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  1. I was genuinely happy to see them do something like that. And it wasn’t just the people in the station or the ones that were about to ride. It was everyone who stayed in line. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk We were in the station when it closed at 3:45 and left right after they made the announcement that the closure was expected to be a lengthy one. Where did you get the pass? We went out the fast lane line and were one of the first people out and letting people in the queue who didn't hear the spiel know it was going to be closed for a while.
  2. Rumor has it that there's more to this closure than just a roller coaster replacing it. Log Jammer is old, and apparently it was getting increasingly expensive to maintain it. Kennywood doesn't have the budget that a park like Busch Gardens has to renovate a ride like the log jammer that won't draw in a crowd as well as a new coaster. I am absolutely heartbroken though. It was my favorite flume and I have countless amazing memories of the ride.
  3. It's pretty obvious that they'll trim the first drop to a near halt and then launch back up the first airtime hill. Cedar Point is going for the "stupidest ride design" world record.
  4. I'd say there's a difference between a mid year ride closure and opening weekend ride closure. If its mid year, its most likely a mechanical issue. That's unavoidable and understandable. This was not the case. This seemed to be them being ill prepared for the weekend. There isn't a good excuse to not have rides state certified yet.
  5. Man the retro stuff on that wall is pretty awesome. Mantis? Avalanche Run? Etc...
  6. Using that argument, you could argue that Mind Eraser at SFNE is a new credit this year because it got brand new trains with a different experience - It's not a different credit. Re-names and re-themes do not constitute new credits either. Sure, and it's worth noting the new experience, but it's definitely not a new credit. The track is exactly the same. coaster-count.com counts marks each iteration as the equivalent of riding a relocated credit (which is also not a new credit) - I think that's a fair way of counting it. Interesting. OMG who gives a f***!??! You're so much better than us - How do I get to be as cool as you? We're all just so lame, discussing roller coasters on a theme park website. Please just tell me how to be as cool as you! EDIT: But seriously? If you don't care about credits, why comment? Why such an elitist attitude towards fellow geeks? You're also cruising a theme park website everyday just like the rest of us, get over yourself. Because counting credits is dumb. By definition, an enthusiast is a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject, right? But why brag over how many you've experienced said activity or subject? I mean, if you're a gaming enthusiast you don't brag about how many games you have, otherwise you look like a loser. If you're a car enthusiast, you don't brag about how many cars you have, otherwise you look like a jerk. Point is, counting credits is fine, but if you're really gonna argue about getting the same coaster as a new credit, that makes you the laughingstock. rant.jpg> People who are gaming enthusiasts brag about their achievement score all the time. Hell people brag all the time in video games about their various scores. Its a fun thing people do to keep track and its no big deal if people want to discuss what counts and what doesn't. Not everyone has to do it to enjoy the community, but liking to do it doesn't make you a worse person.
  7. I love it was taken with such a high focal lens so all the coasters will appear to be their actual height relative to each other. There's no worry about coasters that are closer appearing larger, so its really a great pic to compare the heights of everything in the park. Also, its just plain gorgeous. The only think I can't figure out is what angle this was taken at. The fact that its all silhouettes and also that the curvature of the earth cuts out the short rides makes it hard to tell.
  8. Skyrocket runs 2 trains and has decent capacity due in part to how short the ride is, but I don't think it'll be enough for Cedar Point. Only 12 people per train can ride.
  9. It's looking like that first inversion will be at least as tall as Maverick, which is pretty crazy.
  10. Two things: 1. It's dueling. dUEling. Please everyone stop misspelling that. You're killing me! 2. Anyone who doesn't think this is an April Fool's joke is not very smart. I realize that applies to a few people in this thread. Just putting that out there. Hey nothing wrong with irrational speculation based on the single shred of acknowledgment cedar point makes on a day notorious for purposely spreading intentionally misleading information right? ...And I totally didn't fall for it myself right?...
  11. I'm highly skeptical of a dueling ride. Would it be amazing? Hell yes. But at the moment I don't see enough room for two tracks.
  12. I've seen dozens of april fools day jokes, and this is the first one to actually get me... I can't believe I fell for it.
  13. The capitol letters in the tweet are TC.... Tony Clark... Yeah it's him.
  14. Let's move away from talk of the ban. It's a respectable rule but it's either making someone ask a stupid question or having everyone jump on an insult wagon towards someone who made a stupid question and we don't need this tension. Has anyone seen of Maverick backwards and reversed? It's so bizarre seeing brake runs act as launches. It's an older video but I hadn't seen it in a while.
  15. Don't get me wrong I love Millennium and Dragster, but I think I put Magnum above both of them. Hell I might even put back seat of Gemini near them. Maybe I like it a little rough. Maverick is still #1 in the park though, but I think I can safely say that Magnum is my favorite coaster above 200 ft there.
  16. No, Morgan hypers (with the exception of Steel Eel) are the most forceless coasters in existence. They're very smooth but as hypers go they're also a bit dull. Hey that second half of phantom's revenge is the most intense part of that ride. It's pretty crazy.
  17. I have just a quick question about winds. My group of friends was planning on going to Cedar point on Saturday, hoping that the low Temps and early rain scares some people off. However, the forecast also calls for 20-25 mph winds. What can I expect to be closed?
  18. I hate to be that guy, but Cedar Point has four. (Top Thrill, Millennium, Magnum XL and Wicked Twister.) That being said, I don't think that a small drop is anything to be ashamed of. Tons of rides pack a smallish drop with a great overall experience.
  19. How would they handle the different heartline if they switch to seated trains?
  20. I swear I'm addicted to this thread. Love the work. Seriously. It's just incredible.
  21. Did anyone else see this article as well? www.pcgamer.com/previews/rollercoaster-tycoon-preview/ It seems that it is confirmed the track design will be different, with the article refering to a "spline system". It also hinted at oculus rift possibly being in the picture.
  22. Maybe he means a RMC steel coaster that isn't renovated? There aren't any of those yet right?
  23. Well, I don't know what to say. Hopefully Kennywood can use Tumble Bug's parts for the Turtle...
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