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  1. I know it is Six Flags...but I am the one who likes the Joker theme but just not for this park. I personally would prefer something more with an animal theme for the ride due to this Six Flags being mostly different than others with a more animal interaction approach. I just feel over the years, the animal feel to the park is slowly and slowly getting thrown away. Either way I'm going to ride this ride. I mean it's RMC...it ought to be good!
  2. I'm a huge fan of Cheetah Hunt's trains. The look and design of them is just awesome!
  3. This POV looks a lot faster than it did from the announcement. I'm hoping the ride is like this recent POV!
  4. On their FB Page, every day recently they have been doing a # of each roller coaster starting with their first. Today they just posted #3. So they are doing a Coaster Wall on their FB page now I guess you can call it.
  5. I was also sad to see Thunder Road...but I'm sure the waterpark expansion will be a huge hit with the GP! I'm a fan of waterparks and really hope to make it out to Carowinds again soon to experience the latest additions!
  6. I'm so excited for this year's lineup! An American Werewolf in London was seriously the best and scariest house I've ever been in. Halloween is a very close 2nd. So far, if all goes well in these houses (which I'm sure they will), it will definitely be the best year of HHN ever!
  7. One thing I'm a little concerned about is that there have been no announcements for any more houses for HHN. The event in Hollywood has most if not all the houses announced. Howl O Scream Tampa has all of theirs announced. It has been a while since they announced any new addition. I know they know what they're doing...I just want to know all the houses already!!!
  8. WOW!!! The slinky coaster looks to be amazing and very unique! Glad to see Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land making it over to the park! It looks like the coaster will be placed where all of those empty theaters and soundstages are! I hope everything gets underway soon so I don't have to wait too long to ride! (However, for the longest time I had wished that there would be an awesome launched coaster themed to RC Racer...)
  9. This excites me a lot! I was just at the park today and got a front row ride early this morning. The ride was an absolute blast! I already love the Hulk and it seems they are going to make it even better!!! I can see them putting in new track in the launch tunnel for the new motors, new trains, and a high-tech queue line!
  10. I have to say this year's Howl-O-Scream is looking very interesting! The theme is Unearthed with Scarlett as the icon. The level of detail in the following video looks very promising of the type of house they are building for Unearthed. Below is a video introducing Scarlett. Houses: 1. NEW Unearthed - Scarlett's Revenge (From the Producer of the Blair Witch Project) 2. The Basement 3. Circus of Superstition 3D - The Last Laugh 4. DeadFall - Thirst for Blood 5. Zombie Mortuary 6. Death Water Bayou 7. Zombie Containment Unit 15 - Moving Targets Fiends is the only show. Here is the Map:
  11. I went to Boomerang Bay a while ago and felt that everything was just too spaced out. I understand how crowded it gets...but I feel like if they remove some of the older slides and utilize their space better they wouldn't have to get rid of Thunder Road. But I'll welcome the new additions as the slides there now are really old and everything feels out of date.
  12. Don't forget about Transformers...even though it doesn't have 3D
  13. I'm really enjoying reading this trip report! Having living in Florida all my life and seeing the Everglades and such...it reminds me that I've never actually been there! Florida is really beautiful and I need to experience more of the natural aspects it has to offer!
  14. Wow! This really is looking impressive...especially with that theming!
  15. Wow this looks really neat! I wonder how it will ride in comparison to those Premier Skyrocket ones.
  16. I thought Griffon had the same style loading station as SheiKra? It loads/unloads 2 trains at a time? As far as stacking. Last I noticed SheiKra would be running 5-6 trains, and they would always be stacked on the brake run. Mainly because they couldn't physically check and dispatch the trains fast enough to keep the brake run clear. Griffon only loads/unloads one train at a time. Sheikra does 2 trains at a time. I think it is better with two trains at a time personally...
  17. Those pictures are stunning! When I made my first trip to Cedar Point this past June, when first driving on the causeway to get to the park, the only view I had was torrential downpour rain! So I could barely make out all of the rides. But on my way out, the sun was setting and wow it was really beautiful to see that.
  18. I just came across a really interesting read about Universal and its theme parks with the amount of investments they have been making into its theme parks. It was posted in the NY Times yesterday. Check it out: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/03/business/media/comcast-invests-by-the-billion-in-theme-parks-hogwarts-and-all.html?_r=0
  19. Nothing will be as loud as Kumba haha. That is definitely the loudest ride I've ever been on. Great Bear did surprise me a lot when I made a trip last year. I rode the back row at night for my first ride, and it was such an awesome experience! Definitely one of the highlights of my trip (besides a night ride on Storm Runner & SkyRush)
  20. I honestly don't know what to think about this... After watching the video it doesn't look as bad as I thought...but it does look bad! That coffin box restraint...
  21. This one is a tough one as I view these as very different rides. I would have to overall pick Millennium Force, however, Maverick is very close to beating it for me.
  22. I would say the worst roller coaster I've been on would have to be between... -Shockwave @ Kings Dominion -Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Over Georgia -Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  23. ^^^I'm Cedar Point won't disappoint! Cedar Fair knows what they're doing and the reasons for them.
  24. Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure!!! I haven't kept track...but I feel like I've been to these parks over 100 times. I stopped counting the amount of rides I have been on the Hulk after I reached 70 which was about 2 years ago.
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