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  1. Your photograph is excellent. Wow! Thanks for the report. It seemed like a lot of fun. Maybe someday I'll make one of those trips.
  2. ^ Heh, My friend and I were just talking about how annoying that is.
  3. A friend of mine told me this one, but he said he overheard a\this conversation in line for Log Jammer at Kennywood after they cut down the trees in between it and Racer. "Hey, did you notice this area looks more open? Do you know why?" "no." "well, I saw on the news that they picked up the ride and moved it over 20 feet!" "Really? Why would they do that?" "I don't know, but it sure makes this area look better!" Yes, they really thought that Kennywood had moved the Log Jammer over 20 feet
  4. These are getting a bit too much for me. They were good with some height, but after a while it just gets boring. It's fine for say a roller coaster where the park can advertise a huge drop or such, but these starfliers have almost no extra thrill when they get higher in my opinion.
  5. My crazy idea is a a new type of drop tower for any park each seat has it's own individual drop track. Seats will be next to each other in a row of maybe ten or so. A computer will randomly select a seat and drop it while leaving the rest up. It will do this until no seats remain. I'd like to see this, although I know it's unlikely.
  6. I hope those trains hold up. Skyrocket's trains had the rubber seats ripping by the end of its first season and had to be replaced by thicker rubber.
  7. Even though I keep on seeing you go there over the years, Katun's zero g roll still shocks me. It's so high!
  8. All that delicious looking pizza makes my mouth water. You all on the trip are lucky. It all looks so good!
  9. This park really does shine now. I really do need to get a visit in someday. That crowd was just huge however! I hope it dies down soon. I couldn't stand being around all of those people without freaking out or doing something along those lines.
  10. Wow. I honestly haven't spent much time keeping up with whats going on over there, but I wish I had. It's pretty neat seeing all of it like that. And seeing Tory makes me jealous too.
  11. I honestly haven't been really up to date with this installation, but I wish I had. It looks much better than I anticipated.
  12. I'm looking more and more forward to my visit later this summer Everything about the park just seems "right" right now.
  13. I sincerely wish team tpr good luck to getting as many donations as possible. I hope many kids benefit from all the great campaigning you all are doing for this.
  14. I'd say it's safe to say that this ride is either going to create a new theme area, or the ride won't be terribly themed at all.
  15. I too was able to take a ride on Verbolten on Sunday. I was not expecting it to be open and was ecstatic. The whole experience is just great. Considering that this is my first time to the park in 6 years, I have to say that this was an unexpected treat!
  16. This trip report was excellent. It really did show everything. Thank you for amusing me while turning me green with envy at the same time!
  17. Darn! I thought it was the one at dollywood, but I couldn't remember the name.
  18. I know I'm not the one who posted the picture, but that is totally right. I've been there too much not to know it. (just watch me be wrong )
  19. Me and my friend Micheal have created a roller coaster this year for the Cedar Point great thrill ride Build off this year just like we did last year. I noticed that another member posted their coaster on this site, and I thought you should get our perspective too. Last year, we also won (we had the suspended one) and we had a great time a Cedar Point, and when they added a first place we decided to try to get first place. Our coaster this year is called Project CP As you can see, our coaster is smaller than the other member's "mythos". Although we have the capacity to build one of his or her magnitude, we decided against it because we knew how hard it is to transport to Cedar Point. We also had to switch to the micro pieces for the same reason. Our goal was actually to have it fit through a doorway! We based the roller coaster with some mixed elements of B&M's new wing rider, as well as their older coaster types. We also tried to make it realistic by using supports that are actually tubes, like on a modern steel coaster. These are more complicated to make than you think. We even had cat walks and a tension wheel to help control the chain. We obviously went for realism. I am not asking you to vote for us, but to vote for your favorite, but I do ask you to consider ours, because we think it is quite impressive. Here is where you can vote http://www.knex.com/News_and_Events/Thrill-Ride-Build-Off-2012-Vote.php *you can vote once per day*
  20. I've decided that I am probably going to join the Cedar Point coasting for kids. I'm excited to see how much money I can raise!
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