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  1. Whatever Hersheypark is adding next year...it looks to be very interesting! Can't wait for the announcement!
  2. The VooDoo one sounds exactly like Deathwater Bayou at Howl-O-Scream last year. It had the VooDoo Queen, a New Orleans theme, a swamp, and a bunch of different creatures.
  3. THIS! I also want the entrance area to get completely redone. I think a Parking Garage would suit the park really well. I think Egypt deserves an expansion with a new kind of ride. It really was Montu and...that's it
  4. I can see Twister leaving soon but I would kinda like to see Woody Woodpecker Zone, Curious George, E.T., and that whole area to get redone.
  5. I feel like that if Six Flags was better at trying to get its new additions opened earlier like in April and May...there will be a better result for attendance.
  6. Universal definitely planned it out better by blocking FL Residents and Power APs until August 15th. It really helps with the crowds. Also, Hogwarts was a walk on for me when I went on the Saturday it first opened. Also I count Escape from Gringotts. It has a roller coaster section and again even though it is short...people count the smallest kiddie coasters as a credit.
  7. Steel 1) Skyrush 2) Sheikra/Griffon Wood 1) El Toro 2) Thunderhead
  8. ^Wow! There was no wait to get into Diagon Alley at 1PM? It seems as though that crowds are leveling out now. One thing to note though is that FL Residents and Power Passholders are blocked through August 14th. Also, I got to ride it when both stations were running too and there were no breakdowns until the second to last scene of the ride when we didn't do the final launch or whatever happens there.
  9. Nice pictures! Looks like I need to head to Canada's Wonderland someday
  10. ^I don't see how Lap Bars could work on Floorless trains with...no floor. But yes I think a restraint like Skyrush or even Mack's restraints would be really cool for B&M to try.
  11. It is kind of amusing to see the reactions from the ride release as it seemed most people were..."I really hope it is not a B&M Wing Coaster" and now everyone is sticking up for the wing coaster if someone bashes the new ride.
  12. Wow it feels like last week this thread was at page 550! Lots of posts! Lots of speculation! I'm excited for this announcement.
  13. ^I'm with you too! People just keep on bashing Wing Coasters and I'm sure that whatever Holiday World is bringing ashore will be a real hit! Wing Coasters provide unique experiences. It seems that people complain that B&M isn't intense anymore...a roller coaster doesn't need to be intense with the most powerful G's to be an outstanding coaster. It seems that the overall look on roller coasters nowadays is..."it just seems to barely go through every element...too slow...not intense..." I judge roller coasters once I ride them and sometimes the ones that aren't as intense are the better ones for me. I honestly will be surprised with whatever Holiday World is creating but I believe it will be a Wing Coaster of some type due to the latest clues and pictures of the clouds.
  14. Based on the past 2 Days of the 66 Days Clues...it basically tells you it will be a wing coaster of some type. Also, look at the pictures of the clouds...kind of looks like a wing coaster train.
  15. I honestly am going into this announcement expecting to be surprised of what it actually will be. Everyone could be completely wrong or right! Who knows...all I can say is I'm excited.
  16. Would anyone prefer the vest restraints on Maverick compared to the OTSRs? I would...
  17. ^I agree as well! However, I feel that once the trees grow in, you won't see the show building from that angle...only Hogwarts itself.
  18. This. I also believe Shockwave needs to go. Something better should replace it
  19. ^It went immediately to my Top 5! I thought it was amazing! Back Row was amazing! I didn't get to ride the front but I'm sure it was amazing
  20. See' date=' and that's interesting you would say that because I actually felt the coaster section went SLOWER than it looked. Not that I'm complaining, but I when I watched this video (keeping in mind I've only been on the ride once), I thought to myself "I don't remember it going that fast at all!" To me, the coaster section felt a LOT like the drop on Pirates of the Caribbean with a short S-curve. I liked it, but it's not much of a coaster section.[/quote'] I was basically on it twice as my first ride broke down right before that second/last launch thing or whatever it is. We were given a free ride once returned to the station. 2 rides from a 45 minute wait in single rider and then we got to ride together second time! Pretty cool Anyway, it could have been I was so excited to try out the new ride that it felt fast to me. I think I was just so into the storyline as I am a fan of Harry Potter that I got really excited for the ride. Do you think it is better in the front car or the back car? Both rides I was in the front car so maybe it was that wind or whatever that felt fast. Mummy also feels really fast to me so idk.
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