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  1. Well this sucks. I , after screwing around with my no limits game, am not able to share my tracks.
  2. I just voted for the first time and this was all confusing to me. I feel I made a couple mistakes. Hopefully it's not to bad.
  3. correct me if I'm wrong but you rated Kennywood's thunderbolt below Cedar Points blue streak. What's up with that?!?!?!
  4. You guys aren't going to this park for the japan trip right. If you did I would be less sad about not being able to go.
  5. Have any of you had one of those o crap moments when you grab the prize and you think it's going to bounce out when you drop it because the claw is shaking so much
  6. well. i went for a ball with a prize inside, missed, picked up a giant green ball instead, and got a bloody nose. all in less than two minutes
  7. Don't let this let you down. It was probably just a glitch. many other's on this site have won so don't think it's rigged. Keep on trying.
  8. When i got to play last night I didn't realize the view was sideways from what it was in line so I kept on trying to go down but didn't realize I was already as far down as i could be. I didn't win I am getting back in line now. Only 250 more minutes
  9. I just accidentally clicked out of it for the second time. . At least chatting with robb made it more fun
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