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  1. Although I liked it, the Beast just didn't live up to my expectations. The helix was great, but other than that it was just a lot of track with no real excitement...
  2. It seems that one side gets a great headchopper effect with the house but the other doesn't.
  3. Well this could be awesome. Kinda wished they didn't choose the name Thunderbird, but this looks like a pretty amazing coaster! Excited!
  4. I don't think it's a browser issue. I have working on both chrome and IE.
  5. 400?!? That's all? Assuming they run from 12 - 8 then they only let 50 people ride per hour!
  6. ^But on the news video it still looks like its there, and I assume that is more recent? I have no idea really.
  7. Jack rabbit doesn't have dividers... In fact, it only really has a seat belt. It doesn't even have bars that come down. I mean, its got the one that's fixed there, but that's only to grab on to. So this already kinda has the old school seats...
  8. The portugal goal in the last few minutes drove me crazy! So Close!!!
  9. ^Well I'm sure they want it to have two trains operating. It's not like they were expecting a problem with trains back when it was announced.
  10. I'd say May is the best time to go, but you sure are running out of time to do that. If you have half a day you should be able to get every coaster in. Not sure about all the flats though...
  11. ^Well, If you look at the two pictures you can see they seemed to re-profile the first pull out as well, so it doesn't seem to drop to the same level. That being said, If five feet out of a drop makes this ride possible, then it's certainly not that big of a deal.
  12. It's rarely over an hour. Although The Phantom got new train bodies this year and they were having problems with it so they are only running one train. It may be fixed by when you go though. Other than that I wouldn't expect too much of a problem getting on every ride. Memorial day weekend tends to be fuzzy so you'll really have to see.
  13. It's awesome to hear them talking about how smooth and great it is at the end.
  14. I rode Banshee last weekend in the middleish (maybe closer to the back) and had a very rough ride. Probably the worst on an invert. I wouldn't say the rattling is completely gone yet. I still loved it.
  15. All mine have come out terrible. Whoever wants to go next just go ahead and post one.
  16. For me I still pick Montu. Granted, I only was able to ride Banshee once when I went, but I feel Montu just provides a more exciting ride. That being said, I pick Banshee over Raptor or Alpengiest. It really is much more forceful that I expected it to be. I came off with that tingly feeling in your legs when too much blood is pulled there. It was really great. It doesn't matter that the inversions were more floaty, because it was backed by some serious force. Plus the floaty movements in the transitions seemed cool in a different way.
  17. That's probably just the hight of the tower however. The drop may be smaller (or larger )
  18. 20's: Jackrabbit - Kennywood 30's: Blue Streak - Conneaut Lake Park 40's: _________ 50's: Comet- Waldameer 60's: Thunderbolt - Kennywood 70's: Loch Ness Monster- Busch Gardens Williamsburg 80's: Magnum XL 200- CP 90's: Montu- Busch Gardens Tampa 00's: El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 10's: Skyrocket- Kennywood
  19. If you're gonna go to both Cedar Point and Hershey park and you have an extra day, I'd have to say do go with Kennywood. It may not be as big of a park as CP or Hershey, but there are some real great classic rides like the turtle, auto race, and jackrabbit, and they also have the Phantom's Revenge, which is a pretty great ride. Of course I am biased as it's my home park, but still... If you don't have an extra day then forget it.
  20. I personally think you should consider going to more of the non-corporate theme parks. It's not that I don't have too much of a problem with the big names like six flags, its just that I feel you will get a more well rounded idea about parks in the U.S. if you do. But I know how tough it can be narrowing stuff down. I'm sure regardless you'll have an amazing time.
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