent a check in from N.J. yesterday and I sent it to Florida. How long, roughly, will it take to get to my home in N.J? Will it get to my house before Christmas? Thanks, Ryan Stryker
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don't see it. I looked it up. It's not there!
  13. YAY, Santa Monica Boardwalk Street View!!!Unfortunately, you can't walk directly in the park but you can walk on the boardwalk!!!! Link: http://g.co/maps/z7s5e
  14. My local park is Six Flags Great Adventure, about 3 Mins. away!!
  15. I regret it that I am posting so much ,but I just really need you guys to please post some other links, if there are any! Thanks so much!! I'm probably going to do a project for my 8th grade class from all of them! Thanks!!
  16. Here's some more links to other parks Alton Towers: http://g.co/maps/5pfx5 Legoland Billund: http://g.co/maps/dpgtx Chessington: http://g.co/maps/w85w9
  17. HAHAHAHA, Fuji-Q link for the win. Check out Dodonpa close up! Link: http://g.co/maps/4mstt
  18. Yes totally, me too. I'll try and look for you but, I can't see anyones face Oh Well. I also think it's funny because I can now go to certain parks that close during the winter, in the winter!!
  19. HAHAHA, I live right near this place!! I actually have a pic of me in front of it! http://g.co/maps/pfueb Laugh it up!!! I'm posting this because I just found out today that the Chiller is going to be resold!
  20. Yes, and I went to SFGadv, the day that they posted the pictures!!! Although, unfortunately, I din't see the guy!
  21. Just wondering, why are you making a tribute to Shockwave. I don't know if SFOT is taking it out but is there a certain reason? Just wondering
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