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  1. It has been raining for about 22 days straight in the Tampa area. There are flooding and evacuations popping up everywhere...especially this week! It has been a brutal summer here. It definitely solidifies the lightning capital of the world after all the storms we have been having. I'm sure the construction for Cobra's Curse has definitely been delayed for some time.
  2. ^Wow those pictures are amazing of Thunder Road! When I went, I rode this probably 6 times. It was tons of fun! I'm definitely going to miss this! I've also been on Rebel Yell...I hope the same doesn't happen to it as well!
  3. I agree with you that they will get dirty quickly...especially the neon green lap bar. But I actually like the colors. They stand out nicely and I'm glad they went with that! While the black on black would be better to cover up the worn and dirt collected from it, I don't think I would like the trains as much as they wouldn't fit too well with their color scheme. I really do like what they have now! The photos are amazing!!! I went to Carowinds when Intimidator opened and I can't believe how many changes the park has made in a few years! Fury 325 looks amazing and I need to make a trip back to Charlotte sometime!
  4. Looks like the Walking Dead will appear for another year at Halloween Horror Nights! From Universal Orlando Resort's YouTube: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. Wow! Great Trip Report! I really enjoyed reading it! I was always curious about their Jurassic Park ride being a family raft and all. It seems very unique and I would love to try it out (if I ever can get to Singapore in my lifetime) but I feel like I'd prefer my hometown giant boat. It still looks amazing. The park appears to be in great shape! Thanks for the report!
  6. Those footers! Wow the theming on this already! I really do hope someday I can make it out to Japan!
  7. Wow! I didn't realize how many unique rides Lagoon has until I saw this Trip Report! It looks like I have to schedule a trip sometime!
  8. Riding Fury, it's impossible not to compare it to MF, the first giga and still the most widely known. MF is of course still a breathtaking ride, but riding Fury really demonstrated how much better it could have been had it included any force at all during the ride. Ok I haven't been on Fury 325...but I have to say that Millennium Force does have Force. (I mean why wouldn't they call it Millennium Forceless otherwise). But what I am saying is that when I recently rode Millennium Force, I experienced a grey out on the first turn and really felt the G's at the bottom of the drop and the overbanked turns. I have been on Intimidator 305...it feels quicker than Millennium Force because of the quick transitions and consistent low to ground movement...but I wouldn't say Millennium Force has no force during the ride.
  9. I'm actually fine with the restraints on Fahrenheit and Storm Runner. They are both incredibly smooth rides (or at least when I rode them last year) and the restraints didn't bother me. However, SkyRush could use those new restraints pictured above. I'm not saying I didn't like the restraints on SkyRush as that is my #2 ride and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the ride...it's just that the angle of the restraints are a little uncomfortable. These look like they don't lie on your legs but your actual waist. This would make SkyRush not only more comfortable, but even better than it already is.
  10. That's the first time I heard about that. Also, I didn't hear any rumors about GhostRider getting treatment from RMC either.
  11. I really like the colors!!! I'm just a little worried that due to its location, its pretty close to Rougarou...hopefully it doesn't feel like there's too much orange in this area of the park.
  12. Idk about anyone else...but I'm loving Sharknado 3 at Universal right now! Lol. Oh Hell No!
  13. Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Update! Now taking Reservations! Opening July 14, 2016! http://blog.universalorlando.com/visiting-us/5-reasons-meeting-sapphire-falls-resort/ Meeting Room Conceptual Rendering ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/sapphire-falls-resort-now-on-sale/ Pool Concept Rendering Model Room Model Room Bathroom Strong Water Tavern Conceptual Rendering Amatista Cookhouse Conceptual Rendering [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. I believe I rode Backlot Stunt Coaster 3 times in a row when I was there. I went to Volcano right at Park Opening and we already rode Intimidator 305 like 10 times the day before so we went to Backlot next and no one was on it! Definitely a very unique ride that shouldn't be missed!
  15. ^Awesome update! Every single time I go to Diagon Alley, I find something new or a different detail that I've never noticed before. It really is an immersive land and it feels like you're not part of the theme park when inside. I am sad that Jaws is gone but Diagon Alley is definitely a great addition. Now for a Jurassic World attraction! (One can only hope)
  16. INSIDIOUS ANNOUNCED HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 25 http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/insidious-hhn-25/ [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  17. What I recommend... When I went to Carowinds, I flew in at about 1pm that day. We went to our hotel and checked in and all and went to the park. We bought the after 4pm pass and we got a LOT of rides in. Then we went the following day and did the water park and left by about 2 or 3pm. When I went to Six Flags Over Georgia, I got everything done in 1 day but I haven't been there since the new waterpark opened. I'm sure you can still get everything done though in a day. Dollywood is one of those places where I would spend 2 days at. Also, if you're planning on doing the waterpark, then I would probably spend 3 days. I would spend 2 days at the park and then a day at the waterpark. Hope this helps!
  18. A - Apollo's Chariot B - Bizarro C - Cheetah Hunt D - Dragon Challenge E - El Toro F - Fahrenheit G - Gatekeeper H - Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit I - Intimidator 305 J - Journey to Atlantis K - Kingda Ka L - Loch Ness Monster M - Millennium Force N - Nitro O - NONE P - NONE Q - NONE R - Revenge of the Mummy S - Skyrush T - Top Thrill Dragster U - NONE V - Volcano: The Blast Coaster W - Wicked Twister X - NONE Y - NONE Z - NONE
  19. ^OH HELL NO! LOL Here is a Behind-the-Scenes Video of Sharknado Filming at Universal Orlando! Footage from Universal Orlando's YouTube Page. Ian Ziering even mentions a Sharknado Attraction!
  20. ^Wow the theming just from that Concept Art looks amazing! That will definitely make the Disk O really interesting to ride!
  21. I haven't been on Tempesto but from the looks of it...the rider could have easily "accidentally" pressed the button to unlock the collar thing. I just don't see how this is supposed to be a life-threatening situation that the lady makes it out to be.
  22. 1) Millennium Force - Cedar Point 2) Skyrush - Hersheypark 3) Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 4) Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure 5) Maverick - Cedar Point 6) El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 7) Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 8) Storm Runner - Hersheypark 9) Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure 10) Incredible Hulk - Islands of Adventure It's also in my signature
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