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  1. No I don't think so. Are you excited for 2012!?!
  2. Dear Title Fairy I don't feel like pissing you off to get a bad title so I'm just going to ask. I want the worst title you can think of so DO YOUR WORST! TJ "I'm not crazy" 27
  3. -You might be a coaster nerd if you start saving money to build a coaster in your back yard.
  4. Here's my list 1. WCB (My first ever TPR event) 2. Leviathan (Never been to CW really looking foward to riding some of the coasters up there) 3. Wild Eagle (Dollywood looks amazing! I have high expectations for Wild Eagle) 4. X-Flight (I have a feeling I'm going to like this coaster along with the rest of SFGAm) 5. Lex Luthor (I love drop towers! Not sure if I'll make it back to SoCal when this is open though)
  5. September 17. When was the last time you were unhappy to go to an amusement park?
  6. On my first multi-inversion coaster (Boomerang at Knott's) My restraint popped up a couple of notches on the 2nd lift hill. I was only 8 and didn't know much about g-forces so I really though I was going to fall out.
  7. ^Yea it wasn't serious. I honestly don't know what that guy was trying to accomplish but it didn't work. I think he might have been trying to scare the GP by saying Magnum crashed but he just ended making himself look like a GP.
  8. Well I was looking through yahoo answers and I saw this!!!! There's just so many things wrong with this.
  9. I Know I'm going to: SFMM Knott's Cedar Point SFGAm Michigan's Adventure King's Island Dollywood Canada's Wonderland I might go to: Holiday World Indiana Beach Hershey Park Busch Gardens Williamsburg Busch Gardens Tampa SFNE SFA SFGAd Alton Towers Thorpe Park King's Dominion
  10. HUSS Giant Frisbees are my favorite with S&S Screamin' Swings as a close second.
  11. Manta was a huge disappointment to me. I guess I'm just waiting for seaworld to get a thrilling coaster.
  12. I'm thankful that I get to go to WCB 2012 and not be stuck in Michigan waiting for Cedar Point to open.
  13. Ok sorry if this has been asked before but I downloaded RCT3 Platinum from atari and I don't have a Style/Themed folder so I don't have a folder to download custom scenery into. I've tried to make a folder and it didn't work. So does any one know if I'm just waisting my time trying to get custom scenery or is there a way you can get the folder to put custom scenery in?
  14. SHAM-WOW that commercial annoys the crap outta me!
  15. Rotten Apple Would you rather have the Packers beat the Lions or the Dolphins beat the Cowboys?
  16. ^ That might be one of the reasons but I think the Premier trains will make the ride experience way better. I wish Deja Vu would have gotten new trains while it was still at SFMM. Maybe I would have enjoyed my ride a lot better.
  17. Every single day of the week I like to sing a song! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!!!!
  18. SFMM, March 6 SFMM, April 21 SFMM, May 12 SFMM, May 18 Cedar Point, June 6 Cedar Point, June 7 SFMM, July 18 SFMM, July 31 Glenwood Springs Adventure Park, August 21 Cedar Point, October 20 Had an awesome 2011... 2012 will be even better!!!!
  19. GP 1: I heard they built this one coaster out in California and Cedar Point is gonna sue them for copying The Raptor. GP 2: I know it's called The Batman the ride and they built it to make people puke!!!!!!! GP 3: Someone got their head chopped off because the guy didn't have his restraint on and because your upside down the whole time when it went through the loop the guy hit the track!!!!!! GP:1 Oh my God I'm never going on Raptor again. I almost killed myself when I heard this. At least they knew that other parks existed!!!
  20. This is the first time I've ever had to experience an off-season. I used to think it was bad in California
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