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  1. I'm very curious about this ride! The marketing with the MythExplorer is fantastic and I'm really getting interested in the story surrounding Skull Island. I can't wait for this to open!
  2. I'm really excited for this addition! This sounds like such a unique coaster and everything about it is amazing! I can't wait until this opens up!
  3. My last new coaster was Raptor at Cedar Point last summer! (It was my first time at Cedar Point and Raptor happened to be the last one I went on so technically all of those coasters there were new to me!) But...I am heading to Dollywood this summer! Going to pick up Wild Eagle, Firechaser Express and Lightning Rod!
  4. Was at the park today! The Cobra Roll is complete and the twist coming out of the tunnel was started!!! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with me as my phone died by the time I finished up at Universal and made it over to Islands. Btw, anyone notice something weird about the tunnel? The last green strip on the outside looks crooked and broken almost. It looks as if it they slid it back. Also, the opening out of the tunnel looks more narrow. It seems they built a smaller ring around it just before you exit the tunnel. Kong was looking amazing! I'm sure it is going to be a huge hit with the park! Lots of work was being done on the outside of the Jimmy Fallon building. Almost looks as if a new facade was being put up.
  5. I'm not sure if this was mentioned...but I'm not seeing speakers on this train. Isn't there supposed to be on-board audio?
  6. I was at Universal today...and it is just absolutely insane the amount of construction. At the Universal Park -Jimmy Fallon -Fast & Furious -The Roboasis by MIB (something is happening to it because it is gone!) -Facade Enhancements in Certain Areas At Islands of Adventure -Hulk -King Kong In General -Sapphire Falls Hotel -Volcano Bay Water Park From a distance...Universal looks like the Capital of Cranes!!! So much construction!!!
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong...but weren't those 2 slides already there? I know they opened recently though.
  8. ^ I didn't know they were filling it with sand! I was hoping the roar would be back!!!
  9. That's what I was thinking...oh well. It seems that it will be a great ride after hearing reviews from SFFT! Can't wait to ride!
  10. I certainly hope so! I would like to see an update of the area to match Jurassic World. However, the old Jurassic Park is hidden there (queue entrance). Then you board Jurassic Park jeeps (test track like) and go on a wild ride through Jurassic World (with lots of animatronics)
  11. I know that there are some people that think Mako will not be too exciting...but I think this will be a fun ride! There really aren't a lot of airtime coasters in Florida and I'm glad that Florida is finally getting a B&M Hypercoaster! When this was announced...I was hoping the drop was going to be a steep one. Goliath at SFOG really doesn't have that steep of a drop. I'm excited to take a back row ride on Mako when it opens to feel the ejector air on this drop! I personally think this is going to be a great turn out for SeaWorld and a fantastic ride!
  12. They did some serious work around the pond/lake. When looking above from the SkyTower or from Kraken, the pond is very small currently. I'm sure construction is right on schedule since apparently December is now part of the summer season in terms of weather.
  13. Get out. Just go. Dueling Dragons is an amazing ride! Two really awesome inverts! The only thing I'm hoping for (if Universal does something to Dragons) is that they will find a way for them to duel again!! It is time for these dragons to challenge once again and duel!
  14. I don't think anything has been announced about this yet...but what is the degree angle of the drop?
  15. I was at Islands today and I'm happy to report that shiny green track was been put in place!!! (the end brake segment with the slight turn into the station). Sorry I don't have pictures or proof, I just go to the parks a lot and I ride Doctor Doom to look at the progress.
  16. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at approx. 12:02 am on January 1st!!! Started off the New Year with a rockin' start!
  17. Yesterday at Islands of Adventure, I spotted lots of new supports for the Hulk (spotted when I rode Doctor Doom facing the Hulk)! They are the same gray color as well! I'm looking forward to see this rebuild!!!
  18. They have a Mako preview set up in the Sharks exhibit and the video playing there has some really cool music that certainly sounds like it was produced specifically for the video for this attraction. I know nothing about that industry and how stuff like that gets produced (or how much it cost) but I wouldn't be surprised if that audio were used on the ride as well. I thought on-board audio was already announced when they announced the ride.
  19. Wow...this ship just keeps getting better and better! Hurry up and finish it already! lol
  20. I know it is really early to be thinking about this...but I'm assuming you would have to pay per ride on the roller coaster? I hope it isn't like $30 a person to ride it...
  21. If they do anything to Dueling Dragons...please let them duel!!! That was the best part of the ride!
  22. They could build the hotel in the upper north corner of the undeveloped land! The views don't have to face the unappealing areas! It could face the Serengeti Plain and there could be a whole immersive environment so that you can't really see over and what is unappealing. They could add a separate hotel entrance to the park from there and then you would have first dibs on Kumba! Oh wait...Kumba...it is over by that side of the park and it is really loud...maybe a hotel over there wouldn't be the best idea because of how loud it is...it could cause complaints.
  23. Whoa what is going on with the lighthouse? Or am I just seeing things there!
  24. 1) Millennium Force 2) Top Thrill Dragster 3) Maverick 4) Magnum XL-200 5) Gatekeeper 6) Gemini 7) Rougarou 8) Wicked Twister 9) Raptor (I've been on Montu probably 100 times. This was good but not great) 10) Mean Streak 11) Cedar Creek Mine Ride 12) Iron Dragon 13) Blue Streak
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