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  1. The KKK. What's worse than all Disney Parks being de-themed and bought by Six Flags?
  2. ...Go drink a Pepsi because they had obliviously gotten Coke poisoning which causes them too......
  3. My last one was Monte!!!! What a great ride to finish off an awesome WCB.
  4. Hmmmm I wonder why you think that? Taking a friend's prediction I see.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before but I was wondering how you get to do this? Is it a tour that is open to everyone that can pay for it or is it some kind of private thing that is only open to certain people??
  6. Nice Pictures! I always love to see what parks look like when they're closed. Now I must wait for opening day.
  7. I saw this on FB but they didn't really say much about it or where the coaster is from......I loved Glenwood Springs Adventure Park and I'm glad to see that they're getting a new ride.
  8. They just let us walk through the Pre-show area when I rode it during normal park operating hours at WCB. There wasn't a big line so maybe that's the reason. Hopefully they have just stopped making people watch it.
  9. .....That made all of the theme parks of the world serve Pepsi at their parks and everyone...........
  10. .....Make Robb drink Pepsi then he.........
  11. ...Realized Pepsi was much better than Coke and the great TJ27 exiled him to the city of Detroit for the rest of his life where.......
  12. I went to Gigantour with Megadeth and MotorHead on Thursday. Most insane concert I've ever been too.
  13. ^Wrong <%99.9 Cool v Wishes they were as cool as me
  14. THIS! From SFNE's page. Lol like the park is going to listen to you
  15. And one day the chinchilla ate too many rotten strawberries and he died....
  16. My name is TJ. My favorite number is 27. Put them together and you get TJ27
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