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  1. Total Inversions (or times you've been upside down): 274 (274 Steel, 0 Wood) Average Speed: 50.92 mph / 81.95 kph (46.84 mph / 75.39 kph Steel, 55.0 mph / 88.51 kph Wood) Distance Climbed: 5.02 miles / 8.08 km (4.28 miles / 6.89 km Steel, 0.74 miles / 1.19 km Wood) Just felt like posting all my stats.
  2. Even though I HATE the ride I really like the way Manhattan Express' trains look.
  3. 1. When signs, ride ops, maps, etc. give wrong information to the GP. (ex. "Welcome aboard The Top Fuel Dragster"-CP Ride op) 2. When people break the park rules! 3. Line Jumpers. I really wish I could take care of this myself but I leave it in the hands of park employees to assure I don't do anything illegal or against the park rules. 4. Long Lines. Something out of my control but it still tends to ruin my time at the park. 5. Bad Music. Every time I go to Cedar Point I get Rick Rolled. 6. Sticky Grab Bar(s) on Coasters! 7. Swearing. Yes I have dropped the F-Bomb on a few Vekomas but when your waiting in line and the person in front of you is cussing up a storm it gets annoying.
  4. Another vote for Riddler's Revenge. I used to like it but then I actually had to wait in it. They should have a limit on how many people can be in there. It's way too crowded and I've never been line jumped so many times in my life. The music doesn't really bother me.
  5. Hey everyone I found this game today and I thought I should share it with you guys ridesims.com/ It's pretty challenging at first but really fun. It's probably on of the best ride op games I've played and I hope you guys all enjoy it!
  6. 1. SEFK scares the crap out of me when I'm near it and it cycles 2. All the Intamin launch coasters that come to my mind are louder than the average coaster. 3. S&S drop towers are really loud. 4. Most B&Ms are loud but I wouldn't say that they bother me.
  7. Your not the only one. Mean Streak is actually my favorite woodie at the park.
  8. Really cool photos! All of your Hershey Park pictures were spectacular.
  9. The theming on Tower of Terror at DCA makes the ride so I'm going to go with that.
  10. Son of Beast is the only one that comes to mind. For some reason I don't think it fits the ride and it's named after a ride at the same park. A 7-year old could come up with a better name.
  11. I really need to do this. Last time I was up in the Stratosphere it was closed!
  12. I know many of you won't agree but this is just my opinion. 1. Scream 2. Tatsu 3. X2 4. Green Lantern 5. Riddler's Revenge 6. Batman 7. Goliath 8. SEFK 9. Apocalypse 10. Viper 11. Revolution 12. Ninja 13. Colossus 14. Road Runner Express 15. Canyon Blaster 16. JR Thomas Flyer
  13. My top 5 1 Scream SFMM 2 Wicked Twister CP 3 Manta SWO 4 SEFK SFMM 5 Goliath SFMM
  14. The only togo I've been on is Manhattan Express so I guess that's my favorite.
  15. ^Wow! I really wonder why some people lack the ability to read. The things got Worlds of Fun written all over it. I just don't know sometimes.
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