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  1. Thank you all for your information regarding my future trip to Kentucky Kingdom! I'm actually going on a Thursday now. So the first ride I want to do is Lightning Run. Will I have time to ride it once in the front and once in the back before going to the waterpark? Should I ride Deluge first for the water park? I also plan on riding Thunder Run and T3 (if it is opened by then). Any other tips?
  2. Hello all! I'm planning a DAY trip to Kentucky Kingdom. I plan on spending time riding most of the rides both in the theme park and water park. Any suggestions so I can try and ride everything in a day? I'll be going to the park on a Friday.
  3. I'm so jealous. I mean I'm sure King Kong will be great but for the longest time I was hoping everyone was wrong that it would be a Kong ride and be a Jurassic Park attraction. UGH. Good for Universal Japan though! It sure definitely has everything in one park! Really jealous though...
  4. Umm...what about Medusa Steel Coaster at Six Flags Mexico? I heard that is one of the best RMC creations and the height is only 98 feet. I wouldn't judge a ride already when it hasn't even been announced yet. Judge the ride after you actually ride it!
  5. LOL whoever wrote that probably rode I305 like 30 times in a row before typing that... Their excuse... "stupid AUTO CORRECT"
  6. Wasn't "Unearthed" a scare zone a few years ago? Howl-O-Scream looks to deliver yet again another awesome year!
  7. I won't miss Wet N Wild at all! Bring on Volcano Bay! Wet N Wild was good and all but it just didn't match up to Disney's waterparks or Aquatica. Some of their slides are really good though. I hope to see some of them transfer to Volcano Bay! I'm sure there will be hotels built to replace Wet N Wild. Oh well I guess... CAN'T WAIT UNTIL 2017!
  8. 14 roller coasters from my recent visit to Cedar Point! But to get specific, Raptor is my latest new Coaster in my Count.
  9. TRIP REPORT! I'm not sure if I want to do a Photo Trip Report yet but I'll let everyone know about my FIRST visit to Cedar Point! We spent 2 nights and 3 days at the park. We arrived Monday at around 2pm to check into Hotel Breakers Lakeview Suite (by the way was REALLY nice), had free after 4pm admission that day, then spent the next 2 days at Cedar Point before checking out of the hotel. One thing I did notice was that the construction wall sign wasn't updated. It was on Gemini until Wednesday when they added both Wilderness Run and Iron Dragon. I thought they would do them one by one. Oh well. PARK REVIEW OVERALL: -The Park itself is just full of things to do! There is truly something for everyone here! The rides are amazing! There's a lot of variety too! Some complaints would be some of the merchandise. I had trouble finding a shirt I actually liked. It appeared that all of the shirts looked like they were printed last minute and just to have something thrown on. Additionally, the park employees are about 75% college teenager types. Some rides broke down because they pressed something they shouldn't have and then a mechanic had to come out for basically nothing but to press the reset button or something simple as that. Also, some of the workers were VERY slow...especially on non-roller coaster rides. My mom loves rides like the Matterhorn. There was hardly anyone in line and we waited about 15 minutes for them to cycle the ride ONCE. I was very frustrated. Also, there are a lot of BUGS at night! Also, the food is OK...Johnny Rockets didn't sit well with me...they are expensive...but their salted pretzels are the BEST EVER! RIDE REVIEWS: Throughout my 3 days at the park...I completed 33 rides. I rode 14 roller coasters too! My first day, after 4pm admission, I rode so many things!!! IT rained earlier that day and everyone cleared out and at 4pm the sun came out and the crowds were gone!!! Walked on so many roller coasters such as Gatekeeper, Wicked Twister, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum XL-200, Skyhawk, Rougarou, and Gemini! Maverick was closed... BTW Millennium Force is my new FAVORITE ROLLER COASTER! I rode the back row for my first ride...BLOWN AWAY! 2nd day was amazing! Took shuttle from Hotel Breakers to Marina Entrance to be close to Millennium Force. We were one of the first ones on for the day in the Front Row!!! WOW WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! Got to ride Top Thrill Dragster two times in the back row, Maverick in the front (OMG AMAZING), Pipe Scream, Matterhorn, Witches Wheel, Lake Erie Eagles, Tilt-a-Whirl (love these), Mean Streak, Waveswinger, Super Himalaya, Scrambler, Sky Ride, Blue Streak, MaXair, Dodgems, Tiki Twirl, Ocean Motion, Cedar Downs, Iron Dragon, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Raptor, and Gatekeeper. 3rd day (today) was very frustrating. I had to leave the park by 11:30 to head back to the airport. I had 9am to 11:30am in the park to ride rides. I sprinted to be first on Millennium Force from the Marina Gate for it to be closed. It was stuck on the lift hill...so I just kept running to Maverick (yes, I am a Cross Country runner so I was fine lol). Got a front row ride on Maverick. Then went back to Millennium Force...still down. Went to ride Rougarou front row. Went back to Millennium Force...still down. Went to wait for Dragster to open. They kept testing and testing and then they come to tell us it is down for high winds. I WAS FRUSTRATED. So I went to Magnum XL-200 to get a ride in. Went back to Millennium Force...still down. 11:30 had come...URGH! ROLLER COASTERS: (ranked by best to worst) 1) Millennium Force (10/10) -Best roller coaster I have ever been on. Rode front row and back row. Extremely smooth, incredibly fast, and lots of airtime. 2) Maverick (10/10) -Wish Cheetah Hunt back home would be as fast as this!!! Absolutely amazing! Awesome drop, incredibly smooth, fast, airtime, inversions, quick transitions, no headbanging due to new restraints...absolutely perfect coaster! 3) Top Thrill Dragster (10/10) -It was hard deciding these top 3 as all of these are so different. Did 3 times back row and once front row! WHAT A RUSH! MUST RIDE! Crazy launch! So fast! 4) Magnum XL-200 (9/10) -Awesome ride! Rode back row! Restraints weren't as bad as everyone makes it out to be! Lots of airtime and lots of fun. Mostly smooth! So awesome for the age it is! 5) Gatekeeper (9/10) -Rode both sides in the Front row! What a feeling slowly turning upside down 170ft in the air! WOW! Going through the pillars at the entrance too! What an experience! This was my first wing coaster and I loved it! What a unique and different feeling on a roller coaster! Must ride! Very smooth too! Only complaint would be the restraints. They are comfortable and all...but the vest was a little heavy (wish they were like Maverick's) and the restraint kept tightening and tightening throughout the ride. 6) Raptor (9/10) -Well I live in Tampa...so no Inverted Coaster can top Montu for me. This is a solid ride though! Rode in the back! Intense and smooth! Awesome! 7) Rougarou (8/10) -I never rode this as Mantis but this was pretty good! I rode the back row and experienced many moments of airtime throughout the ride...especially the drop. This was really intense too! It was just rough in some spots. Overall it was a lot of fun! (I probably wouldn't have rode it if it were still standup so I applaud the change!) 8) Gemini (9/10) -This was a LOT of fun! Rode in the back! Lots of airtime for a more family coaster! Little rough in some spots but overall I love the racing atmosphere and the airtime! Very different and unique! 9) Wicked Twister (8/10) -I have never been on an impluse. I rode both in the front and the back. This was a great ride and fun...it just seemed bizarre and weird to me. I came off like what is the purpose of this ride? I liked it and all...it just seemed weird to me. Very different and unique! 10) Pipe Scream (8/10) -Ok some people might not call this a roller coaster but I'm just going by what the park says. This was actually lots of fun! I had a few moments of floater airtime and such! This surprised me a lot! Great ride for families and adults to enjoy! Great ride! 11) Mean Streak (8/10) -Be prepared...I liked the ride! I rode in the Front row so it was pretty smooth! A little rough in some spots but nothing that was like Gwazi! Just leaned forward the whole time and it was lots of fun actually! I wish it went faster though. I experienced airtime on this too! Wasn't expecting much due to reviews...but this surprised me! I had lots of fun on this! 12) Iron Dragon (7/10) -I rode the back row of this. This was the first time I rode a coaster of this type. I was wanting more after...wish there were actual moments of swinging. The first drop had airtime in the back though! The second half in the back was lots of fun too! 13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride (7/10) -You just got to appreciate these! It is just so bizarre some of the track segments making for some jerky moments on the ride but it is actually fun! Just got to appreciate for what it is! Great ride for families! Love these. 14) Blue Streak (1/10) -I rode in the Front thinking it wouldn't be rough...OWW!!! The whole ride was extremely jerky and rough! I couldn't wait until it was over! Won't ride this again. NOPE. Only ride I actually did not like at Cedar Point. I chose not to ride Corkscrew as I didn't want to have my head banged up. And didn't care to get the "credits" of woodstock express and wilderness run. OVERALL I LOVED CEDAR POINT! DEFINITELY WANT TO COME BACK! THIS PARK IS A MUST FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO EXPERIENCE THE BEST ROLLER COASTERS AND THRILLS ANYWHERE!
  10. First of all, check out THIS thread. It helped me immensely for my trip to CP last week. 3. Enter the park at the Marina gate, do MF, then walk back to Maverick and work your way toward the front of the park. Park in the regular lot, toward the front/left side and the walk down the road next to Blue Streak about 5 minutes. There are much fewer people at the entrance, and it puts you in the middle of the park, really close to MF. 4. If at all possible, consolidate everything into a small fanny pack so you don't have to deal with lokerz. I saw people wear them on almost every ride, and I wish I had brought one instead of my backpack. Because the park is so massive, it's really a pain to have to choose between re-renting lokerz all day, not having your stuff with you, or constantly hiking half a mile to retrieve something. GateKeeper has lokerz, but you don't need them because there are also loose item bins in the station, so don't be fooled. So you recommend going to the Marina Entrance instead of the Hotel Breakers entrance? To park in the regular lot, do you have to pay for parking? How early do you suggest we get up and head over to the regular lot to make it to the Marina entrance?
  11. NEW NBC Sports Grill & Brew coming to Universal CityWalk!!! Opening this Fall http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/nbc-sports-grill-brew-announcement/
  12. I have a few questions about my trip in about a week... I'm going from June 8th - June 10th. We have free admission after 4pm on June 8th (that's when we are arriving at the island). What are the crowds going to be like? Also, how cold is the water from Shoot the Rapids? My mom is the fannypack person...can she wear the fannypack on all rides?
  13. Universal Orlando has sent us a press release announcing a huge addition to the Universal Orlando Resort, Volcano Bay, a new water park opening on property in 2017! http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/volcano-bay-announcement/
  14. I'm wondering this too! It is interesting to see the trains like this. It could just be the artists interpretation or something entirely new for spinning coasters! This looks very promising! Can't wait for the announcement tomorrow.
  15. WOW! I CAN'T WAIT! I love the fact that SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa are making their announcements really early while it took forever for Busch Gardens Williamsburg to make theirs for Tempesto. One thing I am curious about is the angle of the drop. They could have marketed it also as the Steepest in Orlando but I believe Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit has that one. This is going to be an amazing ride!!
  16. I don't know if this has been mentioned or not, please forgive me if it has, but what is the capacity for Twisted Colossus?
  17. Get me up to speed...what are these "horrible mistakes" other than the penguin ride lol? Watch Blackfish and you'll see. I believe that most of the members on this forum have watched Blackfish and have stayed updated with the constant news surrounding this. It became clear that Blackfish gave lots of false information about SeaWorld parks as per evidence showed. I'm not going to further argue this but we don't need consistent posts about the mistakes SeaWorld has done because Blackfish said so. SeaWorld deserves so much better than that. Yes I have watched Blackfish but I have stayed with the stories surrounding it. SeaWorld is not in the wrong. THANK YOU!
  18. Looks like one more week until Laff Trakk opens! Looks pretty darn good! Photos courtesy of Hersheypark's Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/Hersheypark?fref=ts
  19. WOW Great Trip Report! I'm now more excited to go to Cedar Point for my trip June 8th - 10th!!!
  20. It's not that I don't like Epcot, when I went recently, it has been about 7 years since I've been there. It just didn't seem to be what it used to be to me. I absolutely love the World Showcase, the Flower & Garden Festival, etc. The rides just didn't seem to be as exciting to me and I felt that there were some things missing at this park that it needs.
  21. Idk what it is...but from my trip yesterday to Epcot...I was completely bored out of my mind. First off...Soarin' is great! Glad to see they are adding an extra theater! Next...I haven't been on the new test track before yesterday and I wasn't too impressed. Yes designing your car is cool and everything is tron like looking...BUT the queue and the exit were just kind of blah to me. I kind of miss the older version of the entrance and exit but welcome the new modern stuff. With that said...a lot of things didn't appear to be working such as the screens to display throughout the ride which car won basically. The Universe of Energy...BORING. WASTE OF AN HOUR. Mission Space...I will never go on this again...well at least the Orange Side. I had the biggest headache for the rest of the day after this ride and I just didn't feel well. Imagination with Figment...umm...I had no idea what was going on but it was very weird. This is in need of a replacement. Sum of All Thrills was only running one robot arm...therefore the line was huge!!! Oh and all of Innoventions was basically closed too. Spaceship Earth had no air conditioning whatsoever. Nemo is cool but I'd prefer the Little Mermaid or the Haunted Mansion. World Showcase is always neat to look at. That was probably the best part. The whole park left me in a state of just boring. IMO they need some more rides and some removed. I believe Universe of Energy, Imagination with Figment, and the Old Body Wars area needs to be removed. Innoventions needs some updating (which it seems they are doing). Also, maybe fit in a bigger attraction like Crush's Coaster in Nemo Area Overall very underwhelmed.
  22. While I do love that Universal is planning something with Nintendo, I don't see it replacing Marvel at all. I honestly see them doing something with the whole kid zone over at Universal Studios aimed more towards families with a great indoor ride as well as little outdoor kid rides in the area.
  23. My local news station reported on the new ride and a person from Universal at Islands of Adventure said like not only will there be a massive 3D screen, but also massive sets.
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