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  1. WOW! That looks incredibly fast!!! I thought it was sped up when I first saw that video. Dang!!! This is going to be a great ride!
  2. Here is a PointCast Update on Hotel Breakers from Tony Clark at Cedar Point!
  3. I think they should have the original 2 tracks be only for Standby Queue and the new track for the FastPass+ Queue. I feel like that is the most efficient use for the ride as both lines will run relatively quick.
  4. For the Early Entry...are there generally a lot of people? Also, what ride should I hit first for Early Entry? Rougarou maybe since it is new?
  5. I would also strongly recommend a back row ride on Maverick as well cause even though Maverick is amazing in the front the back is really good on this ride as I feel you are thrown over the first drop giving amazing airtime. Noted! I do plan on doing some re-rides on some of these. I'll definitely try out the back!
  6. Well thank you so much about all of the information! I just get more and more excited for it! Magnum in the back sounds awesome. I will probably aim for the Front or back of Raptor. I am definitely wanting to do a front and back of Millennium Force and I want a front row of Top Thrill Dragster. I'll probably do front and back of Wicked Twister. Front of Maverick. Front and back of Gatekeeper (one on one side and one on the other). Front of Blue Streak. Front of Mean Streak (if I even want to ride it). If there is one thing I'm worried about it is the weather. Hopefully the rain and wind won't be a factor on my trip! Again thank you all for all of this advice! Very excited for June!
  7. ^Thank you so much! I honestly have no idea about some of their rides at Cedar Point and Gemini looked pretty interesting on how they seem to race each other. If the line is super long I probably won't do it. I will have 2.5 days there and want to get everything done that I want to get done and lots of re-rides. As for Magnum, I've heard of some mixed reviews of the ride from the restraints to some roughness. But it's a giant coaster over 200 feet and I kind of want to ride it haha. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I know that my trip is a few months away...but I just have a few questions. What is the best seat for Magnum? What is the best seat for Gemini? What are the best rides to ride at night? What should be my plan for Early Entry?
  9. I think Soak City could use some expansion from removing some of the older parts and slides of the park and redoing the area with ProSlide Drop Box things and with ProSlide Rocket slides!
  10. Yes! Definitely going to have to hop on board this ship! Where will it debut/port?
  11. I love Diagon Alley and everything about it...but I do miss Jaws. I know it seemed to lose its popularity and it was a costly attraction, it was probably one of the most unique experiences out there. I really miss that ride. I wish there was a way to have both Diagon Alley and Jaws. If they did a Jaws return...I'm all for it!!!
  12. You're going to have to wait. That ride has the longest lines in the park! I'm staying at Hotel Breakers for 2 nights and will be at the park for 3 days. I will be able to ride it multiple times haha. CAN'T WAIT!
  13. I am visiting Cedar Point this summer and I was a little worried from some of the reviews from Maverick with the head-banging...but now...I just can't wait to ride over and over again!
  14. ^I can vision that happen haha. But I do think this will be very fast and the video will show it since it is very low to ground. I'm excited for it!
  15. I personally don't want to see Wet'N'Wild go either...but I think that is what Universal is planning on doing. I believe they will put more hotels across the street there as I don't see anymore room over there to add more hotels. I remember hearing that they eventually want 10,000 hotel rooms. I could be wrong though.
  16. ^This plot of land is in not next to the theme parks. It is in between Cabana Bay and I-4. I believe this will be very successful for Universal. I do believe that they will probably close down Wet N Wild and maybe bring some of their better slides to the new park. I'm personally very happy with this as I love water parks and Universal. This is just a great mix. My only real question is parking. Is there going to be a separate parking lot for this Volcano water park or will you still park in the Parking Garage at CityWalk. Maybe a shuttle service to the water park perhaps?
  17. Isn't the theme for the station like an old boat house that looked "weathered by a cyclone?" How does this head get into this? Whatever...it will still be an amazing ride!!!
  18. US: -Cedar Point (will accomplish this summer) -Knott's Berry Farm -Six Flags Magic Mountain -Universal Studios Hollywood (once it isn't all under construction) -Disneyland -California Adventure -Silver Dollar City Outside the US -Europa Park -Port Aventura -Ferrari World -All the other Disney Parks -All the other Universal Parks
  19. If you get to the park first thing in the morning...you can be the first ones on Seven Dwarfs (like I did) and then hit up Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion with little to no wait. I would try to get a Dining Reservation for Be Our Guest for dinner as well
  20. I'm making a trip to Cedar Point this summer. We are planning on staying at the Hotel Breakers. How many days do you recommend? What should my plan be? Any other tips?
  21. I also feel like GateKeeper has more riders because a lot of people want to ride it twice...riding on the other side of the wings. For instance, when I went last year...I would ride the front row on one of the wings and them the back row on the other wing.
  22. I wish Dueling Dragons would duel again. That was the best part of the ride when you have all of those really close calls. Maybe it will happen again sometime.
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