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  1. Did anyone else read the short Popular Science article on Gatekeeper?
  2. Well, it's certainly better than it was. Calling it best is a bit of a stretch, but it'll actually look nice.
  3. Theme parks. If done right, a good theme can give new life to just about any ride or section of a park.
  4. Gatekeeper, because I like how it interacts with the front gate and doesn't seem as gimmicky as yolocoaster.
  5. It's good to see that the coaster will be running. Those are some hard pictures to look at.
  6. Meh. I need more money to join! I hope to join soon, but till then I wish everybody who actually can go to media day a good time.
  7. 15 Here....Looks like I'm definitely not in the minority. Anyways The first coaster I rode was Big Bad Wolf. I was only four and remember the handles on the OSTR being right at head level! I was so scared I didn't go on another coaster until I was 9.
  8. Pittfall is my favorite. I loved the view of Kennywood and the great drop. RIP
  9. This has made me sick to my stomach. It's so insanely terrible. I used to live near here! I stopped in this town on the way to NYC once! I wonder how many houses I passed that had children who went to this school. He needed help a long long time ago. He need deep psychiatric help very long ago. This could have been avoided. It's so monstrous.
  10. Viper at Darian Lake. I remember it well. I was terribly scared of the ride, yet still wanted to ride it. I spent a good 20 minutes just staring at it going through inversions. The ride itself wasn't as bad as I had thought. I really liked it. I soon moved away however and haven't ridden it since.
  11. Mean Streak was a huge pleasant surprise. Me and my friend were expecting the worse, but we had an awesome time. Sure, we got thrown on each other a few times, but that was fun and it was never painful.
  12. I was just at the zoo last week. It's scary to see a local thing around me get so big. The exhibit is very safe looking. There are 3 open air "windows" to look at the painted dogs with. The two on the sides have wire mesh on them and the one in the middle has no wire mesh but it still seems very safe. There is a sign saying that there shouldn't be children or whatnot sitting or leaning over the fence and there is a catch net below it. Sadly there was a mother who was stupid enough to ignore the signs and give her toddler a better view. Some are saying that the toddler died when it hit the ground and not when it was eaten. I sure hope so for that sake. I hope they don't get rid of the African painted dogs. They are so beautiful. One sad dog had to be shot! This is an endangered animal!!! The place where she lived was in a "good" neighborhood where the parents are usually very protective. According to the news a friend of hers said that she was usually a very protective and great mother who just wasn't thinking. She very well may have been protective and a good mother up until that moment. She did one stupid thing though that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. And it really is solely her fault and not the dogs nor the zoo's. Also according to the news the mom is in a psychiatric ward of her hospital and is in extreme depression and shock. So sad that this had to happen to the zoo and to her and the toddler. So sad.
  13. I personally like the view from Ravine Flyer 2 the best, although I also like the view from Hair Raiser from your pictures. Although this isn't a roller coaster, I like the location of Cowabunga Bay with the mountains behind it. that's really cool.
  14. Granted. THIS wish will come true. All your future ones won't. I wish my chores were gone.
  15. Having every thing in Florida destroyed by a hurricane. What's worse than a killer whale attack at Sea World?
  16. Yes Do you prefer camera's on phone's or on a traditional camera?
  17. I personally love mean streak and mantis. When I last rode them last Saturday they were running great. I had no pain on either.
  18. Geez! This thing looks crazy. And I really like the golden eagle logo. They could really make that look good.
  19. I personally don't see and inverted wingrider to be very practical. The supports would just be too weird and have to be spaced out way to much.
  20. I heard somewhere, not sure where exactly, that when Garfield's Nightmare at Kennywood was called Hardheaded Harold's Horrendously Humorous Haunted Hidaway (I think) they kept a wiffleball bat in so that they could hit people when they were doing it on the ride.
  21. I honestly don't see how Sonic the Hedgehog could have anything to do with this. I just have a feeling that it won't be associated with any characters.
  22. Wow! really nice trains in that promotional picture. I sure hope that that is the final design, as it would look just amazing going through that crazy layout.
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