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  1. I think both of the Busch Gardens parks has the best names. I also like Intimidator, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, and Rock N Roller Coaster I think are really cool roller coaster names
  2. I'm so jealous of the New Texas Giant. I live in Florida but it looks like an awesome ride! The Rattler is next to get the treatment I hear. Now 2 Six Flags parks will have the treatment and both in Texas. GO TEXANS!
  3. That's probably the best Nick themed area I've seen but you have to have tickets to ride.
  4. New Cheetah Hunt update from BGT Nation! Cheetah Run is complete! Now we await the speeds of Cheetah Hunt! LINK REMOVED ADMIN EDIT: While we appreciate you sharing this with us, I have had to remove the link you posted as it was in violation of our Terms of Service. You are not allowed to post links to external sites until you have at least fifty (50) legitimate posts to the forum.
  5. My favorite coaster seats are the B&M Hypercoasters! They are so comfortable!!! My favorite looking train is the new Cheetah Hunt train! That is a beast train. Can't wait to ride in less than 2 weeks!
  6. I disliked SFOG when I went two years ago but looks like they are getting better somewhat. I went to Carowinds last July and had a great time. There were no lines for anything. Intimidator actually had the shortest wait at around 12:00-1:00. It was a walk-on. Vortex had no wait and everything had to be about a 5 minute wait. I don't know why it was so crowded when you went though. It is a beautiful Cedar Fair park. I think it needs a good water ride and a few awesome flats like Skyhawk and MaXair. Great Trip Report.
  7. I had a bad experience at that park 2 years ago but it seems like they are doing a lot better with it!
  8. Great trip report! That sucks about the rides though. If your going to open your park, your park should be open with rides to ride. Poor people who wasted money for closed rides haha.
  9. I cant wait for this ride to open. Going next weekend to see if there's soft opening, testing or anything. There will be pictures though. The theming in person is amazing!
  10. For speed issues, look at this video with the tower element... compared to this one testing...it is faster than it is with the employees on it...well the tower element is...
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