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  1. The ride was " It's a small world." ...... ...... ....... AHHHH! The song RETURNS!
  2. Video feed was down for me too. I won a knobby ball though, so nothing really for me.
  3. I can't get in now.......looks like I'm going to jump in real quick at 5:00!!
  4. Man, now I wish I live at my grandma's house! Can we participate if we are in the area for a short time every year?
  5. In the video it shows windseeker going up much faster than at any of the parks it's at now.
  6. It's not that bad of a ride. Although many of us would have liked something more thrilling, I know it will be good for the park. At least it's better than that dinosaurs crap at cp.
  7. Does anyone know why they wouldn't use B&M's seating arrangement that they used on behemoth?
  8. The lines for the outside seats are going to be awful compared to the inside seats.
  9. From what I've ridden, I think its Magnum xl 200. It has one hill with almost 5 seconds of airtime(second hill after first drop) and tons of ejector afterwards. Sure, it may be bumpy, but it still has airtime.
  10. Well... I just scratched my screen trying to grab some meat on a stick.
  11. I think the front is very good, but it could be wider. I don't like all of that wasted space. i like the black color, just make there be less of it on the sides.
  12. If you scroll down really fast it looks like he's landing!
  13. I went to all those places last year. It was so mush fun. Ahhh the memories.
  14. With all this confusion about if it's a woodie or steel do you think its a possibility that we will have a new type of coaster altogether? Wood, Steel and I-Beam. That would be weird.
  15. yeah, it's actually a fun ride, not really thrilling with all the trims, but still, enjoyable. Just don't ride the back seat. I tried it after a few rides in the front and well... i think u know.
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