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  1. ^ Good point, I would really like to see it there along with the original West Park Dark Ride the was Fright Zone at Erieview Park. Would be nice to restore the second level on that one also. I think that went to CL and they had it in storage somewhere. Both would be nice at Bobs place.
  2. I do not mean to switch topics but had a question about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I know it is undergoing a extensive rebuild \ rehab and appeared to me to need it from my last trip there in 2012. However, I am not sure if what I saw was really meant for the theme or was just broken and neglected. When in the queue the water around the area was stagnant and rusty looking. The water troughs and what appears to be water falls where not functioning. Was this actually supposed to be like that as part of the theme to an old broken down ghost town or was it simple neglect?
  3. I would have to agree with that just from the pictures I have seen. Didn't the two townships give the park a hard time and most residents on the main roads wanted it gone? I thought I read that somewhere at one point. Anyways, if so then this may be Cedar Fairs way of giving them the middle finger. Eventually they will get fined and probably have clean it up I guess.
  4. Looks like bad blood is still going on over there. http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_geauga/Bainbridge-Township-residents-complain-about-abandoned-Geauga-Lake-eyesore
  5. Is Pepsi still handing out money? Maybe they can hit them up again if they are. If not, I can see another fire coming after the break of winter. I wonder if the insurance payout for a fire on the Devils Den would cover the bill.
  6. NP, Mr Nelson is the owner of the park. I meet him last year and seems like a very passionate guy in regards to the park. He is the older guy riding in the video.
  7. ^That is s stock photo from the manufacturer. It does not look like the one they installed have the high backs.
  8. Thanks AJ for the information. I was wondering why this one had a 52" height and that makes sense. I would be curious to see if thy adjust the ride cycle after a season or two if the lines are not as long due to the higher requirement. Are they planning on keeping the ride assembled all winter or are they winterizing it after today? I nice heavy snow may wreck havoc on the roof.
  9. Plus, I believe much of that expansion was tied to a new freeway project that did not happen. They where going to expand if the freeway went in. Not sure what their plans are for the land now.
  10. ^Looks like we have to wait until 2017. http://thenextdoomsday.com/the-future/2017-angelgabriel/
  11. It would not be an off season for KP without the rumor of Rapids or Log Jammer being removed.
  12. It is the beginning of the Apocalypse. Sea World was the first and The Simpsons called it years ago...
  13. ^ I am 100% not sure but think he may be referring to this one. http://rcdb.com/606.htm
  14. I have an iPhone question about carriers. I was going to get my old iPhone 4's power button repaired and give it to my wife. My current carrier is AT&T since mine is provided by my work and my wife's contract though is with Sprint. The wife went to the Sprint store to ask about activating this once repaired and they said she needed to buy a new iPhone from Sprint since they are carrier specific. I thought all you needed to do was wipe the thing and replace with a specific carrier SIM card. Am I wrong here or is Sprint trying to pull a fast one?
  15. ^^^ I was just out on their site about an hour ago checking out if they have anything new. Here is a link to their current line up. http://www.wisdomrides.com/rides/new
  16. Those dorms are in pretty bad looking shape. If this is true that they are being removed then all the need is this to do it.
  17. Thanks Wes, well "random" does describe my thought process at times.
  18. Thanks Larry. Wes, sorry about posting that here. I have been trying to find this out via searches for some time with no real answer. Figured I would give a shot on the community here since it is so large. By the way, looks like delimeatreview.com is available. Also, delimeatreview.org is available in case Kat and Kiwi want to start a site for this.
  19. I tend to buy a lot of deli meat and have decided to buy a home slicer and whole deli meat to save on time and costs. I know when I buy boiled ham that is sliced from the grocery store, they say it is fresh for about a week and should be thrown out after that. I do not believe they go through a whole ham between the week to week that I bought some. Does anyone know how long something like a whole ham will last when not sliced? I appears they wrap it and put it back and just slice of a little and throw away before making the slices for my order.
  20. As long as they bring back and brutally kill Jar Jar Binks after the Episode 7 opening crawl, then I will be all in.
  21. Entire amusement parks with costly attractions anchored deeply into the ground. Wasn't the Star Jet a portable coaster? Didn't it just, y'know, sit on the pier? ^ Yep extremely portable now and ready to have the Gulf Stream take it of to the North Atlantic Drift for delivery on a beach in Southern Europe or Northern Africa.
  22. This is a very good trip report and as someone who has been at the park before I can adjust to. I will admit, I am one that that thought the park was completely doomed. I honestly think this status of the park doing well with haunts should be a possible focus for the near future. Maybe instead of the park focusing on summer for operation they should look at Halloween only. Let the beach be the beach for a few years. They can take a few years off of summer and create a nice fall event that gets publicity and grows overall revenue and expand on that. They have an awesome hotel over there that will bring in the people that believe the place is haunted. This really looks like an opportunity for them if they can try it with a plan for the next few years.
  23. This thread has got complex with craziness and I am having a hard time keeping up with some of the nonsense. However, I will back the the ones with a a clear mind on this one. If I were the owners ( granted their family and community are OK) I would be saying. We just just got an upgrade from some crappy $hit to some new $hit curtsey of Sandy and State Farm (or whatever insurance they have)
  24. How does the new Coke contract impact contract with food vendors like Panda Express? Panda is a Pepsi serving restaurant. Does this mean the in park Panda Express has to serve Coke or would they still have Pepsi since that is who their contract is with?
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